Thursday, September 4, 2008

Now That Is What I Like To See



hey do you FB?

Mrs Furious said...

I don't know what FB means... lol... that probably answers your question!

Staci said...

I love seeing an empty lunch pail too. :P

PS~I love seeing Kid's lunch menu. I wish I could get my boys to eat just half of the variety she seems to like. :)

Andrea said...

oh how I miss reading your blog my lil man is attached to my boob 24/7 so Ive been a little busy being a dairy cow, just wanted to say I would love for you to make my lunches smoked salmon, cali. rolls man I envy that kid. hope all is well and Happy late anniversary I love the traditional gift Idea of course the Mr. only ever wants some new game or electronic thingy for every celebratory event.

Mrs Furious said...

while her choices may seem more adventurous she's actually annoyingly picky within her own parameters.

Oh it's good to hear from you! I hope you're all doing well... and if I lived near by I'd be bringing you over some lunch!


facebook-of course ;)

Mrs Furious said...

Sunshine Mom,
See?! This is why I never figured out how to text!
Yes I'm on there but I'm not sure I "do" it ;) I've been on for a couple months but it's hard for me to pay attention to the blog and FB.

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