Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You Can Thank Me Later

HERE is a link to get a FREE 8 x 11 custom cover photo book from Snapfish.

Okay some people are having trouble getting the link to work. Go HERE and follow the link on Oprah's site (it's in the paragraph below the main picture) back to Snapfish.


G in Berlin said...

Thanks so much! I am now downloading a trial of Adobe Elements so I can do this before it expires.

Nutmeg said...

thank god, I know what I'm getting my mother in law now.

this and a subscription to national geographic.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm happy to share!

you and me both ;)

Elizabeth said...

oooh! I wants it for me! Or, um as a present for someone. Yeah, that's it.

Kiki said...

I love Snapfish, now if only it would work...for some reason it keeps kicking me out!!!

I'll keep trying!!! Thanks for the heads up....I know exactly who is getting this as a present!!!

Elizabeth said...

Somehow that did not end up being free. :( well, I suppose I would have spent that much for a Christmas present on this person anyway. I wonder where I went wrong? Oh well. Sickness + tiredness + navigating the interwebs= mistakes.

julie said...

Thanks so much for this link. I just put together a book for my sister for her wedding. I am so excited to give it to her!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I'm glad!

You've got me scared now though... did they say you'd be credited for it at checkout? That's what they just told me. Hmm....
I really don't want to get screwed!
I'm making a sisters album for Kid for Xmas... seems like something only Santa and his elves could manage... right?

Elizabeth said...

I'm not entirely sure what happened, I was kinda feverish. I did switch back and forth a few times trying to get things to work... Just be careful and pay attention I guess? It was really fun to make and the intended recipient should really like it, so it's worth it in the end. And I suppose I could have called them and gotten it for free if I'd felt up to it. (I hate phones and being sick makes it worse!)

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