Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mr F's Secret Life Revealed

"Dis a baybee?! Dis a baybee?!" Baby asks frantically and somewhat concerned.

"Hmm... that's a weird Daddy baby." Mrs F replies uncertainly.


s potter thomas said...

I didn't think you thought you were fat. I figured you wanted to maintain the weight-loss! I read your story about your weight loss and so I figured that by putting your measurements and what not on the blog you are keeping a record and when there are other people involved it is easier to stay on track. (You are accounting to someone, like a weight-watchers person would be.) It makes total sense to me and I say good for you! Sorry you have the tummy skin thing! Maybe someone's a plastic surgeon who love's your blog and would do the surgery for free like what happened to Kate!(on Jon & Kate Plus 8) Hint Hint! LOL! Anyway, you keep up the great work your modeling for your girls! I have been changing our eating habits little by little to get more vegi's and salads into the meals. I am such an afternoon person that I am usually cleaning something or have started a project and don't want to stop to make dinner! I have to get better at that though for my boys!
so just so you know if people read the weight loss story I think they get why your still dieting to maintain that weight! Your just really )what goes into your mouth! (like I should be doing!)
You take care!
Oh yeah you said your middle name is Potter, is that your maiden name? It is mine and I decided to keep it because I had a business already with my maiden name on all the business stuff.

s potter thomas said...

ok I should have read the comment! My computer glitches up sometimes and It should say "Your just really watching what goes into your mouth!"

Surly Rob said...

The Flaming Carrot!

Awesome action figure.

(I figured I had to come down on his side eventually)


Me, Myself and I said...

Scary. Very very scary...

Jennifer said...

What the hell IS that?! lol

julie said...

"Dis a baybee?! Dis a baybee?!" Baby asks frantically and somewhat concerned. LOL! I don't blame her for feeling concerned. That thing is freaky.

Mr F had a framed picture of a MLB player next to his bed?! That's funny. Who was the player? I may understand more then.

Renee said...

Hopefully the framed picture of the MLS player by the bed has been replaced w/ a lovely photo of Mrs. F????

Renee said...

MLB not MLS...sorry trying to do work for my husband and comment at the same time.... my brain can only concentrate on one thing at a time these days!!!! :)

Mrs Furious said...

Surly Rob,
Ah well I can't win 'em all.

LOL... Mo Vaughn

no worries I knew what post you meant.

And Potter is a family name but was always my middle name. I kept it and also made my maiden name another middle name for professional reasons as well.

That's Flaming Carrot a comics action figure... yeah... I'd never heard of him before I met Mr F either. ;)

Currently Mr F is sleeping in Baby's toddler bed with pictures of roses and firefly decals next to him ;)

Me, Myself & I,
scary indeed.

julie said...

Mo Vaughn! He is a helluva guy. He totally should never have left Boston because his baseball career went kerplunk after he left the sox.

The thought that he had picture of Mo next to his bed is funny and creepy all at once. I am sure though that many, many sox fans understand.

Elizabeth said...

my middle name is Northop. Also a family last name. We do this.

Mrs Furious said...

indeed... my Dad's family also does it so I never really understood the use of first names as middle names.

Missives From Suburbia said...

Uhh... I'm as confused as Baby.

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