Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Mormons Are Coming

Check back later... I'm hoping to write up an actual post about it!


Marie said...

Oh my...the breakup dinner..."its not you, its me"...

I gotta tell you the truth, I hate confrontation--especially face-to-face--and at this point would probably have to convert just so that they didn't feel bad! Yeah, guilt and religion..who knew those would go together!?! Or else I would have to avoid their calls like the plague and pretend that I no longer existed!!

Good luck on letting them down gently!

Mrs Furious said...

you and me both on the confrontation issue.
I'm hoping it goes smoothly. I feel really badly about it and feel like they got led on. But I was honest about where I stood the first time we met.

P.O.M. said...

I am so excited to see how this shakes down. Lord, you crack me up! And Kid cracks me up even more. I wonder what she will end up chosing as her R.O.C. (Religion of Choice) when she gets older.

The book is not the end - be prepared for lots more visits and calls! So I hope the break up goes well. You might have to be extra stern about the "not gonna happen" thing!

PS: I am so, so bummed that Prop 8 in Cal passed. I can't believe that California would not be for gay couples getting married.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm scared. Now a whole bunch of people started subscribing to my YouTube because of this video and are sending me messages about how I remind them of themselves before they found Christ.
This is not going to go well....

I'm going to focus on the gay issue with the guys tonight. There isn't really a lot of wiggle room to debate that. I'm hoping.

Andrea said...

I love how kid took the bookmarks out, she is one of a kind. Hope the breaking up isnt too hard on the guys,at least they get some of that damn good goulash.

Mormons101 said...

You respect them for their beliefs so they'll respect you for yours. Conversion is between you and God. You're upfront with them and I think that's awesome. You're not a phony person and there is nothing wrong with saying what you feel.

Here's your response to the gay issue:

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