Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Breaking News!

Tomorrow morning my best friend is going to be on The Martha Stewart Show. She is the Home Editor of Martha Stewart Living Magazine and is a finalist in an "Big Idea Bake-Off" for the company. She will be presenting her big idea live on the show and then it is up to the viewers to vote for the winner. Her name is Alexis Givens. If you want to know what Mrs F's life long best friend is like you'll want to TIVO this!
And of course I'll give you all the voting info as soon as it becomes available.


Go HERE and vote.
Alexis's proposal is the 4th one in the list, the special publication for food allergies. This really is a GREAT idea. Please vote!


Anonymous said...

On the train to the tv studio right now! Wish me luck! Thanks for the shout out and get out there and vote repeatedly!

Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing, you'll have to tell me whether my outfit looks hideous. In a mad rush/panic/I need to lose 30 pound crisis, I tried on about 50 things and then just had to run out the door. I'm hoping my crazy silky green blouse is not too, well, silky pajama-ish!

Mrs. Furious said...

I'll certainly let you know! Will they do your makeup for you?

Nutmeg said...

I bet the milllions of Mrs. F blog followers will all tell you how fabulous you looked when we watch you.

Have fun... it doesn't air here until 2pm.

emmyjw said...

OK I voted because that IS an awesome idea,way better than PET stuff.

Anonymous said...

alright people...just checked an allergy friendly publication is losing! keep voting...please!

Mrs. Furious said...

well you are picking up you are now in 2nd place. I just voted another 10 times!

P.O.M. said...

Your friend is totally winning so far! Sweeeeeeeeeeet!

P.O.M. said...

Oh crap - I can't read (sorry). She's coming closer though.

michelline said...

How cool is that??? We DVRed it for Sarah Brightman. Now we'll get to see your best buddy as well!

Now to go watch it...

And... Alexis, can you share what you thought of Sarah?

BTW, I voted and it looks like Alexis is in 1st place. (tied with 30%)

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh good thanks guys! It wasn't looking so good at first but since you can vote unlimited (which is dumb) I did pound out about 20 votes before dinner.
I think if enough press got out her idea would totally win... so much more valuable to so many people than the other stuff.

Julie said...

Alexis's idea was the best one. Definitely the most valuable.

I just don't see how that interactive Martha Stewart store would be viable. C'mon Susan Lucci is really going to want to make cupcakes with every tourist that comes in...don't see it. This would also be hugely costly and I guess it would end up being more of a "tourist" attraction than anything. Probably sickeningly busy all the time.

Furniture? It's covered and a much more expensive venture with more potential to lose a lot of money.

Pets? Um, I love my pets, but sorry, I don't make crafts for or with them. Too small of a demographic.

I don't scrapbook so I have no idea how that idea really plays out.

Cookbook is cute...keep it in-house though. I don't know how interested I am in what "Pam in Acounting" makes for an appetizer. Hey, that could be just me. Now a Mrs Furious cookbook I could get on board with that!

The publication about time thing. Very small niche.

Allergies cover people from all demographics and socioeconomics...That would make a great quarterly publication. There would be a healthy advertising capability. The other ideas are either over the top (Martha Stewart this economy? Plus that would be more of a one time visit for the most part. Too expensive to operate) or too limited of a niche.
The Allergies mag could cover so much more. People, allergies are HUGE. I just had a totally nut-free pizza party for my son's birthday. We had pizza, cupcakes, candy, popcorn...everything was safe for the child who had the allergy. My son has no allergies, but some of his friends do.

Not that Martha's going to listen to my point of view:)

Obviously, I voted for Alexis's super idea! It is just so relevant. Plus, Alexis, you looked fabulous!

KT said...

hooray for Alexis!! 30% of the vote as of this morning! What a great job she did, too.... I would have pissed myself.

keep voting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for all your support! It was super fun being on tv and to top it all off, I was a total phantom of the opera junkie when I was younger and Sarah Brightman was right in front of me. So cool to actually hear her in person. In the cooking segment she wore the craziest thigh high black leather boots. Insane! To top it all off, I stayed for a segment with Eva Longoria (the tiniest human I've ever seen) and she showed up with a huge entourage including ken pave (celebrity haistylist) and that fashion stylist tall bald guy who had a part in some tlc or hgtv show. Too hilarious. It was fun and yes they did hair and makeup for us so it was fun to feel pampered. Well thanks again for all your votes and support and I'll keep you updated as to what happens.

Anonymous said...

p.s. leave comments on the blog too and let everyone know we need this magazine!

Kiva, Southern Girl Musings said...

I saw the show and Alexis did a great job and I have encouraged others to vote via my site. My daughter has food allergies and I think her idea was by far the best!!!

A friend and her sons won first place in a gingerbread competition in Phoenix and guess what - their gingerbread recipe was gluten and casein free.

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