Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This Week The Plan

Argh how many freaking weeks am I going to say the same thing?!! Guess what? I haven't maintained any weight loss... yet again. Turns out if you don't actually fully commit to your diet you won't actually lose anything. Hmm... who knew? You'd think I haven't done this before.

So this week I'm really going to do it.


Monday - chicken pasta primavera

Tuesday - hamburgers, salad

Wednesday - tomato and meatball soup

Thursday - Paula Dean's goulash

Friday - pizza

Saturday - leftovers

Sunday - Paula Dean's shrimp creole

Kid's lunches:

Tuesday - pb& j, sliced tomatoes, smoked salmon, milk

Wednesday - california roll, milk, banana

Thursday - veggie sandwich, yogurt, milk

Friday - veggie sandwich, hard boiled egg, milk

Diet & Exercise:
I'm lowering my calories this week to 1550. I'm also going to make the time to fit in my workouts. Last week was difficult with Kid starting school and visitors but this week I've got no excuses. I'm going to do 5 hours of cardio.


eurydice said...

i am making more and more excuses as time goes on. i'm happy i don't have a scale that measures body fat or i might be sitting in a corner somewhere, crying!

Mrs Furious said...

You know I think I'm having to take it one day at a time. I keep doing well for the 1st couple days of the week and then getting cocky about it and totally blowing it at the end. I'm sick of making no progress.
And you're right... do not get a body fat scale! Nothing is worse than knowing how much fatter I really am.

Heather said...

Ehm, why are you lowering to 1550? That's not very much...

Mrs Furious said...

Because I was doing 1650 and I wasn't losing. If I get my workouts in I'll raise it a little. I just need to get down in my range ASAP or I think I'll keep seesawing and sabotaging.
I feel like I need to snap out of my mindless eating and kind of "shrink" my stomach.
Of course Baby just threw up on me... so... it might not be that hard to stay under 1550 ;)

gooddog said...

ok, i've been out of town for 10 days and just spent an hour catching up on mrs. f!

my 1st thought is UGH on the in-laws. i don't like them. not one bit. they seem out of touch with reality and relationships. and i know that isn't your intention for posting- i just can't help it.

my 2nd thought is: my husband's and my DREAM is a sleeper porch. DO IT for sure!! (and then, don't be surprised when gooddog shows up at your door with an overnight bag);)

Glad school is going ok for kid. It is so sad when the little sibs miss the big ones, isn't it?

Oh and Happy anniversary!!

Liz said...


You do 1550 with exercising? Or do you eat more on the days you exercise?

Mrs Furious said...

Typically I'd do about 1850 w/ exercise... BUT... I haven't lost anything (well I've lost and gained) this whole month and I NEED to see some downward momentum in order to get motivated. So I'm going to try that for this week. Obviously if I'm starving 3 days from now or I think I'm going to pass out on the treadmill I'll go up.

#1 I agree. Oddly all of a sudden they've just resumed communication like nothing happened. As if they have 2 operating modes and they've just reverted to their old one. Which is actually frustrating since it just shows that they DON't get it and haven't implemented any change whatsoever!

#2 oh we're doing it... I'll look forward to your arrival ;)

Robin said...

I keep hopping on and off the wagon, too. The kids start school tomorrow and that begins my no excuses diet and exercise plan. ;)

Heather said...

I dunno, it just sounds so low for the kind of workouts you're doing and bfeeding. Am I wrong? Maybe you should mix up your foods -- do a protein goal instead (which I guarantee will lower your calorie count).

Just a suggestion. From lil ol me.

Rebecca said...

Been there, done that...on all fronts. I'm trying to lose the 10 pounds that I've gained since Feb. Oh..I lost it in 2007...why didn't it stay away??? Sparkpeople has me on 1200-1550 even with 30 min. of cardio a day.

Flylady? - yep. Used to do that too. It really helped. I no longer get her emails, but I try to follow my routines and her "15 minutes at a time" rule.

Hang in there, it will come together for you.

Heather said...

PS have you read any thing from Skwigg? She talks a lot about the dangers of the low-calorie = more weight loss.

Sorry to harp here. ;)

Mrs Furious said...

I really don't think 1550 is too low. If I lose more than 2 pounds I'll go back up. I don't do food challenges well I will always sabotage... and they make me much more "crazy" and obsessive re:dieting.
Plus while I did do 60 min... I did it at 3 mph the whole time it's not a huge calorie burn.

Mrs Furious said...

And yes for my body you are wrong. I haven't been losing at 1650. I want to lose 2 pounds a week (safe while b'fing... not to mention I am in no risk of losing my milk and b'fing does NOT burn 500 calories at this point ... or ever for me). I only need to do this for 2 weeks then I'm done and back to 2200. This is not a long term weight loss scenario. I want to be at the middle of my range and then go back to eating what I want and maintaining through exercise only. Plus it's 9:15 I'm not up to 1550 and I'm not hungry. My workouts plus the b'fing is MAYBE burning 600 calories combined and that's if I workout every day. The real problem is that I usually can't and then my calorie limit hasn't been low enough to cover those days... last week that was every day ;)

the school schedule will help (or that's what I've been telling myself)

It was the flylady emails that eventually drove me mad. I'm just going to try and read them and delete them immediately.

Heather said...

Alright. I'll stop worrying. ;)

Heather said...

And fascinating that a food challenge makes you crazy. It's the exact opposite for me: counting calories = Express train to CrazyTown USA.

Mrs Furious said...

