Monday, November 10, 2008

I Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself


Elizabeth said...

it says it's no longer available? Is it not up yet or did you take it down?

Mrs Furious said...

It just went up!

Elizabeth said...

There it is!
I think you can't really control who's 'watching' you know? Maybe it would help to think of this as a column in a newspaper, a TV show, or even a radio show where you get lots of call-ins (for the feedback?) but you can't monitor who's watching. Does this mean you change your content, or have to worry or think about the 'unknown' audience, maybe. I think people who watch/read will either keep reading because they like you, or aren't worth your worry. If you were on an open form media (like Radio) you would have NO idea who was listening. They could be creeps or reasonable or whatever.

It doesn't reflect on you that they find you interesting. Just maybe that you're interesting! (I know you're in MY daily round of things to check on- but we're related)

Ok, I was going to comment on depression and perfectionism, but I've already written a novel (Which, I'm supposed to be doing right now anyway stupid Novel Writing Month) But I'll cut it short and say that the email idea sounds absolutely adorable! I bet Mame loved it.

Mrs Furious said...

I guess I don't care who watches... but today an actual crazy homophobic bigot tried to friend me or something. My fear is, of course, being implicated by association. So I'm taking all those features down at YouTube because I'm not there to network... I'm just there to upload.

katieo said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better I'm failing every day. Seriously. my goal for tomorrow is to hopefully have clean socks and underwear in the kid's drawers for tomorrow. (I honestly contemplated sending Aaron to target to just buy new ones)

Although I know I have this giant excuse it doesn't seem to phase me. I just can't do it all (I'd even go for some), and it bugs me.

And you know I've got a a crazy child too. And when he's sick? FORGET IT. "It" being everything. I wish on those days I had some one to stop me and say "By the way, your life is actually three times harder than normal today, so be nice to yourself- it'll get better..."

I think the email Thank You's sound perfect. How fun to actually SEE Kid's expressions!

(and so sorry internet crazies are hounding you. That certainly doesn't help)

Kiki said...

I think that the email Thank You's sound lovely, had I been a recipient I would have treasured it, saved it in a folder and looked at it when I needed a smile!!! I think that uploading the pics and taking the time to have Kid say what she wanted to say was extremely thoughtful!!

Second, People are are lovely and if anyone spent time on your blog they would get what you are about right away. The video is just a support to your written bit, which when taken together gives crystal clear pic of what you believe!!! That or I'm clairvoyant(sp?), which I'm not!

Lastly, The damn treadmill is still taunting me from the corner of the living are a remarkable woman,and an amazing mom, just look at how you immediately left the video to go get Baby, you care what you feed your children, what goes in their mind and giving them lots of opportunity to experience the world around them!!

Come to the beach, the ocean always soothes me.

Haley said...

Hear, hear Kiki!!! I could not say it better, or add anything to that comment -- it was perfect.

Anonymous said...

I would enjoy an e-mailed thank you like that, too!

I was reminded recently that there are crazies on the internet...hopefully I will be able to take my blog off of friends-lock soon...

Mary Poppins said...

i have to comment on the thank you note in email format. i am a huge proponent of formal thank you notes. i love sending them and getting them. i feel like if someone's going to take the time to send me something, the least i can do is write them to convey my appreciation. having said all that and having been a recipient of one of kid's thank you emails, i have to say that it was one of the best thank you notes i've ever received. i loved that you took time to take pictures of her opening her present so we could see her reaction. una loved being able to see kid open the present she'd picked out. it was such a personalized note and i thought you went above and beyond even my expectations for thank you notes. in fact i felt like a slacker for only sending cards and not the picture emails. it was a brilliant idea and we totally loved it. i'm sure all other recipients feel the same way. please, please, please don't feel guilty about those. they really were perfect.

lucinda said...

One night I said to Stepfather Furious that I was disappointed that I had failed to be the person I meant to be when I woke up that morning. He said, "Everybody fails at that" and started to snore. After hating him passionately for a few minutes, I was comforted. To stay sane, I always have to remind myself it's the process not the result.

Mrs Furious said...

You are right. Baby is contributing to this in a big way. It is so frustrating to have a whole day and at the end of it be so limited because you are lugging a toddler on your hip ALL the time. She is a fun, smart, energetic kid... BUT... she needs constant stimulation and if you don't provide it she will... and you won't like what she does ;)
When Kid comes home it can get a bit better because she entertains her.

Thank you. That was very sweet.
Maybe I will come to the beach...

Thank you too.

Oh the crazies love the internet!

"Everybody fails at that"
I like it. I suppose it's true.

julie said...

I was disappointed that I had failed to be the person I meant to be when I woke up that morning. Lucinda, I totally get this. Argh.

Mrs. F, the thank you emails you sent are way better than getting a regular one. I used to put so much time into the thank you's with lots of details about the gift received and everything. Then I realized what I do when I get a thank you card...quick read and into the trash. Well, except the long, meaningful ones that I do save...but ones from kids, no. You do what you can. Your main priority are the kids and your own sanity.

Eww on the homophobic bigot. Sorry about that.

I didn't realize people were commenting on Youtube on your videos...that's a whole other weirdness to deal with. I think I would take off the ability to comment. If people want to comment on the video, they need to be reading the blog so they can get the whole picture.

I am in a complete avoidance of doing what is right for me...eating mindlessly, no exercise, getting to emotionally involved in bizarre school issues regarding other crazy parents. I am going to eat extremely decadent cakes tomorrow for my birthday and then hopefully wake up on Thursday and try to start new. Just in time to go to my in-laws on Friday. Aw shit. Maybe I will begin my quest on Monday.

Elizabeth said...

Lucinda: "Stepfather Furious"
Heee! Somehow that just really amuses me, does that make him my Step-Uncle Furious?
How far should this go? Should I call mame "Grandmother Furious" when I get home? Although I do feel she already but the rest of ust to the punch with the snappy psudonym.

Anyway, I love it.

Deb said...

I was disappointed that I had failed to be the person I meant to be when I woke up that morning.

Oh, Lucinda, that was so perfectly put. I feel like that every day.

Mrs. F, I have to constantly remind myself that just because my little guy isn't the greatest sleeper in the world doesn't mean he's not one of my greatest joys in life. You described my son perfectly when you described Baby. Being in the latter stages of pregnancy is not helping. Count me among the "Am I depressed or just sleep-deprived?" crew mates.

I hope she sleeps well for you soon.

CM said...

a)There are idiots who will read your stuff and react like idiots. It's not because you or your stuff is flawed, but because they're idiots. No reflection on you.
b) RE: Creeps, Nazis and Klansmen, encounters with. Hazard of the trade. Flame 'em & forget 'em.
c) RE: Mormons. If they get too aggressive, just tell them you gave 20 bucks to the Mitt Romney campaign and you still have the ballcap.
d) Your stuff is good. Really, really good. Keep it coming.

Mrs Furious said...

Thank you. Somedays I need encouragement and today was one of those days!

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