Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's All Yours For The Taking

You might not have won my giveaway but you can still get something for stopping by everyday.

Hop over HERE and you can download Suze Orman's latest financial book for free.

Now I'll admit I haven't ever made it through one of her books... but... hey it's free and I saw her lay out her action plan on Oprah last week and I thought it made sense and was doable.


Me, Myself and I said...

Mrs. F - You rock! Thanks for the great link.

Mrs Furious said...

It is my pleasure.

At least my ever increasing hours spent watching TV is starting to pay off! ;)

Slick Willie said...

congrats to you, your blog, you and your blog being nominated and you and your blog finishing 4th. all of which are very positive things... see ya

s potter thomas said...

I saw that episode too and thought about downloading it but didn't know how long it would be or how much ink it would use. I guess it doesn't matter I need help and her plan seemed as you said doable!
Thanks for reminding me and getting us the link! I will download it!
Have you seen the website "Etsy"? It is for all handmade goods. I am going to set up a shop because I make jewelry (Beaded, with swarovski crystals, sterling silver and freshwater pearls. Along with colored turquoise and other semi precious gems (and also seed beads it depends!) I currently sell my bracelets and earrings in the mall on a kiosk (on consignment). Anyway I think you could set up a shop and sell some of your stuff! I also make and sell cookies and banana bread (that is awesome!)(my cookies are awesome too! I make peanut butter cookies and I have friends and neighbors who say they are like drugs because you can't stop eating them! My butt and thighs agree!) I plan on selling those things plus I crochet scarfs and little flowers and sew muslin dolls and embroider pillows and ornaments and I use my kids art to make cards that are blank inside. Also I have a huge collections of stampin up stamps, inks and papers. (I sold it for a while and was my biggest customer!) And I just bought a "Cricket"!
Sooo... I think you could sell your items on this site! Sounds like your carmel corn is very yummy, you ought to sell that as one of your products! This could be a help! I am hoping it will work for me! We have lost a-lot of money in our 401k and also have 2 kids in college! Also we live in California and our house isn't worth what we owe on it! It's really crappy in C.A. right now Arnold just said we are under a "State of Emergency"! Really Arnold? He has been a major disappointment to me at least because he promised all this money for the schools and he has cut so much funding for the schools it isn't even funny! Anyway what do you think? It is Maybe you already know about it? I didn't and I am really excited about making my shop! Sorry about taking up so much space! Let me know what you think.

Renee said...

Thanks a bunch...I can use all the help I can get in the financial dept. and you are will last a lot longer than the caramel corn !!! :)

Christy said...

THANKS! I have had a financial planner computer thing (see I don't even know what it's called!) of hers for 2 years and have yet to do anything with it.

Mrs Furious said...

Slick Willie,
Thank you!

Renee & Christy,
I'm actually watching the Oprah & Suze webcast... it's also worth watching. If you missed it tonight you can download it tomorrow.

I have also recently discovered Etsy and a couple other readers were also encouraging me to do it. I would love to hear how easy it is to set up when you do it! Let me know! I'm thinking about it as well... but I'll have to wait a bit until I can comfortably sit and sew again. Keep me updated.

Anonymous said...

Raymi blogs about one of your commenters:

(don't shoot the messenger!)

Staci said...

I missed the free download. :(

Mrs Furious said...

What is funny is that she's reading my blog. I had only been to hers the one first day to see what everyone's was like.
Also it is just so obvious how sensitive she is and I kind of feel badly that for someone who did win and is successful with her own blog that she is still upset if people don't like or get her blog.
And hey I'm all over the internet my own self ;)

Shoot. Go watch the webcast.

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