Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crimpin' My Style

I got a call to pick Kid up from school.

Just a sore throat and possibly a fever.

It's not like Kid to not want to be at school... plus when they call... you don't really have any room to question it.

So I got her.

I'm not sure what is up with her but she is NOT sick.


Haley said...

Threaten to make her gargle with salt water, and see how fast she "recovers." :)

Mrs Furious said...

hmmm.... I like it ;)

BsOnlyToots said...

LOL I pull out the good ole NASTY tasting meds, and then they suddenly feel better! lol

katieo said...

Ha! One time I got a call from Luke (at school) that "his sneezes were REALLY bad. Like, three times IN A ROW."

P/F said...

I've gotten the call from the school that my kid needed to come home sick, picked them up and they were bouncing off the walls in a way that shows they're so not sick. Grrr.

...Worse is when son told me he wasn't feeling good, and I was so unsympathetic - sure he was faking it - until he spent the next six hours in the bathroom vomiting. Mother of the year right here.

Mrs Furious said...

that's hilarious

Oh God I did wrestle her to the ground and make her take some.
she is such a baby about the medicine taste but seriously if you are going to complain about your throat for 5 straight hours you are going to take something!

you are not the only one who has misjudged the severity of sickness ;)

michelline said...

Tori used to pull this on us all the time. Like 3 times in one week! So now... I make her come home and go straight into bed without any TV or reading. If she's too "sick" for school, then she's too sick for recreation. This of course if out when I can tell she is really sick. Then she can do whatever she wants - watch TV, read, go on the computer, etc. How sick she is is directly proportional to how much time she wants to spend on recreation :)

Mrs Furious said...

good idea... the first thing she did was demand TV.

And this morning she got ready for school then right when it was time to go she was found nude watching TV *because she didn't feel well*. She went to school.

Kelly said...

mykaela pulled this on me, and I have actually let her stay home when she wasn't sick. Then I refused to let her get out of bed. I wouldn't let her eat anything but chicken broth. She doesn't fake sick anymore :)

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