Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Need To Get This Off My Chest

Did you see The Biggest Loser last night? Did you?!!!
Sweet baby Jesus it was the best episode off all... past seasons included. I cried tears of joy and compassion and in the end sorrow. I thrilled at Bob's crazy blowout.... dude, you know he was one step away from an actual physical beat down... it was awesome. This episode brought it all... it was amazing TV.


Liz said...

I don't watch BL but have a blogging mommy friend who does... so when I saw your post, I immediately thought of her. Ya'll should show blog together.

Chrissy said...

Quite a show last night! Love the Biggest Loser.

I truly thought Bob's head was going to pop off! I was quite surprised that Joleen never came back at him (maybe she did but they edited it out).

It was really unfortunate that it came down to Jerry and the kid (cannot remember his name) but at least Jerry was able to go home and be successful with losing over 80 pounds already.

If Joleen gets kicked off I think she is going to have a lot to face when she gets home - her best friend is going to kick her butt. I thought that was a stupid move to let Joleen stay - that is a true friend though. To think she almost sold her out for $5K!

I'm looking forward to next week and to see the final results for the group.

The dynamics of the group are so much better this go around - no name calling or witchy behavior so that makes the show enjoyable as well.

Melissa said...

My kids love he show, but I can't watch it because I feel so sorry for the ones who don't win (or lose, as the case may be).

BTW, I'm kinda new to your blog, so I had no idea about your weight concerns. I watched your video update and thought, "What is wrong with this girl?" You look great!

Mrs Furious said...

thanks for the link!

I was so happy to see what Jerry & Estelle did at home is 3 months! Amazing and it just kept saying to Mr F... if only the other contestants could know they made the right decision... you know it was breaking all their hearts to have to choose between those two.

Joelle... at first they kind of edited out how lazy she was but then the freak out and the 30 second challenge and BOY she has some issues. In away though I think her issues are obviously so severe that she would never be able to push past them at home. We'll see if she is able to do it on the ranch. And you know her friend was going to kick her ass if she came home the first week!

And I'm with you... after last season and vehemently hating half the contestants it is nice to actually like and route for almost all of them!

Mrs Furious said...

Funny, I was actually thinking that since there were several new readers I should probably address that stuff! This blog actually started as a diet blog about a year and half ago. I lost about 70 pounds (some of it postpartum weight) in a year and then have kept it off for another year! So I'm not trying to lose weight as much as trying to maintain... which for me relies heavily on exercise to offset my sweet tooth... which is now a serious challenge. I weight less now than I even did in highschool... so it's work.

Heather said...

Agreed. When Ali teared up? When Dan finished the hike? When he ran at 7 mph? I mean, it was freaking awesome. I heart Dan, seriously seriously seriously. That boy has so much heart. But Jerry, I mean he could barely move off that scale --did you see that? I gasped when I saw how much he lost at home. Freaking awesome.

I love Bob for getting so mad at Joelle. She's got a wicked self-sabotaging streak (hello pot, this is the kettle calling!).

Chrissy said...

ahhhh...her name is Joelle, not Joleen. So much for listening to my 8 year old as I gave her the recap this morning (she only watches 30 minutes and then head's off to bed). She told me her name was Joleen....better consider the source!

When Ali teared up so did I! And when Dan weighed in and was below the yellow line I thought that everyone would just beat the crap our of Joelle just because they could. I agree, she has some serious issues that need to be taken care of that she probably uses food to mask. She'll be the person that loses weight and gains it all back because she didn't deal with the underlying problems.

I hope she got the big picture after this weigh-in and steps up going forward.

Don't mean to hog your comments!

Mrs Furious said...

Even Mr F couldn't look away from last nights episode.

I think she might be so messed up she won't be able to lose enough to stay another week... you can tell the other contestants were chomping at the bit to kick her off!

I have a feeling Ali will be crying a lot more than usual... it's probably much harder to hold it together with all the pregnancy hormones!

Renee said...

Holy shit Mrs. F....pardon my language...but having had the privilage to meet you in person I cannot believe that less than a year and half ago you lost 70 pounds...that is truly amazing and I am in should be incredibly proud of yourself because that is quite an accomplishment..I'm pissed the video was removed because I NEED MORE INFO :) I missed BL last night and now I'm bummed because it sounds like it was a great show....

carrie said...

lol that Mr F couldn't look away. Last night was the first time EVER Hubby watched BL with me...and he liked it!

Miss Theresa said...

I'm with you...I though last night's episode was awesome! I was wondering how long Bob was going to put up with Joelle's excuses, especially since he has other people who want and need his help! I got a kick out of Jillian's reaction to Bob's meltdown too. She just couldn't help but grin! I personally think that Joelle should be gone, gone, gone!!!

And kudos to Jerry and Estelle for doing it at home! I think they both look great!

I think season is going to be an awesome one!

Mrs Furious said...

Mr F doesn't normally watch it either... but who could not get sucked into the Bob meltdown?!!

searchingfortruth said...

first let me say that I'm pretty new to your blog but I have taken the time to read and watch your videos and i just want to tell you that I love it...

the bl was wonderful last night i was so into it that i could not take my eyes away. i also thought that bob was going to go postal on joelle. i cant wait until next week.

Mrs Furious said...

Miss Theresa,
I too was totally loving Jillian's reaction... it was priceless!

Thank you and welcome! :)

Feener said...

every MINUTE of the show rocked it. i can't get enough of it. they could have a 24 hour channel and i would watch it.

Mrs Furious said...

That is hilarious. Kid & I are actually watching it again right now... so... yeah... I'm with you.

Amy said...

Hey there! Liz sent me the link to your blog. I'll definitely spend some time reading back through it.

I wish I could say I've lost 70lbs. I'm actually at the beginning of that journey.

I love BL too. I blog about it every week and am actually hosting a BL contest on my blog now through March 7.

The link to the contest is

Mrs Furious said...

Hey! I'm not sure if folks will come back to this post... I'll give your contest a link next week as I am sure to blog about BL after the show!

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