Saturday, February 21, 2009


It turns out my niece is a vegetarian. So my meal plan is out and I'm struggling to reinvent everything without having to spend more money. We'll see.

I'm also struggling with the impulse to *splurge* while she is here... you know... cinnamon rolls from the corner, chinese food buffet, indoor rock climbing.

How much sleep did you all get last night? How much do you think you get in general?
I need more sleep. I was having an awesome dream about living in an apartment in Venice when someone woke me up this morning...

I got my new Tivo receiver for the basement (yay!) so hopefully I'll be back working out before the weekend is up. I really want to get back in the shape I was in last year. It will, obviously, be a slow road for me but I'm determined to stick with it.

We're off to the hands on museum to see what 1,000,000.00 looks like.

I'm currently reading 3 financial books and looking into ING saving accounts... all the frugal peeps are doin' it.

Two months of strict food budgeting... one month with a big monthly stock up and one month without. The verdict is in and it was much easier and cheaper to have the house stocked.

Pizza dough recipe to come... with step by step photos for how to take your dough from sticky goo to pizza party. But if you can't wait for it... I adapted it from THIS one. Keep in mind I have several changes... no MSG for one... and that recipe makes WAY more dough than you need for one 9 x 13 pizza... you can easily make two. And you do not need a bread machine to make it.

Does anyone live in Vancouver? We like to think it rocks there.

I'll leave you with this....

"It looks like a tornado went through there." Mrs F remarks to Kid after surveying the living room.

"It did. A tornado hit." Kid explains.

Oh... in that case... awesome creative play... carry on.


Haley said...

I love my ING accounts -- I have my own little Freedom Fund, and then Adam and I started one together to save for a house downpayment (which should happen in...oh...60 years or so at the rate we save...).

Their interest rate was killer when I started (somewhere in the 4's) but they've had to cut their rate pretty regularly over the past few months so now it's like 1.85 or something -- still better than most places though.

I sent you a referral link in case you don't already have one, so you can get a little extra cashola (as can I). :)

Mrs Furious said...

" so you can get a little extra cashola (as can I)"
Done my friend.

SV said...

I don't live in Vancouver - but it's an awesome city. It's got this amazing combination of urbanenss (not sure on my spelling there) with a granola kick.

As far as Canadian cities go though - cost of living is pretty high.


p.s. not sure if I've commented before, but recently discovered your blog through Bionic!

Elizabeth said...

sleep, I get from 6-9 hours depending on if I'm "good" and go to bed "on time" I'm not happy unless I get 8-9, but it's a struggle to fall asleep before 11pm so...

I sleep 9-11 on the weekends though. It's totally wacky, I know all the sleep people say to get a consistant ammount, but I just can't!

I want to live in an apartment in Venice!! Any time you're ready to go, I'll meet you at the airport!

The tornado thing is really funny, because one of the hard and fast rules growing up was "no tornadoing" which meant that you had to clean one room before messing up another. I don't remember when this was instituted but it was pretty early. I've always thought it was a pretty reasonable rule.

wootini said...

ooh can't wait for the pizza dough recipe... looking for a way to have cheaper pizza on Friday nights! Great tornado, Kid.

wootini said...
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Torey said...

We spent a week in Vancouver and it was awesome. It was very much like Ann Arbor, but even cooler. Just, better. And great things for kids to do.

Enjoy having your Niece there!

Robin said...

I love reading your random thoughts.

I made your bread recipe today. It is so tasty!! Any tips on cutting straight, even slices? I imagine I will get better with practice, but I was hoping maybe you had some badass technique you could share.

I'm excited about the forthcoming pizze dough recipe.

Missives From Suburbia said...

"...awesome creative play" -- amen.

Mrs Furious said...

practice makes perfect (ish) in this department. But King Arthur used to sell a bread slicing guide in a bread storage container. I've been thinking of getting it since we are committed to making ours now. Of course I just searched their site and they don't sell it anymore... just a storage container. I'll keep my eyes out. I did just find a TON of bread slicing guides on ebay.

If I go I'll call you first!
And... I can't enforce the no tornado-ing rule since I can't manage to follow it!! ;)


I told the teacher that she could expect to find my house in complete disarray every afternoon when they came to pick up their baby next fall.. because my kids play with their toys. They totally dug it.

Mr Furious said...

Kid wasn't being facetious. If you look closely, she had set up all the wooden figures in a carefully-crafted prairie scenario and actually had them go through a tornado.

She's a riot.

Mrs Furious said...

I missed you comment. sorry!
I had a feeling it was going to be expensive.

Randi said...

ING rocks. Do it. So easy. No fees (in Canada), POSITIVE interest rate (just a saving account, money in and out whenever is giving me 2.5%)

Randi said...

oh, and Vancouver? WAY expensive. Very pretty though.

P.O.M. said...

I love my ING too. Of course the rates have dropped like hot cakes, but that is my little nest egg - it's so easy to do and transfer little extra's when I have it.

Vancouver is such a cool fun city. I'm assuming you mean canada, right? I've been about 4 times and just love it. It's like a big city but not hustle bustley - and i have had very good luck with the men there. *sighhhhhhhhhhh
Going back in August!

Mrs Furious said...

"and i have had very good luck with the men there."
If Mr F can't get me the hell out of here soon that is something for me to keep in mind. Hopefully they like moms ;)

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