Friday, December 12, 2008

Here's The Deal

We need a sitter. Badly.

We don't know anyone and we can't really trade sitting since... well... I don't really want to spend an evening sitting someone else's kids. I did that in Ann Arbor and most of the time I kind of felt like shelling out $20 was worth not having to babysit. You know what I mean... my nights out are few and far between... I'd kind of like them to be "no strings" attached style.

Okay so all you moms (and dads) with sitters... how in the hell did you find them? How much do you pay? How did you insure they weren't crazy?

Remember we, quite literally, don't know anyone. The few people I have met don't use sitters. Someone in Mr F's office is willing to sit... but... we need a sitter for the office party so that isn't going to work out this time.

Plus we really can't use a high school aged sitter because of Kid. They need to be able to handle the stress of a medical emergency should one come up. See why we've never had a sitter?!


Believe it or not I got a sitter! Huge relief. She works at Kid's school so she's already had background checks and CPR and all that jazz to boot!

Off to get Kid and meet her new eye surgeon. Let's all hope this goes well. Nothing like sitting through the 2-5 hour eye appointments. Fun times. Pray for me...


Feener said...

i posted at the local college and that is how i found someone. i make sure they are an education major so they are use to dealing with kids and WANT to deal with kids. If you have a local college I would start there. maybe the other way could be checking daycares to see if any of the employees are looking for extra hours ??? good luck

Anonymous said...

I find that the most available sitters are in the 13-15 age range...they are old enough to be responsible, but too young to date (well, depending, I guess). How far is the party from your home? If it is not too far and it will not be lasting more than a couple of hours, maybe a young teen would work out... You could call the church you have been attending and ask if they have any recommendations (some teens "advertise" through their churches).

Otherwise, I think the local college idea is good, too! Ask for references...

:)Good luck! I hope y'all can make it to the party together!

Claudia said...

One of my friends teaches elementary special ed and is always looking for some extra cash from babysitting. Maybe there are some teachers either at Kid's school or at the local public school who would be interested. Good luck!

Chrissy said...

What about the people at Kid's school? We always used Cameron's Day Care workers since they
1. dealt with children all day long
2. were trained in CPR
3. knew how to dial #911 in case of an emergency without freaking out first.

Maybe you could have the Mormons come over?

Robin said...

LOL at the Mormons.

My friend used a website. I can't remember the name, but you could probably find it if you google. They do background checks on all the people on the website. I will see if I can find it.

Robin said...

It's They provide background checks and references, along with info about the babysitter.

I haven't used them, but my friend found two through them that she is happy with.

Mrs Furious said...


there is a school here... I don't know if they have an education dept or not (or nursing which would really be AWESOME for us). I'm going to look into it.

for like a neighborhood party I'd do it. I babysat at 12 myself. We've got to be downtown which would take us about 15 minutes to get back from.... that's too long if Kid had a seizure.

There is an afterschool at Kid's school I'm going to ask if anyone there babysits. Hell I probably pay better than the school does!

checking it out!

Anonymous said...

when you find one, I expect you to report back to me and let me know if I can use them as well!

Andrea said...

I dont really have any answers as we dont have anybody here to watch the kids my lady that wathches C while I work has watched her once off duty as in weekends only once in the entire 2years shes been going to her house I guess I figure she probably dosent want to watch her on the weekends she watches kids all day long ten hpurs a day and shes in her sixties. I wish I lived near you guys selfishly because my in laws live close by then I could get some free babysitting for myself. I second the looking at colleges idea I hadnt thought of that I guess my only concern is I myself am still borderline college age so college kids think I identify with them when I dont so I guess I need to find a middle schooler or something. btw I freakin love those oreo dipped cookies and I didnt share but a bite Chris just wont enjoy them like I would!

Gigs said...

This is always a dilemma. When my guys were in daycare we did use some of the employees, one of whom we really adored. I never really felt comfortable with the teenager-down-the-street thing, and we didn't even have any medical issues to be concerned with. The biggest trick is that we always wanted someone we "knew", and more importantly, someone the kids knew. And yes, I have therefore attended a holiday party or two stag. I wish I had an answer for you, but on the bright side, in 7 years Kid will be 13 and you can have her watch Baby when you go out. What's another 7 years, right?
BTW, our sitters ran on average about $8 an hour. Those daycare workers really have a great thing going...

Claire said...

When I moved to Pa. I contacted a church and asked them for a retired woman and get a wonderful person - she drove herself and was available during the day - the daycare/nursery school is a good place - I babysat for families when I was teaching nursery school - and I did some babysitting here - charged $10 an hour - but they were well to do - I'd do it for free for you if I was there - I am praying for you!

Preppy Mama said...

I heard some people use "" I think you have to join though.
Pre-schools/Nursery Schools in your area are always a good shot. My mom was a pre-school teacher for 25 years and that is how I got all my babysitting jobs in high school.

Amy said...

i agree with the church option. i always have a plethora of available babysitters and it's so great because most of them actually play with my daughter instead of just turn on the toob. and if you ask other moms at your church,they can recommend which ones (probably 16 and up) might be responsible enough with the medical issues enough to call you or 911 should something happen, in that hopefully unlikely case.

otherwise, i have TOTALLY considered the university route for longer term sitting, like if I need to work or something. they probably are in need of jobs but may want more. i pay $5 per kid/hour and think that's reasonable but who knows what an older person might require.

good luck! the babysitting issue is the bane of my existence since i try to work a tiny bit - it's definitely the worst part!

gooddog said...

I think UNCA would have an education and maybe nursing dept. That could work, it's what we use here in the Gboro. Or, you can try calling the "Young Life" office there. It is a Christian youth organization that has TONS of college age volunteers and adult staff who use sitters themselves (I know some of the staff there in Aville). Those kids are usually very responsible and we have used them in various towns when we move... Let us know if you find some!!

Kate said...

I have used an amazing college student who worked part-time at my kids' previous daycare. In addition to the safety/training stuff, she also knows my kids, knows what they like, etc. (and frankly doesn't take any crap from them). I feel lucky to have someone I really trust.

To that end, we pay $20 an hour for 2 kids. I'm in the SF Bay Area, so COL is likely higher here than in some other parts of the country, but it's worth it for someone I have total faith in.

Good luck, I can sympathize as a recent transplant. It's so tough when you really don't know anyone.

hicktowndiva said...

I would call a local day care center and see if anyone there moonlights as a babysitter on nights & weekends. Our favorite babysitter used to take care of my son at daycare, and now she is the first person we call.

Supermom said...

I would trade babysitting for cookies!! I already have 4 running around, what's 2 more?
Thom is going to have her call me. :)

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Haley said...

I second and third and fourth all the folks who suggested local colleges. In my last incarnation as a grad student I babysat all the time, and I wasn't even all child-focused like ed majors or health-focused like nursing majors, both of which sound like fantastic ideas.

Liz said...

We found ours through craigslist. Weird I know...but we haven't been disappointed so far!

Elizabeth said...

I wish I was close enough! Four hours is a little way away though.

(I was an excellent babysitter if I do say so myself)

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks for all the tips!

I asked at Kid's school and one of the aftercare teachers does sit. And she was available for Wednesday night. PHEW!
Added bonus is that she's been screened and knows CPR for the school job already.
I don't know if she'll be a regular but I'm happy to have someone for next week. Plus the kids don't know her but they see her everyday... which is much better than anyone else we could get at this point.

I'm sure you were.

Thanks. I wish I lived closer to you guys!

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