Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Love Story: Chapter Three

When I left off I had just given Mr F (a mere acquaintance no less) a valuable piece of advice. So did he take it? Read on...

About a week or two after talking with Mr F in the dog park, and after our dog training had ended, I ran into him at the park. When you tell a 30-something man, that you hardly know, that you don't think his relationship is meant to be, you are taking a serious risk that you might in fact scare that person off. Also I felt, pretty strongly, that someone who needed to be told that indecision about a move-in four years into a committed relationship was probably a red flag... probably wasn't someone who was going to heed my advice. So when I saw him in the park it was almost with a sense of resignation that I even brought the subject back up.

During this time period, August 1999, I had been dating someone else from the dog park (it really is a romantic hot bed all you singles out there). Someone with whom I was becoming quite certain there was absolutely no future with. His incessant need to either talk about himself, or suggest I ask him questions about himself, was getting old and I was getting ready to move on. I only mention this because really, really, I had no ulterior motive in counseling Mr F, nor real interest in whether or not he decided to take his relationship to the next level, other than just plain old fashioned curiosity.

When we ran into each other there was the typical dog park chit chat and it wasn't until we were walking out of the park that I asked him about the move-in.

"So did you make a decision about moving in?" Mrs F asks having already answered her own question in her mind.

"Yep." was all Mr F said, a man of maddeningly few words at times.

"Oh... So you decided to move-in then." Mrs F concludes.

"No. We broke up." Mr F causually replied.

Well my jaw nearly hit the ground I was so surprised. Four years of commitment and it was over like that. "Do you want to live with me?" "I'm not sure.... let me ask the girl at the park... no I don't.... in fact I don't want to be with you." (I'm sure it was a bit more in depth than that but you get the gist) Hmm... I kind of felt badly for his girlfriend.

To Be Continued...


Julie said...

How can you stop there?! I need more!! :)

Mrs Furious said...

you'll just have to wait ;)

Marie said...

Now I need to know what happens next too!!! How do you go from that little dialogue to the famous Mr. and Mrs. F we know?!?!?!

(and I actually found myself thinking....ohhh..i wonder if he'll ask her I don't know how it ends!)

Mrs Furious said...

"like I don't know how it ends!"
LOL! Well that is kind of why I'm stretching it out like this... there is only so much mystery when you know the ending.

SawSaw said...

I'm so relieved to know that men do fall for us "strong-tongued" women. I tend to give my opinion a little to much--I have chased many men away with my words :) So good to see that despite your forwardness you got yourself a hubby!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh Lord... yes... You should have no problem snagging a man. Although men who like to be told what to do... can become a little co-dependent after awhile ;)

Deb said...

"Mr. F has been doing what I tell him to ever since"

Ohhhh, that is the line of the night.

Danielle said...

Where can I get a Mr F.?

Mr Furious said...

Where can I get a Mr F.?

LOL. I'm pretty sure Mrs F has plenty of "buyer's remorse."

It's amazing how much detail Mrs F remembers from back in the day. If you asked me it would probably have been compressed down to a few quick anecdotes...and I would NOT have been aware of the level she was operating at...

One thing I DO remember, and I remember telling one of my friends about it early on was the disarming comfortability Mrs F allowed me. In no time flat I was telling her my whole life story, and of course, she was telling me everything about it that I had never realized or been conscious of.

Her mantra then, as now, was "I tell it like it is." Coming from the background of total repression that I was, this was more than refreshing or educational, it was a revelation.

"I think there's something different about this one..." I thought.


But I'm jumping ahead here... we'll let the master tell the tale.

Mrs Furious said...

Guess who is trying to kiss my ass after some serious wrong doings this morning? ;)

trust me you might want to stick with what you've got.

Cara said...

Hahaha you are quite the persuader :-)

Kelsi said...

What I want to know is where is CHAPTER 4??????

Mrs Furious said...

lol... we're living it ;)
I just keep forgetting where I left off. Or I'm mad at him and don't feel like remembering... ;)
Maybe for Valentine's Day I'll sit down and finish.

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