Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yep One More Video

While you're here... lay down your Biggest Loser impressions! I was on the edge of my seat last night. I was also flipping that bitch Vicky the bird during her weigh in. I've never hated anyone on TV the way I hate her. Next week is going to be insane.


Andrea said...

hear ye hear ye sleep deprivation your a bitch for sure I feel you I cant get it together for the life of me I just told my husband on the phone my brain hurts from actually trying to think..I cant give you any encouraging words for baby as my 2yr old is a worse sleeper than the 2 month old. I have a dream that one day I can sleep 5 consecutive hours thats it thats all Im asking for, and the BL is going to get nasty for sure Im with you on Vicky she is such a winch I cant believe she says and does the things she does.

Mrs Furious said...

Seriously!!! I can't wait for her to have to watch herself when she gets home. I almost think she's actually psychotic... who acts like that when they know it's being taped?!!
Plus I'll never get over that she said during a reward challenge that getting to call their kids wasn't "worth it" and that they weren't going to expend the energy. I hate her. hate her. hate her.

julie said...

Oh my God, I have not watched your video yet, but I have to comment on the Biggest Loser. I just watched it. I was actually praying that Brady (is that his name) would be voted off. I started whooping and yelling yahoo when he got voted off. I typically don't get that involved in any show, but I absolutely hate Vicky. Hate that other blue shirt girl, too. If the Black shirt girl had been voted off, I don't think I could have kept watching.

I was like a nut screaming "yes, yes, yes!!" when it was Brady to leave. Loser much on my part or what?

Mrs Furious said...

you're not a loser... this is the craziest season ever on that show. I almost can't watch because my feeling are so strong that's it's disturbing.

Mrs Furious said...

And talk about loser I was yelling at the TV "even if you get skinny you'll still be UGLY" ;)

Staci said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with these exact feelings about a TV show. LOL! :)

I also understand the field trip pain. My boys did private pre-school so parents had to shuttle kids for field trips. All I can say is THANK GOD I only had a small car back then. :P I also had a shadow so only ONE extra kiddo for me. :)

Haley said...

Aw man, I missed BL last nigth since I was in class -- but yes, with everybody on the Vickie hating --- what is with her?

Dude, I raked leaves today too, and I feel your pain. I specifically feel your pain in the soft cushy parts of my palms that are developing some lovely blisters. Every friggin year.

I think I hauled about 12 blankets full of leaves from my backyard to the street, and I TOTALLY count that as exercise!It's all I can do not to call in sick to work right "blistered" a legit excuse not to show up? Probably not...

Mrs Furious said...

if typing is involved in your job then it is totally legitimate.

If I had to see Vicky in person I might be compelled to spit on her. I couldn't have been happier when Brady got voted off. Sweet vindication!

Small car... I never thought of that... I should just switch with Mr F on those days! Problem solved... I can only fit 2 carseats in there.

Smoochiefrog said...

I haven't watched your video, but I too hate Vicky! My first bullet on today's blog post is about just that. I'm so glad Amy used her brain and did what she did. And the previews for next week? A revenge chart? Bitch so deserves to be by herself now.

I'm so rooting for Coleen to win.

Mrs Furious said...

I love Colleen. She's smart and she works hard. Plus she drops weight and has it in her to take it all the way.

Heather said...

I hate that bitch. I really, really do. I was cheering last night when Brady went home, and then said out loud that Vicky will be out for blood and Amy's doomed if she falls below the line um, ever.

Seriously, that Vicky chick is a total total bitch. Phil and Amy seem so nice and for her to have such a vengeful streak -- what a fucking bitch. I hate her. I want her to go home immediately.

Robin said...

ok. Haven't watched the video yet, but the BL talk has brought me out of lurkdom.

Vicky is seriously the biggest bitch that show has ever seen (and there have been some big ol' bitches.) I can hardly watch the show anymore because I hate her so much. That stupid little smirk. I had to fast forward through most of last night's show because I just couldn't stand it.

