Saturday, December 8, 2007

So What Would You Say...

If I told you the medication I'm giving Baby for thrush has these side effects:

Belly Pain
Nausea or vomiting

Hmmmm... coincidence?

She has been inconsolable again all day. She won't eat and is refusing the breast. She is obviously in gastric pain. I mean... really... I have never seen a kid so distraught for so long. She occasionally feels a little better and then it will come back.. some times she is crying hysterically. I'm also on the medicine which could explain why I have similar symptoms.

What would you do? Take her off the meds? You are supposed to finish the whole course of medication... but at what cost? The thrush has cleared up completely.


Nutmeg said...

My husband is an Infectious diseases doctor and knows a lot about medicating thrush.

I can ask him about the medicine she's on and whether the full course is really necessary. He's told me RE other antibiotics that the one week, ten day rules are sort of antiquated and not based on any real evidence and he tells me to take the meds I get for two or three days after all my symptoms clear up.

Is she taking diflucan or something like that? He's putting the bub to bed, but I can ask him later.

Mrs. Furious said...

thank you!


we startedTuesday night and since Wed she has not been herself. crying all the time and with burst of hysterical crying. some very loose stools and refusing all food since then and often refusing the breast. Lots of gas.
The thrush has been gone for the last two days.
She has no fever and no other symptoms.

I'm also have intense stomach cramps and loose stools and I'm on the same stuff.

I did speak w/ the doctor on call but he was out somewhere and it was a terrible connection.. he said he thought it was unlikely to be from the meds but to stop and see and that if she wasn't better tomorrow to take her somewhere to be seen. But these are the side effects listed on the medication...

Thanks so much!

angie said...

Her cry just broke my heart...sorry she is having such a rough time at. I hope taking her of the drugs will result in her feeling better...and i hope you feel better soon. it must be breaking your heart seeing her so distraught. crossing me fingers for you.

Nutmeg said...

He says he thinks it is unlikely to be from the medicine because you both are having the same symptoms, because fluconazole is a pretty benign medicine so one person having those symptoms is unlikely and two is even more unlikely.

He thinks your doctor's advice is reasonable. If she doesn't feel better off the medicine it's probably not the medicine and that it's more likely that you both have gastroenteritis. His only concern would be that the infection would recur if treatment was stopped too soon, but then you'd just have to treat it again, I guess.

I hope she feels better tomorrow and I hope you do too.

Mrs. Furious said...

thank you nutmeg..
and tell your husband thank you. that makes sense. I'd almost just keep giving it to her... but what if?!? So I'll take her off and see if she's any better tomorrow.
The doc said he thought it might be an ear infection.. but with so much gastric distress I think not... we'll see.
Thanks again!

Nutmeg said...

Also, RE Xmas tree.

I'm just GOING FOR IT. Eli will be 1 next week. He doesn't walk, but he is definitely a busy little man, and likes to stand. Options include a tree with lights only down the bottom and ornaments halfway up only, or just putting up the tree and constantly being vigilant about it.

I think we're going to go with that and assume he'll lose interest, and if that fails, we'll buy one of those stand up gates to surround it on two sides (it's usually in a corner) since we are going to need that somewhere else eventually, I think.

I can't wait to hear other idea.s

Mrs. Furious said...

yes we're getting our tree tomorrow. I think we'll put it up in front of the windows so we can tether it to the curtain rod. I'm just going to start with the lights and give that a few days and see how her interest is. I am not going to put up the glass bulbs.. just because if one were to break that could be a nightmare since she puts every little bit of anything she finds straight in her mouth.. and I can't watch her as closely as I did Kid.
I will say there were many trees in WDW and she didn't touch any of them... but there were lots of other interesting distractions there.
With Kid we just decorated as normal...but she was a pretty cautious kid.

Amy said...

Walmart carries glass-look-alike bulbs that are non-breakable. I am replacing mine with these since our floor is pebble-tec/aggregate. Last year when one fell it was a pain to clean up...can't just sweep it up.

Sorry baby is still miserable. I'm with you though, and would stop the medication to rule it out. Good luck!

Nutmeg said...

Most of our balls are already those plastic like-glass balls, because of the dog. They are great, look just like glass, and don't break! We have some nicer ones that we'll be leaving off, just in case.

We can't get our tree or decorate for christmas Per our new family guidelines for letting the kid with a birthday 10 days before have a little bit of the spotlight.

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