Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Gift Box... The Details (Gooddog you've been warned)

Okie Dokie I've been super busy today.

I'm really excited about this idea...
When I saw these snap apart egg cartons I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.

What's inside?...

Hand dyed playdough of course.
(Total cost about $1)

Ever since I worked at a chocolate shop in highschool I've wanted to recreate their jelly bean carrot. The bag is a plastic piping bag (I just happen to have hundreds of them lying around... you can get them at Michael's). The hardest part was finding orange Jelly Belly's.

(Total cost about $1.75 for 1/4 pound of Jelly Belly's)

Here is my Easter take on the Christmas White Chocolate Dipped Oreos...

I'm sending a half dozen plain rice krispie treat eggs and a half dozen dipped in White Chocolate and sprinkles.
(Total cost for 2 dozen about $6 but you'll have leftover cereal, white chips (I used half a bag) and sprinkles.)

Of course the box wouldn't be complete without these little guys...

(Total cost about $4 for 3 dozen cookies)

I also found these (rabbit shaped sidewalk chalk) at Target on sale and had to have them!

(Total cost $1.50)

You can get the playdough and sugar cookie recipes HERE. The rice krispie treats are literally just topped with melted white chocolate chips and sprinkles.


julie said...

Ever since I worked at a chocolate shop in highschool I've wanted to recreate their jelly bean carrot. You always make me smile. Thanks:)

This all looks so fantastic. You have such a talent.

northerngurl said...

Love the carrot!

hicktowndiva said...

Love it! So jealous of the person who is getting this fab stuff!

Nutmeg said...

Love it and now I'm starving and want rice crispy treats and jelly beans.

Mrs Furious said...

The rice krispie treats are RIDICULOUS. So freaking good it's crazy.

Thanks :)

It's not the most economical thing but too cute to not do!

I'm sorry... next time (hopefully...)

make the rice krispie treats... you will not be disappointed!!!

Kiki said...

So freaking cute, all of it....gooddog should change her name to "luckydog"!!!

Preppy Mama said...

Super cute!! You never disappoint Mrs. F!!!

gooddog said...

I skipped to the end so all i saw were those bunnies...can not freakin wait. I have been telling everyone I know!

Gooddog IS the luckiest dog Kiki, you're right :)

On a side note, Gooddog's family got their first ever real dog yesterday. Hubby's been asking for 10 years and I felt like with my avatar....So, now I can go by "gooddog" legitimately. Or, by "Otis".

Thanks in advance Mrs. F! You made my spring :)

Robin said...


midge said...

Mrs F -

I wondered if you would provide me Mr F's email address? Marc is doing some research and I wondered if Mr F might be able to assist (regarding adult ADHD).

Sorry to post a comment unrelated to your basket. Which looks delicious by the way!


Mrs Furious said...

Sure thing. Matt at voltagedesign dot com

midge said...

Thanks Mrs F!


nice box of goodies for gooddog...maybe gooddog will share. ;)

Shannon - said...

SO FANTASTIC! I am constantly amazed by your resourcefulness and amazing crafting abilities ;)


Thanks for the ideas -- maybe i'll get inspired and attempt a few of them ;)

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