Monday, November 3, 2008

This Week The Plan

Well last week was a complete bust in the exercise department. In fact I didn't workout at all. That is the main problem with the after dinner exercise time slot... it is also the family time slot and if there are things going on I have to sacrifice my workout. Then on the weekend I was just so freaking tired from Baby's nocturnal shenanigans that I actually thought it would be dangerous to get on a treadmill... I'm serious. Shockingly, despite eating half of the notorious red velvet cake, my weight didn't go up this week... stress helps in that department I'm thinking.

Baby is now officially sick and now that her symptoms have surfaced she is sleeping a bit better again. She is still running me ragged and making me want to turn to drink every night around 5 PM so I can make it to the home stretch... and believe me I would if it didn't mean that I'd be throwing my workout right out the window with it.

On a positive note Mr F and I had a "discussion"... different from an argument because during a discussion I talk and Mr F yeses me. Anyway it was regarding his half assed cleaning projects and how they effect my overall morale. Not well. Nothing like trying to keep things together (and really making tons of progress) but always having some pile of shit left out or things *put away* in a way that is not only not helpful but not where they belong to really throw a wrench into my daily efforts. Mr F actually felt bad and has been trying to make an effort to take things *all the way*... but I know it is a serious challenge for him to make it to 100%. He seriously has a brain issue that makes him naturally want to stop a project at about 80% complete. I know many of you know exactly what I'm talking about. Somedays I can look past it and somedays it makes me homicidal. What can I say?

Okay onto this week...


Monday - Turkey Enchiladas

Tuesday - Shrimp Paella

Wednesday - dinner with the missionaries! Paula Deen's Goulash, salad, crescent rolls

Thursday - Chicken, Gnocchi & Acorn Squash

Friday - frozen pizza

Saturday - go out

Sunday - Turkey Kielbasa, Baked Beans & Pan Fried Sweet Potatoes

Diet & Exercise:
Okay last week was a wipe out. This week I'm just going to be diligent. We don't have any events or evening plans and I should be able to stick to my program. My plan is to eat 1700 calories a day (kind of wish I thought of that before I was half way through today... oops). Seeing as I haven't lost any weight obviously 1800 is too much for me right now. As far as exercise goes I'm going to do 6 hours of cardio. I'm planning on working out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday evenings for 80 minutes and on Saturday & Sunday afternoons for 60 minutes.


Monday - grocery shopping

Tuesday - laundry, vacuum

Wednesday - clean off fucking desk for once... not just "file" everything in the back of my drawer!

Thursday - take down Halloween decorations

Kid's Lunches & Snacks:

Monday - pasta w/ shrimp & green beans, milk, yogurt, hard boiled egg and kiwi

Tuesday - avocado sandwich, milk, yogurt, smoked salmon and kiwi

Wednesday - spelt pizza (from school), steamed mixed vegetables, milk, yogurt, smoked salmon & apple

Thursday - pb & j, milk, yogurt, smoked salmon & apple

half day Friday


Heather said...

Gawd I hear you on the 80% complete projects. After the dog poo-vomit incident (which continued into this morning), I told Pete I was going to buy a portable steam cleaner to get the spots out. So he reads the reviews at and we find one with 94 reviews, 4.5/5 stars. What does he do? Reads the very few negative reviews and declares we cannot get it. I'm so tired of him getting in my way of getting things done. I told him this morning that unless he picks another one out that I can buy at Target TODAY, I'm going to buy it. I mean, he can't have it both ways. The perfectionism/ADD really, really gets in his way a lot. It's irritating for sure. That's just one example -- it's all the time, as you know.

Julie said...

Good plan for the week. Your menu looks awesome!

Missives From Suburbia said...

Please let me know if it does take and then explain how, because I am at my wits' friggin' end with my own husband about things like this.

Mrs Furious said...

I hate to tell you this... but... it already hasn't taken. Same old same old. He feels bad and over does his share (like 150%) for 2 days and then goes back to normal.

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