Saturday, December 13, 2008

This Little Pig Went Downtown

Well I'm back. Red for Christmas.

Baby doesn't know what to think... I guess that says a lot about my lack of beautification since having her.

It was nice to get downtown. Really, really, nice. I know I have my issues with Asheville... but I've always maintained that the downtown is really nice (well minus the panhandlers... but it's cold out so they are not quite as plentiful). And when I'm there I usually start wishing we had bought a loft apartment and returned to our city living roots. I'm just so much more comfortable walking down a city street than a neighborhood one. Blame it on spending my formative years in NYC.

Despite living within a couple miles I don't go downtown very often. We live in another city neighborhood that has all it's own services and going down and paying for parking and all that hoopla has kind of been a compacting "no no". There isn't much to do there that is free. I've actually been 4 times this week... and one thing always leads to another. Go for the museum... stay for the cupcakes. You know how it is. I don't seem to be able to go in and get out for less than 10 bucks. It's also one of those cities that is heavy on the cute shops and whatnot and I find if I stay away I don't know what I'm missing. The more I go the more I kind of think I should only wear one-of-a-kind handmade dresses. And that's not in the budget. One-of-a-kind handmade cupcakes aren't even in the budget these days.

But I digress...

It was also nice to get out of the house. And even better to get out without the kids. I don't do it enough.


Supermom said...

Awwww, look at those pretty piggies!

Lil O wants me to paint hers now after she plays with the playdoh!

Thank you for today. I am glad you moved to my little town.

Michelle :)

julie said...

Supermom, you are a super friend:)

Your toes looks great...hmmm...I have a gift certificate for a spa place...maybe I will get a pedicure, too.

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks again!! My toes never looked so festive!

I'm glad I moved to your town too. :)

Do it! I never would of thought of getting a pedicure in the winter... but dude that is when your feet need some softening!

Feener said...

glad you got to do it. it is very important to take care of momma, b/c if momma is not happy ain't nobody happy

katieo said...

Mrs F seriously. What size shoe are you, 4? I thought those were Kid's feet at first.

So happy to hear you got a break! Hopefully it'll make your week a little easier.

Mrs Furious said...

LOL! I'm a 6. But that is a kid's 4... so you were kind of right.

true enough.

Renee said...

Supermom you are super for getting Mrs. F out of the house for a pedicure-but next time can I come too? :)

Feener-oh what a true statement

Personally, I think all moms should be entitled to weekly pedicures ...instead of the Similac and Enfamil diaper bags and misc. crap they give you when you leave the hospital after giving birth they could provide a gift certificate for 18 years worth of pedicures instead!!!!

All of your piggies look festive and ready for some celebrating!

Elizabeth said...

oh the tiny Heaton feet.
Mom is a size 5. She can try on the 'floor model' shoes.

How I hate you small footed people! (well, by hate, I mean am envious of) Do you have any idea how restricted the selection is in size 9-10-11? It makes me want to weep.

Not that I can afford new shoes.
And hey- does anybody else have such a wide range of sizes? I blame it on the different shoe manufacturers... I dunno, it's late I'm rambling.

Dana said...

The first time I had a pedicure after having Dawson, I think he was two years old, I chose red polish and he says, "Oh...Mumma gotta a boo-boo..." He thought I was bleeding. ;)

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I'm sorry. I think ML has big feet... if that comforts you at all ;)

LOL yes pedicures would have been a much better welcome to parenting gift!

You know it might be the red that is freaking her out. I didn't think of blood.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I wear 9-10's, so I feel ya! ;)

Cute tootsies (okay, that's what I call my little ones' toes!)!! I love pedicures...when I worked, I faithfully had a mani/pedi every other week...not so much now, LOL! :)

Missives From Suburbia said...

Ohhh... they're beautiful! I just got a gift certificate to a spa from my brother, and you're making me crave a pedicure.

I have to steer clear of downtown for the very reason you cited: I will feel compelled to dress like my inner self desires, and that's simply not in the cards or the budget these days. Not to mention what would be the point of a SAHM wearing uber-fabulous peep-toes? (Aside from showing off my hot pedicure, of course.)

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