Monday, January 12, 2009

First Nude Schools And Now...

"Only two more days and then NudeFest!" Kid announces excitedly.

"What's NudeFest?" Mrs F asks cautiously.

"After swimming we take off our suits and go NUDE into the washers!" Kid explains.

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Marie said...

LOL..NudeFest 2009!! Well, at least you know your tuition is going to good things... ;-) What could be better than swimming, then NudeFest??

And really..NudeFest?? Where does she come up with these things?!?!
(and could I write NudeFest one more time, because it just cracks me up!)

Haley said...


Mrs Furious said...

when it's nude time... aka... as soon as she gets home from school and strips down... she calls that "nudeville".

I wonder if all the kids are as excited about NudeFest or if it's just Kid? I also think it is hilarious that she calls the showers "washers".

Gigs said...

Next it will be Nude-o-palooza! Sigh, I miss those days with my kids. Ah, for them to be young and completely uninhibited again...

Mrs Furious said...

It is very interesting... Mr F and I just had *words* about our different approach to her nudity. Basically I told him he needed to stand down... she'll feel badly and inadequate soon enough without our making her feel that nudity is wrong now. I might have to post about it!

Renee said...

Oh I just love Kid and the things she says! I bet my husband wishes I could be as comfortable in the nude as Kid...there will be no NudeFest at this house least not for the Mom, that is :)

Robin said...


I'd love a post about your take on the nude thing. Both my kids love being naked and are completely uninhibited. I always wonder when they will become self conscious. Not anytime soon, from what I can tell. My mom gets aggravated that I think it's cute (they are 4 and 2 for crying out loud,) and tells me I have to teach them modisty. I just roll my eyes and tell her I will adress it if they are still prancing around naked in their teens.

Torey said...

Haha. I'm pretty sure N wants me to feel the same way Kid does too!

There is nothing wrong with being nude, and enjoying it! It's not like she's being a perv, she's just enjoying the freedom.

Mrs Furious said...

You and me both... I'm practically a "never nude" ;)

I'm going to do it. I've had to think about it a lot since she's a nudist!

Totally... she just hates clothes and always has. As soon as she gets home she is clothes free. She won't even wear socks to school in the winter... she really hates clothes and seams, etc.

Andrea said...

this post made me smile with her nudefest 2009 I needed that for sure and look forward to your post about nudity I have a little nudist myself and I think its fine other extended family members not so much!

Melissa said...

Oh, my! I don't think there will be a nudefest at my house, but I am quite certain that some $150/hr. will benefit from my nude party embargo!

Mrs Furious said...


I will say I was surprised that the school didn't address the way the swimming lessons, showering, and dressing were going to be done. My initial reaction was to be uncomfortable but then I decided they were still young enough to be comfortable with themselves and to think of being naked as normal and that I shouldn't worry. My first worry was actually that Kid might compare herself to others... I guess that tells you what my issues are! ;)

I will say trying to decide what/when the nudist boundaries need to be set up has been difficult since she hasn't "grown out of it". My worry now is trying to balance what people think with not wanting her to start feeling her body or nakedness is wrong. It's one thing to keep a normal kid dressed and then this whole issue might never come up... but Kid is so drawn to being naked that it is hard to explain why she must wear clothes. It's been thought provoking.

katieo said...

Nudeville? hilarious. And I love that she called them washers. Luke does the same thing ("Washers" really does make more sense when you think about it.)

My boys love being naked. But there is a point where I'm like Dudes. No more penises. I am your mother and you SHALL BE CLOTHED. That said, at least 2 out of the three are down to their underwear by 5 o'clock and I really don't care.

But I wonder if it's different for girls, I could totally get wanting a daughter to just feel ok in their skin and have a positive body image. I don't feel that pressure at all with my boys... I just assume their natural state is naked so that's where they will always prefer to be. (when they ask why they have to wear clothes when other people come over I'm like, "because every one else is like Mommy. They don't enjoy a triple mooning.")

katieo said...

One more thing:
I had a furious flashback just now that made me laugh out loud. Remember Mr. F holding you in baby's sling? Am I imagining that? Isn't that really the answer to your tailbone woes?

Mrs Furious said...

oh yeah if we had boys it wouldn't have ever crossed my mind that I could give them a body complex. I mean Kid and the orifices... yowza sometimes I have to say "I don't really want to look in your butt hole thanks" Household gymnastics and nudity can get pretty up close and personal sometimes!

And no you're not imagining THINGS
Who knew so many people have watched that video?!!!! Yikes!

Kiki said...

Okay tell Kid to hold onto her hat because I might have the answer to her prayers...there is a 'Christian Nudist' group here at the sister went to high school with a guy who's parents were involved in it.

Not so neck and neck for fourth're pulling ahead...can you feel the love!!!

I have been walking on my treadmill like a fiend...intervals and all!!! You'd be proud!!

Take care of yourself, I am so glad that you are starting to turn a corner on the pain...been hoping for that!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I am proud of you... and happy for you!

I'm so excited about the voting. Yes I can feel it!!

nude Christians... hmm... that's kind of combining all her loves into one.

Kiki said...

It's funny right??? I thought I'd have to mention it after all her fascination with religion in general and the ahem, nude bit. So funny!!

Kiki said...

Going to walk now...I walked this morning already for 70 minutes/3 miles!!!

Renee said...

OMG-that video of Mr. F holding you in the baby sling is the funniest thing I have ever seen! I think that should be sent to the maker of the baby sling for advertising purposes..thanks for the good laugh!!!!!

Lori said...

Mrs F!
Your in a close second right now. It's still early in the day!
We need those votes to pour in NOW! Come on People let's give Mrs. F a solid lead!!!
Good Luck!

Jennifer said...

Well, my son started to get modest around ... I would say 8. Its funny, just one day he started to freak out on me. lol

My son would hide and jump out buck ass naked and shout

"NUDEY MAN" with his arms making muscles. Oy

Gigs said...

We always had the traditional "naked time" after baths each night. Those were the good old days... My youngest still couldn't care less about clothes, but my oldest has finally given way to modesty. Of course, he's 12!

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