Monday, December 3, 2007

The Long Awaited Hotel Organizational Tips

With these rules you too can have an anal vacation!

#1 behold the order and cleanliness of a clean slate..

#2 unpack... EVERYTHING... do not leave socks or floaties or what-have-you in the bottom of your bagverdict: Kid has complied!

#3 put all your toiletries in the bathroom... out of the Ziplocs you packed them in!verdict: guess who did NOT comply? hint: it was Mr F!

#5 everyone gets a drawer and the bottom drawer is for dirty clothes (when there is not enough drawers an empty bag placed in the bottom of a closet can be for dirty clothes)verdict: complied!

#6 shoes go in the closet!
verdict: complied

#7 if you are fortunate enough to have lots of drawers you need a little one for receipts (critical at Disney where you'll get one big bill)verdict: complied!

#8 like items should be stored in the same area!verdict: complied!
verdict: Baby is NOT complying!

#9 trash in the trash canverdict: complied!

#10 do not leave stuff on the floor! (yes I'm aware of the irony of this coming from me)verdict: Mr F has NOT complied!

Here's the deal... you've seen our house. When I'm on vacation what I don't want is a bunch of unseemly chaos. This causes a little bit of tension with Mr F who thinks we are on vacation. What he doesn't know is that this is a test. If we can't keep things picked up and orderly when we are only dealing with our essentials... have like 3 toys.. and don't have to cook then we are freaking doomed! I get a little psychotic about this. What Mr F doesn't like to face is the brutal truth... that he isn't the *clean* one. And trust me this fact is immediately apparent!


Amy said...

Great tips. Is that the white towel on the floor?

Wow! Even though you must be exhausted from your found the energy to join my blogger's holiday dance!

Chris Howard said...

Great tips! We don't have them documented, but we feel much the same and follow many of the same principles. We always unpack if the stay is 3 nights or more, but for 1 or 2, we just live out of the suitcase. We can't stand living in a dirty hotel room. I don't know how people do it with clothes strewn all over, trash piled around etc...

I know some people feel like you shouldn't clean because it's a vacation, but I can't relax in squalor. The vacation part means that I don't have to make the beds or clean the bathroom.

By the way, since we missed each other yesterday I forgot to tell you - have you been to Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland? I think it just opened. It's great, Libby and I went Saturday night. It's a lot like turtle Talk. It's a stand up show and the monsters interact with the audience. I know Mr F will enjoy it.

Deb said...

OMG -- I have almost identical rules! Can I offer another tip, just in case you haven't already discovered it?

Instead of a plastic bag, use the largest empty duffel bag or suitcase to store the dirty clothes. That way, when you get home, you only have to haul one container of dirty clothes (or two, max) to the washer and dryer. The rest of your suitcases go straight to their various rooms to put away clean clothes and shoes!

Man, I'm a dork.

michelline said...

Instead of a plastic bag, use the largest empty duffel bag or suitcase to store the dirty clothes.

You're not a dork at all. Unless Chris and I are too, because that's what we do. We always fold the dirty clothes as we take them off, because they fit better in the suitcase. The sink is always organized. I usually steal one of the cups/mugs provided to stash toothbrushes, razors, etc in. I hate things to be messy when I'm trapped in one small room with 3 other people.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I can't access the pictures here at work. Weird.

P.O.M. said...

I see London, I see France, I see someone's dirty underpants!

angie said...

I can't say much more than WOW! :-)

Heather said...

Will the rules be amended to include no butt wiping on said white towel?

Mrs. Furious said...

no that was a pre-post...

blogger's holiday dance.. wtf?.. I'll have to investigate.

completely agree.. on a weekend trip I don't unpack either.
Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.. we missed it.. I didn't pay for the modem yesterday so I didn't get this until now!

you know I do that. But depending on who is on the trip I sometimes just put the dirty clothes on top and leave all the clean clothes and shoes on the bottom.

if only you and Chris were my family instead of Kid and Mr F.. my hotel organizational dreams would come true!

lol.. I didn't think of that! Of course after posting Mr F's poop smear I guess it doesn't really matter ;)

the hotel towels stayed poop free... thank god.. I did manage to pack the flushable wipes!

Mr Furious said...

No fair snapping photos of my shirt on the floor while I was taking my shower! (ie: just taken off)

And that's not my underwear, it's a hotel towel. White as the driven snow.

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