Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This Week The Plan

I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off (and sadly I do know exactly what that looks like... thanks Mom).

We've been debating (over and over and OVER again) about our New York/PA trip for the week after Easter. It has been a stressful and difficult decision. When your money is so tight it is really hard to make big ticket decisions. Is it worth it? What if something happens? I keep having Suze Orman's voice in my head yelling "Denied!". And know that, truthfully, we can't afford it. However it is one of those things we can't afford to miss either. I think it is very important to see my grandmother, who has been back in and out of the hospital) and I don't want to miss out on wedding dress shopping with my friend. Because we live in different states I just can't attend all the wedding functions and felt that this was the one worth making it out for. But, nonetheless, the financial stress has been needling me all week. It's just hard once you get in a super low budget zone to stomach going over it.

On other fronts I've been pretty lazy getting things out for Easter. I brought up the bin yesterday to occupy the girls while I got my gift box stuff together. And.... they pretty much destroyed the house. There are bits of Easter grass and whatnot ALL over. I should probably be cleaning...

Okay onto this week!


Sunday - Sauteed Chicken breasts, pan fried potates & asparagus

Monday - Tortellini w/ peas & bacon

Tuesday - Cornflake Crusted Fish Sticks, Mixed Vegetables, Rice

Wednesday - Black Bean & Turkey Tacos w/ avocado

Thursday - Shrimp Scampi w/ linguine & sauteed broccoli

Friday - Pizza & Salad

Saturday - Quesadillas

Diet & Exercise:
I'm just focusing on trying to workout everyday. With Mr F's work schedule that usually means I have to miss 2 nights a week.. but I feel pretty good about 5 days a week. Still waiting to get my pilates reformer set back up! I'm going back (yet again) to food journaling. I have a goal and I'm staying focused on that.

Chores & Errands:

Sunday - grocery shopping

Monday - baking/ gift box making

Tuesday - Clean kitchen, Call about dog grooming, get haircut

Wednesday - Clean living room, vacuum

Thursday - Clean girls room (UGH), Target returns!!

Friday - Laundry

Saturday - pack

Need A Lift?
Okay this is the part where you all tell me if there is something going on in your life that you need some extra positive thoughts and energy to go to. Please tell me what your desired outcome is.


Me, Myself and I said...

I totally have been slacking in the blogging & commenting department. Lots of excuses...none worthy enough...

I find that I need to start jump starting my weight journey downhill.... have had two people ask me recently if I am pregnant. Nope, nada...that factory is closed for business!!! Just fat, thank you!!! So some good thoughts that way would be helpful.

Easter boxes ROCK!!!



Mrs F!!!

Thanks for being there for us all!
Oh, btw...evidently we have the same first name....I feel special now!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Me, Myself and I,
"evidently we have the same first name"
Really?! Oh that's cool. You must be right about my age. It definitely lost it's popularity.

And I will give you weight loss energy!

julie said...

Go make your trip to NY and PA and try to get over the guilt/worry. Just make the most of the trip. Really be present. Your grandmother may not be here for the next trip (sorry:( ) and the dress shopping thing is such a great way to spend quality time with your friend. You never really get to hang out that much at the wedding "events" in the same way as something like dress shopping.

PS I need a serious kick in the ass regarding the whole weight loss thing. So could you send me an ass-kicking please? Thanks.

Nutmeg said...

Of all the events related to my wedding the one I had the MOST fun with was getting my dress. It's not STRESSFUL at all. It's just FUN!

It's a good gift to give to your friend.

And visiting your grandmother is a good gift to give yourself, and your kids.

Have a good trip, Mrs. F and family.

Elizabeth said...

I've had a crappy cold since last week.

I thought I was better, but nearly fell over at work and came home


Also, so many projects to do before the end of the month (When I'm done here for the year, and off on some travels before my summer job)

Do you have a particular area you'd like some energy sent in return? (Once my energy isn't all clogged with germs that is. Psychic germs)

Komal said...

if you are in NY (which I hope you are) i would love to meet up if you have time!

Mrs Furious said...

Yes that's what I'm trying to do. Make the decision and then just let it go and enjoy it.
Don't you want to food journal with me? ;) I've been really lacking the motivation my own self. But I want to look awesome at the wedding!

I agree... that's why I wanted to do the wedding dress shopping. It is just fun. I can't afford to go in for all the events and thought this was the most memorable one to have someone with you at.

I'm sorry your so sick. Healing vibes sent with energy vibes coming your way!

I just need to presence of mind to make the best school decision for Kid.

I will email you. We haven't hammered down our days and schedule yet. You're in White Plains?

Komal said...

Just let me know if you have some free time...yes, we live in white plains, but one of my offices is in the city..so i am there half of the week:)

Kelly said...

I know just how you feel about the easter grass. I debated back and forth about whether to buy it this year, but Easter's not the same without it. However, I did find out that they now make edible grass. My guess is that you won't find that kind hiding all over the house months from now. Its from Germany and they sell it at Walmart. Only problem is, I dont know what it tastes like.

michelline said...

I desperately need a lift. We have an Easter Party this weekend and we have RSVPs for 56 kids and 52 adults. Which is great and all, but because work has been so stressful lately, I'm unable to take any of the time I need to do everything. this is Thursday. The party is Saturday. And I still need to stuff 600 plastic eggs. Create/Fill 60 Easter baskets. Order two spiral sliced hams. Make 2 bunny cakes. Make and decorate 48 Peepcakes (cupcakes with peeps on top). Make mac and cheese. Make 9 dozen devilled eggs. Plus finish the yard decorations, etc. I'm going nuts. So far this week I've worked 40 hours already, baked Libby a birthday cake to take to school, attended her baseball game, had relatives come from out of state to stay with me... I'm about out of any energy I may have thought of having.

OK - So now I'm whining. But I actually feel better just typing this out! Sorry to unload on you guys, but I can sure use a hug. Even if it's virtual :)

michelline said...

Re the Easter grass thing - for my girls, we use cotton balls and call them bunny tails :)

Mrs Furious said...

Wow that is a LOT. I'm anxious just reading that. I'm sure you'll get it all done (somehow) and know you'll enjoy your party!
Bunny tails... cute!

I saw some edible Easter grass at Target... I looked at that and could just imagine Baby getting it *moist* and then leaving it behind in the most disgusting sticky mess of ALL TIME. She's not old enough for that much edible stuff.

Mrs Furious said...

I will let you know. Things might be tight this visit but I will try!

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