Thursday, December 11, 2008

Well If This Isn't Depressing I Don't Know What Is

When I was searching through my photo archives, to find a link to some cookies, I stumbled upon THIS:

These shost are from exactly one year ago. I had just gotten my kid's jeans. Check out the fit.

This is what I looked like in the same damn pair of jeans a few weeks ago:

Yeah it appears I really, REALLY, need to pull my shit together! I'd actually forgotten how much better they used to fit. I mean I almost can't believe they are the same pair of jeans (sadly they are).

Oh and while you're here lay your BL thoughts on me! It looks like good vs evil will be going head to head at the finale.


Renee said...

You are being too hard on yourself!!! I think your kid jeans still look great on you! If it makes you feel better-last year I spent a fortune at Gap buying new jeans (in size 6)...a year later none of them fit-ugh! I wouldn't even dare post a picture of what my ass looks like in these same jeans now and did I mention the atrocious muffin top to boot...just trying to make you feel better Mrs. F!!!! :)

julie said...

I still think you look great, but I know how it feels to know that you could look better.

BL: Thank Fucking God that Michelle got in the final two. What is up with Vicky...when Bob had asked if if she had changed during this whole experience(emotioanlly, etc) and her response is "no". Talk about a woman in denial. I don't want to wish mean things on her, but I just don't like her. I totally want Michelle to win. Vicky's family eats out fast food all the time and does not eat vegetables (even really now for Vicky on the ranch? She is totally not going to maintain that weight loss.

I kind of think of Heba as a spoiled brat. Her whole thing with that guy on the other team was self-created and immature. I have no thoughts on her husband...well, except, how can a man that large have such small numbers? Maybe he is not eating enough.

I wish they would do a reunion show from the previous seasons. I would love to see who kept it off. I did not know that the winner from season 1 (i think) gained it all back and then some according to Bob. That is really a shame. It is much harder to lose a lot weight the second time around. The motivation level is not the same.

Bi0nicw0man said...

All I can say is MICHELLE BETTER WIN DAMMIT. The other two are too crazy.

I'm not opinionated or judgemental or anything. ;)

Andrea said...

you still look great! Dont be too hard on yourself I know its more about how you feel Im sure I know when I dont go work out I feel more blah and tired go figure. BL is going to be good I hope Michelle wins just because she has played the game well and not been anything but a team player. Im still not sure who I would vote for to stay on ED or Heba, they both have a good precentage of weight they can lose and if Vicki wins Im never watching again!

Mrs Furious said...

thanks... but seriously I need to stop dicking around over here. It's not just that they don't fit but that I'm comprised of a lot more fat ;)

Okay well I saw an Oprah with past players and Bob & Jillian. And a LOT of them didn't keep it off. Especially the actually winners. Ali, the blond mom Julie, the twins all kept it off. But a majority didn't. It was actually fascinating since they did talk about how the ranch is too isolated of a situation and while they learned how to lose it they really didn't get the tolls to figure out what had made them fat to begin with or how much constant effort it takes to keep it off.
Vicky is totally going to put it back on. And I did enjoy Bob's calling her on it... but then when she said she "got it" with no explanation of what that meant then he was sure she'd keep it off. Ridiculous... she is just a great manipulator.
And I agree Heba is a crazy spoiled brat. I'm pissed they won the food ... I'm just happy Vicky didn't ;)

Mrs Furious said...

They are crazy lunatics!!!

I think Michelle can win... since it is based on percentage... and she is an apple. Apples have an easier time losing it all... while Vicky carries her weight in her legs and some of that she won't be able to lose. Of course that's not based on anything but my observations... in general that seems to be true.

Dude.. I've let myself go. It's just so much harder to fit in the exercise now that Kid has school and Baby is a freak!

Vanessa said...

I completely understand. I have a pair of jeans in my closet from approximately 13 lbs ago and I can't even do them up. Those were my favorite jeans. *Sigh*

Dust off and try again, right?

Robin said...

Girl! I feel ya. I think I've finally realized that it just isn't going to happen until the new year. I know it is cliche to say I'll start my diet on Jan. 1, but I'm enjoying the holidays too much. If I try to diet, I just fall off and then beat myself up about it, so I've decided just to give myself a break. Until Jan. 1. Then I am hitting it hard.

