Friday, February 1, 2008

Remember This?

You might remember that one morning not too long ago I woke to THIS.

Well let's just say it happened again. But this time I'm not feeling as loving and supportive about the *accident* because last night I overheard this conversation:

Mr F "Did you go potty?"

Kid F "I didn't have to."

If Mr F was home right now guess who would be kneeling on a pee soaked foam mattress right now?!?


emmyjw said...

What is the deal with that? Is it a choice? I always say try anyway,but I have overheard the same conversation with Nolan and our kids.I think if they had to clean it up they would think more clearly.

angie said...

amen to emmyjw!

sorry mrs. f. that blows.yuck.

Mrs. Furious said...

I don't know what was going down.
I remember thinking to say "um try again." at the time and reminding Mr F and then my brain went blank and I forgot.
Seriously nothing like a whole bladder full of old pee to start your day!

Robin said...

I'm so sorry. That sucks.

Mr Furious said...


Three nights ago, she told me the same thing, and I physically placed her back on the toilet and made her "try" again. She didn't have to go.

The night before last, she said the same thing. She tried, but didn't need to go. I recalled her going on her own about 8:00 so I asked her, "Did you try again?"


"Are you telling me the truth?"


Now, Kid lies all the time, but hasn't really mastered the art of carrying a lie through, so I believed her. Everything was fine.

So last night, I asked her again, as Mrs F mentioned, and she said she tried but didn't have to go. With all the b-day stuff, I couldn't remember if she had gone recently, so I let it go.

Sorry you're paying the fare on that one, Mrs F.

Vanessa said...

What a crappy way to wake up!

Mrs. Furious said...

It's one o'clock I've gotten two loads done... of course (and how this happens I don't know) the duvet and velvet cover (which were ON TOP of her) are also soaked so I have to wash all those too!!!

and Vanessa... the worst part is that I could have gotten one more hour of sleep since Baby wasn't up yet!!!

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