Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Case You're Interested

Things I bought:

ranch dressing 2.79*
enchilada sauce 1.49
can of pumpkin puree 2.49*
dried cranberries 3.29*
3 bottles sparkling water 3.57
2 bottles mineral water 3.58

from the bulk section:
yogurt covered raisins 2.17*
dried papaya 0.63*
2.15 lbs all purpose flour 3.63
.77 lbs quick oats 1.30

2 kiwis 0.82
tomato 0.55
avocado 1.29
4 small bananas 1.12
1.72 lbs broccoli 5.14
plum 0.70
green bell pepper 1.89
onion 0.57
2 heads red leaf lettuce 2.93
1 lb bag baby carrots 1.89
1.09 lb red grapes 3.26

1 gallon 2% 5.99
1 quart 1/2 & 1/2 3.99
one dozen local eggs 3.69
7 oz mexican style shredded cheese 5.39

4 oz smoked salmon 6.79
7 oz Applegate farms sliced turkey 4.99

Total 80.31

* impluse buys

Now this is half my normal bill. I didn't buy any bread, coffee, fresh meat, or fresh fish this week.


julie said...

Wow, that cheese is freaking expensive, huh. I'd be like "do not let a shred of the cheese drop on the floor." I'd eat the cheese off the floor.

I really should post what I buy and separate out what are impulse buys. You did really well, though, considering what you may have done in the past.

I have read that it is indeed the dairy, eggs and meat that are higher priority for organic. So if one had to choose, they should try to do as much of those as organic over the fruits and veggies. The organic veggies where I live are not that much more so I still try to do that. I don't do organic milk though. Hormone-free, but not organic and I really should since my kids drink so much of it.

megO said...

i am seriously in awe of those produce prices. i knew we paid more, but i had no idea how much more!

Mrs Furious said...

Yeah I don't normally break down the produce to know exactly how much things were... I know how much per pound but I don't weigh things when I get them. So I was pleasantly surprised by somethings (although I should say I bought the world's smallest plum, bananas, tomato, kiwis, and avocado... it's like the stuff was from munchkin land. But I was shocked that one bunch of broccoli was 5.14! Frozen organic broccoli is a better deal.

I used to just do the hormone free... but that's not antibiotic free and what they feed the cows isn't organic so I've switched to all organic. It's only a buck or two more so that's worth my peace of mind.

julie said...

the milk i get is antibiotic free as well, but the cows probably eat nasty non-organic slop so really i should do the organic.

Broccoli is the only organic produce that really seems a lot more money than conventional.

Mrs Furious said...

if it's antibiotic free I say that's probably good enough.
That's the main reason I switched.

Supermom said...

Want to come with me to smack my hand for impulse buying at Earth Fare?

I am working on my Thanksgiving meal and that list!!

What are your plans for the holiday?

How are you feeling? I got your comment.

My throat is sore and I ache. UGH!

Kiki said...

Yum, your list sounds so much better than mine today:

Olives (from the questionable olive bar)$2.32
Brownie Mix $1.79
Mini Marshmallows $1.45
Beau Monde spice $3.99

What the...? I'm hopeless...

Mary Poppins said...

great minds think alike. i too went shopping yesterday and posted about what i bought vs. what was on my list. it was my first post-compact trip to target and it was not easy. good for you for spending 1/2 of what you'd normally spend. doesn't it feel good?

michelline said...

Your milk is $5.99??!! ohmigod. Chris would have a heart attack, considering we buy hormone free for $3.59. But after reading the comments, I can see why you pay more. I need more education...

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