I think because I can eat whatever I want and I since I don't feel limited I don't have to focus so much on the diet. If certain foods are off limits or I'm changing what I eat dramatically I obsess about what I can't have.
Calorie counting doesn't bother me one bit and it doesn't feel restrictive to me it's just math and I kind of enjoy that part of it. I also can weigh everyday without that making me crazy either. But you'll never see me give up sugar ;)

Kiki said...

Breastfeeding burns calories???? See... yet, another bit of unfairness in the fertility department for me!!!

I SABOTAGED all weekend long,in fact, I didn't even pay attention... bread, chocolate twizzlers and pasta...its a vicious cycle, but I might have a plan to break it. A mini marathon in November!!! We'll see, I'm doing research about how long it actually is and how to train properly for one of these...could be fun!!!

Kiki said...

Okay, the half marathon is in February 2009....I might consider it...scary???

Julie said...

Sounds like a good plan to jumpstart that weightloss.

Kiki, breastfeeding never burnt any extra calories for me:( Although, I was eating quite a bit of ice cream at the time so I probably just cancelled it out.

I think it is so cute that you plan out what you are going to make for Kid's lunches every day. Jack only ever wants a ham & cheese sandwich. Before that, it was PB&J. I mix up the fruit and give him corn tortilla chips, but it is always the same exact sandwich. Murphy is going to be at school for lunch this year and I am scrambling to figure out what to put in his lunch. He doesn't do sandwiches or anything traditional. He will have a more eclectic lunch. I'll definitely look to Kid's meal plan for ideas:)

Colleen "The Moderator" Sullivan said...

I love Kid's lunches...Now, that is a well-rounded, healthy eating, kid! :) I'm impressed, and a bit jealous of her daily lunch!

Heather said...

Kiki DO IT!!! You can do it! It would be awesome. I have training schedules from Road Runners if you need them. I ran a half in 2006.

Mrs F -- truly fascinating. I'm the exact opposite. Tell me not to eat sugar and once I've got it out of my system, I'm fine without it (aside from once a week). Tell me not to eat pizza, and I'm fine. But I take comfort in eating grilled chicken, flank steak, etc. and don't want to have to weigh those things -- besides, the times I actually weighed out 6 oz of grilled chicken for lunch it took me TWO HOURS to eat.

PS I bought the metabolism repair manual that was mentioned on Skwigg's blog. Really interesting.

Out of Hand said...

With arthritis and a stress fracture I haven't exercised all summer. Things are starting to sag that I never knew I had. I never lost weight breastfeeding and could easily tell myself I needed to eat more to compensate. I would walk 4 blocks to get a 7 layer bar and a late in Brkln....those were the days. I will be so jealous if you get to move back to NY...Where would you go?

Mrs Furious said...

Out of Hand,
I have RA is that what you have?

And if we could move I'd like to go to the Slope. I figure we can keep this house and rent it (which is a common situation here since most people can't afford to buy) and then just rent there. It's my dream... wouldn't that be great?! Mr F hates himself since he was given the opportunity to buy the loft he was living in back in 99... which of course would have been a steal compared to now and we never would have moved! Also regrettably after that he had a price controlled apartment on 7th Ave that we lived in until we moved to MI. We'll never get a deal like that again...Stinker.

SK and Family said...

I'm interested in the smoked salmon in Kid's lunch--I wonder if my boys would eat it...

Mrs Furious said...

Kid LOVES it. She'll eat it just plain but I started giving it to her in a sandwich with cream cheese. It's smoky and salty like bacon.... but obviously much better for them. I've actually known a lot of kids that like it so it might be worth a try. If you haven't bought it before I will say that when you get it it is best to break it apart into thin slices.

ah Kid came out eating that way... Baby not so much ;)

I'm scared... but you can do it! I think that might be a great motivator.

I'm with you I don't think b'fing is burning anything at all for me. Not anymore than peeing let's put it that way ;)

Kiki said...

Mr. F had rent controlled and gave it up??? The horror!!! It would be awesome if you land back in the Slope, Heather and I road trip all the time when I am visiting her in PA, so we could meet for lunch on Montague, oh, or the River Cafe...great now, I'm hungry.

I am seriously considering the half, I'm doing some research to see if the training is something that can be done in 6 months...we'll see...I'm scared too!!!

Out of Hand said...

I have an appointment with an orthopedist next week to detrmine what exactly is going on. Wierd joint pain since beginning of summer and finally bone scan showed arthritis. I am also going to see an rhemologist so I hope to back in better shape. For now I am hobbling around. I lived on 15th and the Park for years...can't believe you gave up rent controlled. We left when our rent hit $2300 Hope you have a good day.

Mrs Furious said...

Out of Hand,
I hope you get some good diagnosis/treatment.

and before I forget if you liked the Two Boots sangria I have the actual official recipe!

Dinah Soar said...

What about putting baby in a stroller after lunch and going for a walk--that's exercise--it may help you de-stress too...and baby might enjoy it as well and get some fresh air in the process.

Or better yet, do as my friend used to do...she put her baby in a baby backpack carrier and walked for an hour every day, rain or shine, hot or cold. The extra weight from baby caused her to burn more calories...she did this until the baby was 4 years old at which point she got too heavy for my friend. BTW--my friend was only 5'1" and tiny. And she was an accountant for a major company so went to a job every day and had no help at home..she was a dynamo for sure. She'd get in from work, put supper in the oven and out the door she headed walking, meeting me at my house--we had a great time tog....maybe you could find a walking buddy . It helped me because I enjoyed the conversation and looked forward to it--great motivation to continue.

I walked with her daily and had I been smart I'd have loaded a back pack with some rocks--haha--to get a bigger calorie burn.

Baby might even nap in the backpack carrier while you walked ....

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