Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mrs F Looks Toward The Future


P/F said...

Feeling a bit similar, how long can I really still blame the weather for my funk and general lack of spirit?

I've almost convinced my husband to travel to Mt. Rushmore for a mini vacation this summer - might even make it there for July 3 fireworks - it's also a way to scope out Madison WI as a future home (because I guess MI winters aren't long enough for me).

julie said...

I have been feeling so similar, too. I have not blogged in weeks because I just don't feel particularly passionate about anything, too. I have been feeling disconnected and a bit lonely in my little world. I don't know if it is winter or what. Probably a combination of everything.

I didn't even think of it as an actual vision thing, but I have been saying to myself that I have to put it down on paper the things I want in life (and I don't mean "stuff.") I was going to blog about that when I did it.

It is usually around this time of year that I start planning for summer. That usually takes up a lot of time on the web and gives me something to look forward to. We never do anything extravagent, but it is fun to plan a few mini-trips. But because of the financial climate--our own and the world's--I just don't feel like we can spend any money on something like that.

Okay, perhaps I should get on my blog and do some writing as I have so much more talk about. I just don't feel like writing all negative, downer stuff and I am sick of trying to put on the rah-rah show and then not following through.

Good luck to you, Mrs. F. We'll get through this:)

Staci said...

Shoot, I was hoping to get a peak at BABY RED. :)

Anyway, I understand the disconnect with your life. I had it too. Mine was basicly because I was a SAHM for so long & then BAM...everyone was gone to school all day. For 3-4 years after they were in school all day I volunteered about 3-4 days a week in the school. Then I started subbing for the paraprofessionals (classroom helpers). I did that for2 years. Just going through the motions.

I had no goals for myself (except the obvious...a healthy happy family). No passion for anything.

The only time I ever felt ALIVE was when I worked out. I also love helping others. My sister actually suggested I get certified as a personal trainer. It never even occured to me to follow my passion until that day.

So, here I am almost 2 years later. I've met some great women & I never realized just HOW MUCH supporting & helping other women with their goals would fulfill my own life. It's so rewarding.

I hope you find something that drives you daily. YOUR PASSION.

I love the vision board idea. Good luck to you! :)

(sorry for the novel...just wanted you to know you aren't alone in your feelings) :)

Robin said...

Must be something in the air. I've been feeling like I am just going through the motions as well. Kind of like, "is this it?"

I was just telling HLH last week that I was thinking about doing a vision board. I just can't figure out where to put it becuase it's kind of private, you know?

Mrs Furious said...

Ah we looked at moving to Madison. Still would if the chance came up again.

please blog about it :)

Thanks for sharing your story. I really do want to find that thing that I find inspirational all the time.

I'm just going to use the bulletin board by my desk. I want it to be in a place that I'll see all the time. I'm trying to get Mr F to one... that'll never happen though.

Heather said...

I'm doing one too. I'm going to bring it into the office and sit it out of sight (so only I can see it).

Haley said...

This reminds me of something I heard someone say about worrying -- that it's basically praying for the worst to happen by sending all that negative energy out into the world. A vision board seems like a positive way to combat that -- a source of positive energy. Love it. Might have to direct my craftiness towards one of my own...

Marie said...

Feeling lost...check. Overwhelmed w/ stuff I should be doing, but no drive to do anything...check. Getting quite depressed over winter and ready for summer...check. I've been feeling really "on edge" and short-tempered, but can't quite figure out why..have a hundred "things" to do (clean house, laundry, etc..) but no real drive to do anything. Kinda just feel like I'm "existing" right now. I think its the "winter blues" over here, and I CANNOT WAIT for summer...just to go to the park for a few hours, enjoy the sun, play in the sprinkler, let the kids run around and play rather than being cooped up.

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