Friday, December 28, 2007

Tag You're It

"Okay Dude,
it is time for you
to watch both kids
and not just one


Robin said...

Yipeee! Enjoy and go do something fun.

Mrs. Furious said...

If by "something fun" you mean a shower ... well.. then yes I am ;)

We are actually all going to go to Ikea in a bit. They've got a kids drop-off playroom so Kid can have some fun while we get what we need. Hopefully we'll get the low shelves we want to put under one set of windows in the playroom.. then all the new books and toys will have a home and we can clean up the living room.

Robin said...

Ok, I just found the Furious Reality TV. The video of baby dancing. Oh.My.God. I am crying I am laughing so hard. So cute!!!!!

BTW, I showed my husband the neti pot (he was intrigued,) and the cute LL Bean bags. (I wish my best friend worked at MSL.) I said how cute I thought it was that your bags said Mr. and Mrs. Furious and he said, "well, that's their name, right." Uh, I don't think so. It never occured to me that that might actually be your last name. Is it?

Mrs. Furious said...

lol... Uh... No... it is something a little more Irish sounding than Furious ;)

The neti pot is totally supposed to work... although I think you are supposed to do it regulary... you could probably do a search on for the clips of the episode with Dr Oz where he explains it. I thought it would feel like drowning but Mr F didn't really mind. I'm terrified to try it myself... but I don't have sinus issues.

Mr F has been warning me to stop posting the YouTube videos... that I'm over doing it. So I figured I'd put that up in the sidebar... people who might think it is funny can watch all they want... people who think it is a waste of time can skip it. I of course laugh so hard I cry everytime I watch up do the Tango move. I've been taking a ton of video with my little digital camera so I'll be putting them all up and that way my Dad (and everyone else who cares to) can see what the girls are up to and stuff.

Mrs. Furious said...

"I wish my best friend worked at MSL"

That isn't even everything she gave me I just feared it was getting too long to show them all. Yeah it is great. We get freebies and cool gifts from her ALL the time. We even got a set of sheets from a photo shoot once. She loves/hates the job though... it is VERY stressful and she works unbelievable hours.

Amy said... that I can't view YouTube from work.

Man you need a full day off...out of the house!

Chris Howard said...

Hey, tell Mr F to butt out, I like the videos! He just doesn't appreciate having his personal ablutions published for the world to see :).

Ok, Baby waking up 10 times, I have to ask - is that due to the on-demand nursing, or do you think she would do that if you had a more scheduled approach? If so, what benefits does she get from it vs a system that encouraged her to sleep through the night? Another question - does Baby ever get breast milk from a bottle, or is it always straight from the source? Obviously, I'm asking that in order to find out if Mr F can feed her milk if you're not available.

Just curious.

Mrs. Furious said...


that is never going to happen....

I was actually hoping to go shopping with my best friend while she was in town and figured Baby could go about 5 hours w/o nursing... and then she got the flu (friend not Baby) so it fell through!

Chris Howard said...

We are actually all going to go to Ikea in a bit.

We had our first Ikea exposure over Thanksgiving weekend. There aren't any in Jacksonville, but one just opened up in Orlando this year. We were a little overwhelmed, as we didn't really know what it was. What a great place! We can't wait to go back to get some stuff. Especially one large wall shelf which is exactly what we've been looking for for the living room, and under $300!

Mrs. Furious said...


no she doesn't take a bottle... and at this point won't.

she doesn't normally wake up that much... but it has been that bad for about a week... I'm thinking maybe her upper teeth are finally coming in cause she is just clearly uncomfortable. I'm going to give her some tylenol before bed tonight and see if that works.

the YouTube... yeah it could be because he is the one being exploited... we talked about it he just doesn't think people will find it/him funny... and I'm always like "it isn't that what we do is/or isn't funny... it is that we do it at all that is funny"
He often tries to edit me and I'm always trying to tell him that people "get it" people think this stuff is funny. He'll see...

Mrs. Furious said...


yeah MR F is about to get pissed... I've got to go get in the car! I'll get back to you

Feener said...

haaaa. hubby has been a saint b/c i have been sick...well ok maybe not a saint but he did pick up the slack. however having him home also has me screamoing a bunch of stuff.

please just put the water pitcher BACK in the fridge - we do NOT have enough counter space to have it out

Mrs. Furious said...

okay we're back.
Yes Ikea is overwhelming. We had one out in NY and it is the place to get all your stuff post-college. Once we moved here we were pretty hardcore anti-Ikea and only wanted to spend $ on *real* furniture. Ikea is good for some stuff... kids stuff, or things that won't get a lot of wear... things that are temporary or you don't mind replacing after a while. But I have to say it is cheap for a reason and you do need to keep that in mind when you get stuff. We were not EVER going to get another Ikea bed... but.... they had the cutest metal bed for Kid and we broke our vow. At least it is metal and can't *loosen up* the way the wooden furniture does. Although it should be kept in mind that we do still have some Ikea stuff 10-15 years old that is still in use. And we do plan to get our storage stuff for our basement there... since we can't afford to get as much stuff as we want anywhere else.
Ikea is fantastic for the housewares, rugs, curtains, bedding, knick knacks etc.... super low prices not necessarily much lower quality. And the food... oh the food is good!

Mrs. Furious said...

oh it isn't that Mr F isn't helpful at all... but it is a double edged sword for me like you said. It is just one more person in a relatively small space 24 hours a day doing things their way when I have a way I like to do things to keep the day running smoothly. Only 4 more days to go....

Deb said...

Sounds like baby is either teething or about to hit a big milestone. GO BABY!!

So did it work? Did he take both of them?

Mrs. Furious said...


I'm thinking teething... cause what's next for her physically... driving? ;)

He had them for the amount of time it took me to shower (I did shave... so what 7 minutes?) and none of the things that were supposed to have happened (ie dress Baby) happened.

Mr F means well but the ADD keeps him from being very helpful!

Amy said...

well, you're lucky you can express your frustrations about your husband and not get any (much) crap about it since I know he reads what you write. my husband gets so pissed when i even mention him, not to say anything about posting his picture. it's weird!

Mrs. Furious said...

well Mr F was blogging long before I was so he is just happy I'm doing it and he can now blog even more than he did before! Plus this is how I am... I say this shit to his face so saying it behind his back is nothing ;) NO seriously we have a very shticky, making fun, sparring kind of jokiness so he's game.(I just walked away from a big stuffed animal fight while we try and reorganize the playroom.) Even if he sometimes thinks I'm wrong... or he has been wronged... he knows it is all for the better good.

The Mama of the House said...

When we married, my hubby wanted 6-8 kids. Yes, he really did. I told him that I would birth as many kids as he would be willing to be home alone with. Yes, he would have to be home ALONE with ALL of them.

We're stopping at 4! ;)

Mrs. Furious said...


Hey thanks for commenting :)

Oh Sweet Jesus... 8?!?
Mr F would lose his mind with any more over what we have now. We are done with 2!

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