Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Guess He's Not Done


Renee said...

Ummmmm...mine's in the middle of the den and I can't blame it on Mr. my house, just that the vacuum is out is an accomplishment though :)

Supermom said...

At least he vacuums.

Hmmmm. How did you get him to do that anyway?

Kiki said...

We leave ours out as part of the interior decorating. {{snorts}} But I only have myself to blame. The dirty dishes in the sink, or the mountains of laundry, that I can completely blame on Ken. He's so cute though...I can't get too mad.

Mrs Furious said...

Well you could blame it on him. I'm just saying... it does feel good to have someone to blame sometimes.

It is because his dad had an anal vacuum obsession. It would be better if he vacuum the entire room and then put it back.

If it was an upright I wouldn't mind it out so much. But a canister vac with the hose and such spread out all over the room... it could make me homicidal.
Of course if I did it it would be legitimate ;)

Kiki said...

Absofreakinglutely. I'd be your character witness.

Now I must go to bed, I have to work at 7a.m, we are marking down over half of the we aren't going out of business, just getting ready for...PRE FREAKING SPRING!!! You've got to love fashion!

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