Sunday, January 11, 2009

Do You Feel Lucky?

As I was perusing one of the magazines "local angel" Renee brought over for me (knowing my love of cheesy checkout mags) I came upon this list of GIVEAWAYS. Hot damn in the summertime some of these giveaways are pretty good. Some of these giveaways are one stop short of cash money... and Lord knows we need a little of that right now.

Sure sharing this link with you greatly reduces my shot of walking away with any of these amazing prizes... but hey that's the kind of gal I am. Trust me ladies and gents there are some serious giveaways worth taking the time to enter. Such as an LG refrigerator, a Sleep Number mattress, $500 gift card to Starbucks, $500 gas card... and more. Happy Sunday from me to you.

Even if you don't win any of those awesome prizes... if you've been voting everyday... there's still a shot at winning one from yours truly. You can enter your name for that giveaway here on Tuesday.

So don't forget to VOTE.
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wootini said...

Thanks Mrs. F! I registered to win the Starbucks Card... hey, you never know!

And I voted. : )

I'm so sorry for all the $@#$% you've been going through lately. I hope things start to turn up soon.

Renee said...

Angel might be a angel would have shown up w/ a month's worth of homemade meals to freeze and a cleaning lady...this angel shows up w/ cheezy magazines, beer, coffee, bread and another child to terrorize your house :)

Renee said...

Oh and I better win the Starbucks gift card...yesterday, when I went to make coffee my Krups coffee/Cappuccino machine wouldn't turn on-it bit the dust after exactly one year (got it Christmas before this past one)....damn you Krups for your cheap chinese goods...and what's up w/ all the coffee makers going bad-didn't yours just do the same, Mrs. F????

Mrs Furious said...

Yes ours died. We ended up just getting a $16 Mr Coffee at Target... the coffee is hotter than our stupid expensive stainless Cuisinart ever was!

And don't underestimate the power of bread, coffee, beer and women's magazines!

Thank you.
Of course I spent a full hour registering to win EVERYTHING. I can always sell that fridge right?!?! Cause you know that's what I'll win while I still haven't paid off the one we bought when we moved in!

Missives From Suburbia said...

I'm so lazy that I never enter giveaways. But I'm not too lazy to vote for you, so that's definitely happening.

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