Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Night Of Firsts

Kid had her very first sleepover last night. Technically I wouldn't have thought she was old enough for one... and both Mr F and I agree that she probably wouldn't have been able to sleep over somewhere else. But her cute little (emphasis on little) friend came over after school and I could hear then dreaming up schemes of a mythical "sleepover". The playdate started at noon so I wouldn't have thought I had the stamina to follow through on an all day/all night playdate adventure. However, when her mom came back to get her after the 1st playdate extension I heard her say to her daughter "well... we're you invited?"

I'm pretty sure I myself wouldn't have offered... but... by then the kids had been together with no problems and our little friend had proved to be the most quiet yet completely direct kiddo I had come across... a truly delightful combination I assure you. So I promised she could go home at any time and her mom drove away.

A little while later I asked her what her favorite dinner was. She replied "miniature hamburgers". Hmm... we don't have that... but then genius struck... Mc Donald's playland has both hamburgers and a play structure on which to tire them out. "Do you ever go to McDonald's" I asked? (she goes to the hippie school with Kid remember... McD's may very well be on the NO list). She nodded emphatically (which may have been a lie since she also assured me she'd seen Sleeping Beauty... and that turned out not to be true) and the girls began to squeal with delight. I wanted to squeal with delight over not having to cook or make a mess in the kitchen! And so when Mr F drove up... we all drove off into the sunset. I decided whatever risk I was taking in offending her mom (should they be against McDs) was more than worth it for the memories of 1st Ever Sleepover fun I was creating.

When the playstructure filled with "big boys" who were a bit to crazy for my taste (and Kid's... but not that adorable tiny fearless friend!) I told them it was time to go. Our little friend ran right over to put her shoes on without being asked!!.... of course I had to tell Kid about 50 times to follow suit but what else is new? (maybe her mom will trade kids?... it really made me wonder if Kid would be equally cooperative for someone else... she'd be good but I don't think she'd be this good) Then we headed home to enjoy "movie night" featuring the aforementioned Sleeping Beauty. They put on pjs and snuggled up together on the couch.

After the movie they popped in their beds... and... get this... went to sleep! Apparently no one told them they were supposed to stay up all night trying to levitate each other while chanting "light as a feather, stiff as a board". They didn't get the memo that sleepovers equal all night singing and interpretive dancing to Tiffany's version of "I Think We're Alone Now" until your friends Dad comes in at 2 AM to tell you to be quiet (dude... he was scary). They slept all night long. Not a whimper, not a glass of water, not a potty break. It was heaven.

Baby on the other hand decided to throw our blissful evening a curve ball when she threw up all over my bed. Freshly made bed I might add (1st night of flannel loveliness). What is it about clean sheets that draws puke to them? I swear it happens nearly every time! Oh and yes... that was another first. Baby made it nearly 22 months without vomiting (not counting baby spit up). And let me remind you all that there is a difference... and it's a horrific one. Spit up you just think "oh that's gross"... wipe it up and lie down on the wet spot. Puke and you need to practically put on a hazmat suit while you decontaminate everything with even the tiniest of splatters. It's good times.

Hey all if you got even the remotest of chuckles out of this one... could you please GO HERE and click the little plus sign and add a nomination. You don't have to sign up for anything or write anything. You'll see Mr F's nomination right above the comments box. Just click the + and add a vote to his nomination.

This is not like that totally stupid award I accidentally asked you to vote for me for ... I do apologize... I had no idea it was a weird join up type of thing and completely meaningless. This is the real deal. This is for the same awards I was up for last year. It's a big deal and it really does make a difference. So thanks. And hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be able to let you know that I was picked as one of the best diarists.


Dana said...

Oh my gosh, they look so cute while watching the movie. How old is Kid? I always wondered what the proper age for sleepovers is. I know Dawson is way too young. Plus, I don't think boys do that, do they?

And I voted! Hope you win!

Marie said...

How sweet!! I can't wait until sleepover age! And look at baby--just "one of the girls"..

I voted too..good luck!

Sherry/Shay said...

My daughter Mackenzie went 22 months without vomiting either. Thens he got a tummy bug and it happened. She threw up maybe 3 times and then it was over and she was so great about it, but it scare the hell out of me. I can't remember my daughters Hanna (9) and Hailey (7) EVER vomiting in the entire life. Of course, my step-daughter throws up like every time she's here (she throws up alot at her moms house too but there's nothing wrong with her). Anyway, I digress. 22 months is a milestone!

Gigs said...

Sounds like it all went great! You are braver than me. Was this the friend's first sleep over too? I don't think I let my boys sleep at a friend's until they were in 2nd or 3rd grade (Dana, yes, boys do it too!) But it is easier to have it at your own house than to send them away. Also so glad Kid has made new friends that she (and you!) really enjoy.

Mrs Furious said...

Kid just turned 6. She wouldn't be able to stay somewhere else... she's pretty shy and she has very particular bedtime needs, etc. I was thinking more like 2nd grade (which for her would be 8). But if kids want to come here I'm cool with long as they aren't annoying ;)

Baby loved having someone else over!

I was just talking to my friend about this. She seems to think she also never threw up as a kid. I know I did and boy oh boy does Kid. I guess I'm surprised Baby held out this long ;)

Yes this was her 1st sleepover. I wouldn't have even thought to attempt it for another couple of years... but it really went well. They were a great match and even spent sometime playing quietly separately in the afternoon and got some downtime. No bickering,etc.
I still wouldn't try having Kid sleep elsewhere for another couple years... she's just not ready. Fortunately we can blame it on the epilepsy so she won't have to admit she's scared ;0)

SK and Family said...

How wonderful! My five (almost 6)-year old spent his first night with his grandparents last week...didn't go so well, but it wasn't his fault. I feel so bad that he was SO excited to stay over there, then so disappointed the next day. I am going to wait (I have no idea how long) a while before we try again...

julie said...

That's hilarious that the little girl stayed so long! The three of them look so adorable. I am glad that Kid seems so happy!

Mrs Furious said...

I was definitely surprised that her mom let her sleep over. She's only 5. But it worked out just fine. And she was so sad to leave the next morning that she couldn't stomach saying goodbye. It was cute.

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