Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sorry Guys But I'm Still Tired

wait there's more...
watch this one people I really do want some feedback on it!


Torey said...

dude, seriously, do you want me to come watch baby on tuesday for a little bit so you can nap? or even workout so that you can get to bed earlier. . .

the other possibility for baby's lack of sleep is that she has so much going on right now. I mean, she's learning to talk, she's getting the signing down. . .everything is sort of happening at once for her, and she may need to let something go to get it all done. (sound familiar?)

i'm amazed that you get everything done that you do, and haven't killed anyone.

let me know if you need anything.

and i, for one, love the video posts. it's just like talking to you!

Mrs. Furious said...

I've got a second part video coming to you in a sec.

#1 I'm a freak.

#2 Despite my lack o' sleep I can't nap... I just don't nap... it is kind of frustrating but I'm always worried about all the shit I should be doing.

#3 This week I'm going to try to just go to bed when Baby does and see if that helps. I might also push the extra twin mattress up next to the bed and sleep there to rule out any waking that I might be causing.

You are the best I'll let you know if I need help :)

Torey said...

And I'm a total blog stalker.
Ok. Here's my take on a calm household. When you were in high school, did you ever want to hang out at your friends' houses who had "calm" parents?
No. It was way more fun to hang out with the crazy parents!! So that will be great when the kids get bigger.

And I am a non-calm one too. I can't sit still. As I write this, I'm feeding the baby, watching your blog, and cleaning the kitchen. A minute ago I was on the phone too. I'm not a household maven, I'm just a mover. I have to get out of the house everyday. I cannot stay in my house for longer than 24 hours without being an insane bitch. You should ask N what my being on bedrest was like for him. Not pretty.

So if you're not calm, you're not calm. Enjoy that about yourself. There is never a dull moment in The Furious Household.

Nutmeg said...

I'm sure it would come as a shock to know that I'm not all that calm. I can sit and watch TV (we do watch TV, but that's mostly because I feel crazy if I don't have talking going on... and I literally mean I feel like I'm going crazy) So I have the TV on and I do work, crochet, read, clean, eat etc. Of course, our house is really small so the TV at a normal volume is audible in every room downstairs, so I can go around and do my thing.

I feel terrible about this. It's my secret shame. Not that secret, I guess. In any case, just a couple of minutes ago my husband told me to sit down and relax for a minute and to stop my furious cleaning (mother in law called at noon and said she'd be here in three hours... yes.. that's 3 o'clock... that is 45 minutes from now and I'm in my PJs house is still embarassingly messy. I agree with Torey. Don't make calm your ideal. I think trying to strive to be a different PERSON will only make you disappointed when you fail because you can't BE a different person.

But that's just me. I have changed through sheer force of will a lot about how I view the world and myself. But I cannot change that I'm a hyperactive freak with the attention span of a hamster. I just have to be okay with that.

rosalie said...

Hey Mrs. F,

I've never commented before but I'm totally addicted to your blog, and I wanted to chime in to say that I love the video posts and I always watch 'em.

Also, I haven't read anything about Waldorf, but I think that having a calm house is a weird thing to aspire to - there's good calm and bad calm, and there's good wound-up and bad wound-up! You guys seem to have a really warm, nurturing, fun, wound-up loud kind of house, and it seems like it would be a great and happy place to grow up in.

I share your love of Park Slope and your inability to afford living there. I'm a student in Manhattan now (living in a subsidized grad student apartment) but I don't think I'll end up staying in the city after I graduate - to afford to live here, you have to work so hard that you can't appreciate living here!

What is this fascinating book you're reading now?

Mrs. Furious said...

Thanks for commenting! :)

You are right ... good wound up is okay. and it is true that sometimes when I'm at that woman's house I do wonder if they ever really let loose and have a good time.

