Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Compacting Christmas

I'm sorry folks but Baby is whiny and needy as her cold has entered her chest. I'm feeling a bit rundown myself. This is all I've got for you... maybe I'll have a bit of time to post a written accompaniment a bit later on.

I do get a bit off on an organics grocery tangent during the first half... skip ahead if all you want is more compacting Christmas.

Mostly I'm just putting out a call for any and all homemade (simple & cheap) craft ideas. Send links if you come upon them. I would really like to make our gift boxes as full and joyful as we can.


megO said...

I forget - do you knit? If so, check out the books "Weekend Knitting" and "One Skein." Knitting little projects is brilliant for Christmas ~ people go crazy for the handknits. I'm working on knitting while ellipticalling while watching Biggest Loser.

Haley said...

One year I bought lots of little picture frame ornaments from Target (basic silver/black rectangular ones -- nothing overly kitschy) and framed old childhood photos of my relatives -- I gave funny pictures of parents to kids, and cute kid pictures to parents, and old school black and white photos of granparents looking romantic and classy to everybody. BIG hit -- totally tugs at heart strings, and super easy. :)

Randi said...

You mentioned sewing is a yes. I've recently become obsessed with tea towel totes. Tons of links if you google it. I've found these:

You could make them Christmasy with different fabric.

megO said...

errr oops! i got distracted and just finished watching the video. nix the knitting. sorry!

Mrs Furious said...

I not only have some tea towels... but that is probably something I could pick up for super cheap at Goodwill.

No problem. I technically can knit but not more than a basic knit and purl.

Thanks. I could put my little new printer to good use.

And FYI everyone out there... in the Target $1 bins RIGHT NOW are picture frame ornaments!!

Mrs Furious said...

Again Randi thanks for the idea. I've been really looking for some simple sewing projects that I could get done in an evening.

Also you could make super cute trick-or-treat bags out of Halloween tea towels... which are on SALE right NOW!!! I'm totally going to make some for next year!

moi.bloggirl said...

Many times I bring in small wooden boxes from Michaels and paint it/sometimes emboss or paint mom's name on it and give it to them as jewellery box. For kids, sometimes I stuff it with cheap items like sparkles and give it to them. Its a <$5 gift

There are times when I get those small wooden boxes, paint brush and couple of colors and make it a gift box to kids.

Mrs Furious said...

hey thanks for the recommendation. I was thinking of something along those lines for Kid to make and give her friends for b'day gifts. I need to get on the mailing list so I can start raking in the coupons!


hmm...I'm good at googling crafts not giving out suggestions for them..but I know my friend made something from Micheals one year (or hobby lobby works fine) any craft store..she made wreathes (she has three children) and placed a picture in the middle of each child.

I want to learn how to knit that's for sure!

feel better..chest colds aren't fun unless it's only the voice that goes and then you sound all hot and Demi mooreish. :)

Mrs Furious said...

thanks for the effort :)

I always think it is super cute when the kids get the sexy sick voice... cracks me up!

Marie said...

Check out this blog..every day in November they put up new craft ideas for gifts for the holidays. Each day has a "category"--ie-pets, baby, travelers..and then has a "make it", a "buy it"(homemade elsewhere-like etsy stuff), and a "bake it" category. The make it and bake it categories would probably be recipes and some easy craft ideas!! They did it last year too in november, so you can also search the archives.

And here's a site for window clings..have never tried it though..

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks Marie!
You're a real life saver today.

Rah said...

So, I was watching your compacting Christmas video. The pine cones reminded me of a craft idea that I have done before. You actually make the pine cone into an ornament. We sprayed glitter like glue, (not sure what it's called but I know you can get it at a craft store) all over the pine cone. It really didn't make it look "glittery" but gave it a pretty shimmer or gold touch. Then we used different types of Christmas colored/patterned ribbon as the "hanger". We did have to hot glue the ribbon to the pine cone. They turned out nice.

A kid idea that I have done in my class that is so cheap and easy are wreath ornaments made out of puzzle pieces. You use old puzzle pieces (or you can get puzzles at the dollar store) and paint them green. You glue them together in the shape of a circle. The edges of the pieces make it look like leaves/branches on a wreath. You have to layer the pieces in order to be able to glue them together. I think they tied a red ribbon around it to use to hang on the tree. Anyway, just thought I would pass these along!!!

Elizabeth said...

I totally still remember making christmas ornaments with my Grandma Moss out of beads (big plastic ones) and pipe cleaners. That was fun.

Also, you can troll around or for ideas.

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