Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Can Play That Game Too

Have you ever just had a completely unexpected wave of moody sullenness sweep over you? No identifiable cause but you feel an intense negativity that you can't shake?

That just happened to me.

And no I'm not getting my period.

The only thing that I can think of is the impromptu play date Kid had with our neighbor girl (aka my nemesis). You know how sometimes you just hate a kid? I know no one likes to say it... but kids are just people too... and sometimes people just don't get along. This girl grates my nerves like no other. (It is exceedingly unfortunate that she lives right NEXT to us... and that she is more or less Kid's age)

The neighbor girl is one year older than Kid. She is also a royal pain in the ass. And it's not just her ridiculously squeaky voice. It's the way she talks to me like I'm her freaking peer. It's how bossy and condescending she is to Kid. How she demands drinks and snacks (go next door and eat your own damn food you crazy moocher!). But most annoyingly she's just a plain old snob and an all around bad influence on our PRECIOUS ANGEL.

After a conversation wherein she bragged that she'd been to NYC Kid shared that she had been there to. Neighbor girl, who does not like to be one upped, called to me from the yard...

"Um, Rachel? (I also hate that) Did Ruby go to New York City?" She asked me.

Oh I can see where this is going...

"Yep. Didn't you ask Ruby?" I challenged her.

"Yeah..." She replied.

"You didn't believe her?" I offered.

"ehhh.." She muttered.

"Ruby doesn't tend to lie; in fact she's been to New York several times." I said

and then called over my shoulder...

"We're from there."

Ha! Top that you little %&^*$.


Christy said...

hehe - I had a winning moment this past weekend when,after my 10yo niece put ice down Mia's (4) swimsuit and she cried, I got 2 handfuls of ice and put it down hers.
Yeah, I'm 12.

A♥ said...

Ugh! I feel your pain. I have a sister who is quite younger than me and when we were all still living at my parents house, she had a tendency to make friends with all the annoying kids on the street! Actually, annoying isn't the right word... Batshit crazy would be more appropriate. These kids would come over to our house (uninvited) all the time, let themselves in, help themselves to things in the kitchen, and leave. And then there were the problem cases down the road whose house the cops were always outside... So glad she grew up and I moved out. lol.

lucinda said...

Remember the girl in second grade that I made you play with, the one nobody liked but I made you have her over for a playdate? Remember how afterwards I told you you never had to play with her again? I still remember that playdate.

Haley said...

That kid had it coming. I used to attract the annoying alpha kids when I was Kid's age, and had my mom zinged one of them when they were being mean to me and I was too shy/dumbfounded by their rudeness to respond, I would have LOVED it. :)

Hope your negative mood starts to lift soon!

katieo said...

oh yeah, there are totally kids in the neighborhood on my bad list. Like the one who comes over my house and no matter how clean it is, he says every time, "whoa. messy house."

I try not to take it too seriously because I know his mom is neurotically clean (cleans all day, every day) so he is coming from a ridiculously high standard.

but still. it bugs.

next time I'm going to hand him a broom.

Mrs Furious said...


A heart,
Yeah I'm not so much into the uninvited. It puts you on the defensive right at the get go ;)

fortunately I don't really. She was a brat. Didn't you make me go to her house too?

Kid totally attracts the Alpha kids and she kind of thinks they are fun but at the same time they are always putting her down. She seems to just let it roll off her back but it pisses me off.

Feeling better today but something really wonky is going on with my weight and I can't figure it out. This is the 2nd month in a row where I am gaining weight mid cycle which isn't normal for me. It's hard for me to see the big picture right now.

I hate when kids have that precociousness that allows them to say whatever is on their mind around adults. I was talking with Matt about it and I would NEVER have spoken to an adult except when absolutely necessary. It's hard for me to imagine being a parent and encouraging my kids to voice a negative opinion to other adults. Not to sound totally crazy and conservative and of course I've got a shy kid but still it just rubs me the wrong way. I mean it's not polite.
Definitely give him a broom.
Of course I'd feel like saying "Oh yeah we are just SO busy having fun and playing all the time that things get a bit messy."

