Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Does Anyone Else Hate Helen?

My heart was breaking for Shannon in the elimination room. She obviously wanted to stay. And should have.


Bi0nicw0man said...

I watched this season of BL for the first time last night...and yup, that was totally bizarre. I'm actually surprised that the other contestants went for it...thought they would send the mom home.

I fell in LOVE with the brown team about 2 minutes into the show.

Claire said...

I thought they were going to send Mom home too - but then when they started revealing I knew they were all playing the game - no matter what they say. She really should have stayed and I can't believe Helen let her do it.

P/F said...

Thank you, Mrs. F! Shannon definitely would have had such a powerful experience there without her mother, but I think Helen was too selfish to let her daughter have the chance.

Yeah, we all remember seeing how p*ssed Helen was at her daughter for 'making' her lose her balance during last weeks challenge.

You said it way better than I did on my blog.

Feener said...

it was interesting to say the least. but i would have probably done that for my mom as well.

Marie said... a mom I would have been devastated if they sent my dd home and kept me. I gotta say, I am LOVING this season! With all the teams helping the brown team dad up the hill, and with them voting AGAINST Bobs advice and sending the new dad home to see his family.. it seems so much more compassionate and less cut-throat bitchy..kwim?

Mrs Furious said...

Yes I know what you mean. ;)
This has been the most compassionate group yet.

Yes I was sorry to see them all go along. I think they had pause but since Shannon wouldn't say to them to keep her it was easy for them to make a good game play decision and send her home.

Oh this is a good season.

"Shannon definitely would have had such a powerful experience there without her mother, but I think Helen was too selfish to let her daughter have the chance."
Agreed. I kind of feel that in the partnerships where one person went home for the 30 days it would only be fair to let that person stay and make up the time... or at least want for them to stay and make up the time they missed. Helen is playing the game. Which is stupid since she has no chance of actually being the biggest loser.

yes... but would your mom have wanted you too? that is the question

Robin said...

I just saw this!!

I can't believe Helen did that. What kind of Mom can't see what is best for their kid and not want what is best for their kid? Such a selfish woman.

I, too, am loving this season. I love how they interact and help each other, and I was thrilled that they went against Bob last week.

Amy said...

I've never really liked the pink team. As a mother, I totally would have given my daughter that spot. Especially considering that Shanon had already gone back home once. I speculated on my blog that maybe she had to go back home for some court appearance or community service related to the flour throwing incident.

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