Monday, March 31, 2008

We're not dead

Had an eye doctor appointment all morning/early afternoon.
Just got home.


Oprah is doing another debt show today! Hurry set your Tivo!!


Heather said...


Julie said...

and I am thinking, wow, they really are going crazy with the purging...

Mrs Furious said...

LOL we just set up a new blog that will just be about our purging... sound like we're procrastinating or what?! Mr F's home today due to the appointment so in a minute (after I make muffins) I'm going back down.

No pics are up on the purge blog yet but I'll be putting it up in the family section tonight.

Deb said...

LOL... I love the idea of a purge blog.

Haley said...

Oooo...a purge blog -- great idea! I wish I still had enough stuff to do that, but I'm on the other end of the spectrum -- I over-purge and am constantly smacking my forehead thinking "That would have been so useful -- why did I get rid of that???"

I just caught a couple minutes of Oprah, and had to turn it off when this moron was like "I never really paid attention to how much money we spent, and I couldn't be bothered to learn about our finances, and now we're broke...where did I go wrong?" What an ass.

Mrs Furious said...

yes this was not the best Oprah show. Disappointing. and enough with the Skypes... either get people on the show or don't... I don't want to wait for the lag time.

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