BL. Yeah, if Michelle doesn't win, I may have to boycott. Vicky is so horrible. I wasn't going to watch the finale if she didn't make it in.

BTW, thanks for the warning about the contents of the holiday boxes. I skipped that post. ;)

Haley said...

Yup, I'm with you on the ever tightening jeans...I gotta throw the brakes on soon. I am also running out of work-appropriate clothing (not due to pudge, but due to the clothes wearing out) so I need to buy some new stuff but I can't decide whether to get stuff that fits now, or slightly too snug in the mad hope that I'll soon fit in it, and don't want to waste money.

Mrs Furious said...

LOL! what do you do at work that wears out your clothes!?!

Oh I'm totally with you. Jan 1st. I need to be able to enjoy the holidays... it is for my mental health! I can only focus so much on so many things... I need to do xmas first.

Yep. Sometimes you have to just start over. And I'm wondering if that will always be true? If I'll always have to let it slide and pull it back together every once in awhile.

lucinda said...

I watch BL in jaw dropping astonishment. I cannot take my eyes off of Vickie because I think there's a chance she might spontasneously combust and it will be caught by the cameras. All that smug whiney fake little girl helplessness is just going to ignite and I'm not missing that.

Mary Poppins said...

let it go since it's the holidays. it's impossible to do everything. i haven't stepped on the scale in a couple of weeks and i'm sure i've put on a few pounds. that's what the holidays are all about. just be prepared to bring it in the badass furious fashion come the new year.

Mrs Furious said...

yes yes.. but what about the Ezekiel bread?!! ;)

Mrs Furious said...

that's the plan!

Elizabeth said...

All but my skiniest jeans are too big ;-p

But I'm not quite going to make my X-mas goal :-(

Being sick threw me off I think. I lost while I wasn't eating, but ate like a pig the next week, justifying it because I was so happy that I could even stand the sight of food!


Smoochiefrog said...

Since Coleen can't win now, I totally hope Michelle wins.

It just pisses me off when I hear them spout that Heba & Ed are the only team left standing. Well let's look at it. ED was voted off! I don't think a challenge where he got back on the show is a fair way to call them a team left standing. I guess it's all just semantics.

Vicky? If I even start, I'll be saying things a lady shouldn't say. Suffice it to say, she will totally gain every ounce back in less than a year. Guaranteed.

Jen said...

Some of this sounded like you were reading my mind! I look wistfully at pictures of myself from a year ago, and more importantly I remember how freaking fabulous I felt. I need a fire lit under me, but I also need to relax and enjoy the holidays. What is a perfectionist to do?

Mrs Furious said...

precisely... let us reconvene in January ;)

"Suffice it to say, she will totally gain every ounce back in less than a year. Guaranteed."
LOL... but I agree entirely... and I can't wait ;)

Way to go!!!

P/F said...

Didn't watch your video yet, but totally voted for Ed :)

Andrea said...

I got our Fabulous Furious Family compacting Box and I have to say right away the play doh was a big hit C. played with it the entire time I made dinner which by the way I made flank steak and potatoes following your directions and my gosh I really wanted to eat the whol damn piece of meat but I restrained because I know Ill probably eat all those oreos tonight. Thanks so much.

Mrs Furious said...

I've been kind of wondering if there will be a backlash like that ;)

I'm glad you all got it and that she enjoyed the playdough!
I haven't made that steak in a long time... now I WANT it. I'm glad that recipe worked out for you!

Kiki said...

I just posted a pic on miy blog of a CAN of FROSTING that Ken and I have been snacking about "dicking around", what the hell am I doing???MY jeans are getting tighter and instead of making the necessary changes I just buy bigger jeans....

sorry, I don't want to "bogart" the comments section but I get your still look tiny though and the jeans are still cute!

carrie said...

I love everyone's BL comments...last week in a meme I answered the question "something you really want right now" with for "Vicky to NOT be the biggest loser!" She's a total jerk.

Kniki said...

Thank you for putting up those pictures - I went up and looked in the mirror and saw that I too had expanded, but also your "before" picture reminded me that we have it in us and that you don't have to *stay* expanded if you don't want to! It's been a great motivator to me and yesterday I went out and bought a load of veg. Thank you again!

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