I was so thrilled when Amy voted Brady off. She's got some balls and I'm glad she showed it. But she totally has a bullseye on her back now. On the previews, they showed Ed saying, "Vicky's psychotic." or something to that effect. Hopefully that means everyone is on to how crazy she is and will get rid of her if she goes below. Gah!

I'm with y'all. I'm rooting for Coleen. She is the sweetest thing, and I really think she has it in her to do it.

Sorry for the novel. I have some pent up feelings about it. :)

Staci said...

What really kills me is that she has kids...young ones too. Lord help them.

Also, did you catch Bob's reaction to Vicky at the beginning of the show? I don't think he's a fan of her either.

Oh...and TOTALLY take the car next time! :)

eurydice said...

oh, i hate vicky too. what a jerk!

smellyshelley said...

Vickie is evil...I have very strong feelings about her too. She makes me want to crawl through my TV and punch her. I can't believe so many of the other players buy into her crap, especially Heba who I'm not that fond of either. I think she totally manipulates everyone.

That comment about her kids not being a worth winning a challenge irked me too, but she made that after they lost...when it started she wanted to win. Such a bitch.


smellyshelley said...

Sorry, my venting has been unleashed.

Oh and when she went to Bob to whine about Brady, her husband holding her back...what the F was that? I seriously hope she isn't as big of bitch at they portray her but I'm pretty sure she is.

She has said that her goal is for her and Brady to win both the "at home" and finalist BL so they can get $300,000. I hope they get crushed.

Piper said...

I'm cracking up, because I was so screaming at the TV last night too. vICKY and the rest of the hate trifecta need to go DOWN! LOL The Revenge note for next week that presumably vICKY hangs on the wall says Motivation for the Week: REVENGE Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on me. I will not rest until that BITCH goes home.

Yikes! I know Bob is their trainer, but I don't think he likes vICKY at all. I just hope he (Bob) isn't upset at Amy. I don't see how he could blame her though. It looks like they make Amy miserable though. :(

Sorry about the exhaustion you are facing right now. It WILL get better. My oldest daughter is 6 and my youngest is 2. There are many days I have to remind myself that she won't be 2 forever! Hang in there. <3

Mrs Furious said...

LOL... vICKY... I love it!

I agree I think Bob made it clear a few episodes that he didn't really like her.

I felt really badly for Phil when he was chocked up talking to the camera about how he just can't defend himself... she's a fucking psycho!

I'm always happy to have you delurk :)

she is a jerk.

YOu know what is interesting about Vicky's plan... one of them would have to be voted off before making it to the finals in order for that to happen. At some point in the game I think she would have been willing to sacrifice Brady to make that happen.
I hate her more than words can say.

Marie said...

Hold up--you have to take OTHER people's kids on field trips? Thats weird..(at least for around here). My girls pre-school does the school bus-route. I'd feel really awkward with other people's kids..what if (god forbid) there was a car accident?? And who says that just because they have a kid there, the other parents are someone I would want MY kid with--without other adult supervision!! (ok, perhaps a little paranoia here...but would SO not happen..I would DEFINITELY be there for ALL field trips..and thats without any medical issues!). Yeah..and with my other 2 in tow at all times, I'd have to give the polite "no" to other kids. I'm crazy enough rangling my own, nevermind other kids that I don't know their personalities/etc.. ( sounding bitchy too...)

Alrighty..enough from me. Back to sulking with my PMS-self!

P/F said...

I feel you on field trips with the younger sibling. I did it ONCE, that was enough.

As for Vicky, man - I think that I hated her from the way that she said "brown" when they found out that they were on the show. Also, sorry but I keep saying to my husband - "Does she look like the Grinch or is it just me?" How could anyone be married to her - and BTW I'm not a big fan of Brady (what kind of person could marry her, mysterious weight gain, gossiping like a chick) either - but he sure does look hot now ;)

Elizabeth said...

About the leaves (I think this was the right post!) One word leafblower. Ok, maybe that's two!

Mrs Furious said...

Yep we (the parents) drive for field trips. I don't remember if we signed any release for that either. I should probably look into that since I'm always a driver!

LOL on the Grinch. She's ugly... butt ugly. I'm not down with Brady either. I think they were/are both manipulators.


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