It is too bad NY is so freaking expensive. You really do have to make a lot of $$ in order to have a good time there. Sometimes I think maybe Mr F and I can retire there... although that is unlikely.
I am always on the look out for cheaper cities that have that same Park Slope vibe.

what are you studying?
Have you ever been to the Miracle Grill? That is one of our favorite restaurants.

Mrs. Furious said...

I forgot to tell you...
I'm reading the Jon Krakauer book "Under The Banner Of Heaven" it will only be fascinating to those of you are are drawn to cult-like religious fringe groups like I am. Amish, Shakers (yes they are fascinating!) & of course the FLDS... you know I get a little sucked into the extreme stuff sometimes ;)

rosalie said...

Mrs. F,

I'm at Columbia for law school, so living on the upper-upper west side for now. I don't think I've been to Miracle Grill but I just looked it up on and it looks delicious. I think during the times I've lived in Park Slope (freeloading off my friend's generous parents with a giant brownstone) I mostly ate out at the Olive Vine and the little panini place on 5th Av (Press 135 or something like that).

I think that parts of Chicago (and probably a few other Midwestern cities) have that classy, well-educated but still cool and interesting vibe of PS, while still being affordable, but it comes with a bit more of the bad city stuff too, like bad crime rates.

The Krakauer book sounds pretty cool. I read a book about the Shakers for a class freshman year of college and they are some pretty wacky people. All that pent-up sexual energy seems to lead to some pretty nice furniture, though.

Mrs. Furious said...

oh the Shakers are very interesting... but indeed they did make beautiful furniture.
This book is all about the polygamist FLDS groups and is interesting... not as engrossing as his other books but still really thoroughly explored.
The longer we are away from the city the more glaring all the "bad" parts are even in relatively nice neighborhoods. It is so funny how that stuff just blends into the background when you are living some place. There are some nice smaller cities that lack the crime and general filth element but they usually don't offer enough downtown services to make it really a walkable livable community and that is what I miss most.

Anonymous said...

All right, here is the thing. My sister and I do battle over this all the time. She would be my "opposite wife swapper". She is constantly moving, her kids are constantly moving. She has them in so many different things at once they don't have ANY down time. Her daughter is the same way, her son .. not so much. She calls him "lazy". I try and explain that just because he doesn't want to move every moment of every day, does not make him lazy.

I would classify myself as someone that HAS to have down time. If I don't, I get sick. Literally sick. I can't be on the go all the time. I need my sleep, I need days where I do nothing but lay on my couch or my bed and clear my TiVo. Truly. I get insanely bitchy if I don't have that time. My sister gets insanely bitchy if she doesn't get to exercise or gets held up somewhere that she could be at home "doing". She has schedules for sheet rotations for goodness sakes.

Me, I go around this earth once. I am going to relax and enjoy. If relaxing does not bring you joy .. don't do it. And certainly don't worry about NOT enjoying relaxation. Of course, this comes from someone who worries about the fact that I may be relaxing too much. Like every couple weeks I go into psycho mode and have to get EVERYTHING done. I make lists and make lists of lists I need to make. It is crazy. Then I have been in psycho mode too long and need to relax. LOL.

So my advice, which together with a couple bucks will buy you a latte, don't worry about it. Live each day doing what makes you happy. If constantly moving is what makes you feel less stressed, then by all means .. MOVE IT GIRLFRIEND. You know what makes you happy at the end of the day. You can't change who you are deep in your core.

Just FYI, I spent from 2:30 to 8:30 lying in my bed napping and watching tv and reading magazines and napping some more yesterday. I have an 8 year old and just told my husband, you deal with him today .. both of you stay out of my bedroom. Period. My ds came up once and tried to poke his nosey little head into the room and I went a little postal and that was the last I saw of him till 8:30. I went down after that, cleaned up the kitchen, got his bookbag ready for the next day and went back to bed. lol.

To each his own. That is what I say! =)


Mrs. Furious said...

lol! That is a lot of relaxing. I relaxed like that when I was pregnant.
I feel much better today... I did get up and do a couple big projects last night and now I'm fine just blogging away...

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