Supermom said...

OMG! I am so glad that you like me and my kids. HA HA!!!!!!

Michelle :)

Chrissy said...

My daughter has one of these "friends" that drive my husband and I crazy. I cannot tolerate to be around her and when I see her - I'm actually kind of rude to her. I know I shouldn't be like this to a 9 year old!

This kid is toxic in the worst way - my husband hates the thought of her and asked if it was wrong to call a child a "bi-ach". I told him not in this case because it was true.

She's such a rotten kid...she stole Cameron's Webkins password (she saw the log on and password on Cameron's desk) and then went home and used all of the $$$ that Cameron had earned to feed and house her Webkins on-line. I hate this kid but for some reason my kid remains friends with her (I have a good kid because I would have kicked her ass to the curb by now!) The parents got divorced recently and we thought the Mom was going to move out of state with her but the freakin' Dad put up a fight and they cannot move. WTF???? That would have solved everything.

Oh - and it has nothing to do with her parents divorce - she has always been like this.

Kid is like Cameron...nice to everyone even if they are crazy
bi-ach kids!

carrie said...

Aaaaah! I'm glad to know I'm not alone and shouldn't feel guilty every time that twit shit grandkid of a resident mouths off and I want to cover his face in duct tape.

BsOnlyToots said...

OK so after reading everyone else comments and your story I have got to say:


My oldest has a couple friends I just can not stand, to the point they aren't allowed over anymore. There was this one girl who plugs her ears and complains about how loudly the baby cries, every time she comes over! GO home you snotty little brat! Yea she's not welcome here anymore! LOL

P.O.M. said...

Argh! How tremendously annoying. I have to agree, although it is hard to say some kids are down right little bitches (or assholes).

One of my friend has this creepy weird son. He was about 8 last time I saw him and he wouldn't talk using his words. He thought he was a dinasour and would only growl. He broke a vase and kicked (and broke) all the sprinkler heads at my sisters house. It was supposed to be an adult only party, too.

inkelywinkely said...

OMG, I completely understand, and am glad to know now that I am not Satan.LOL.

julie said...

Lucinda--I still remember that playdate. LOL!

We had a girl in the neighborhood who would always show up and then never leave. We would see her and all run upstairs and stay quiet until she'd leave. She was also at least 5 years older than my oldest so she really was coming to hang out with me. Her mom never knew where she was, too.

Mrs Furious said...

Never fear!

"my husband hates the thought of her and asked if it was wrong to call a child a "bi-ach". I told him not in this case because it was true."
LOL... seriously I don't usually use the word to describe people but this girl is a total bitch... it's really the only term fitting.
And stealing the password?! I'd be burning with a fire of anger over that one.
It's hard because I want Kid to hate this neighbor girl as much as I do (wouldn't that be easier?!!) and she doesn't. I just try and keep them apart without making an issue out of it. But Mr F knows if I'm in a crazy bad mood when he comes home she was probably over.

You are definitely not alone!

I was a bit worried about putting this up... I've hated her for months and wanted desperately to blog about her but just never could figure out how to capture her nastiness without looking like I was the asshole. I'm so glad people can relate. It really helps me feel like less of a schmuck.

here's to finally lifting the ban... we can now freely call children bitches and assholes behind their little backs without being burned at the stake.

"and am glad to know now that I am not Satan."
You and me both!

That is what is hard... the annoying kids are always annoying because their own parents are paying attention to them and meeting their needs. That is the one reason I feel badly about neighbor girl. But then she comes over and I don't feel bad anymore. ;)

Amy said...

Mrs F--I'm curious...what do you like Ruby's friends to call you? I grew up calling all of my friends' parents Mr. and Mrs. LastName. In TX the kids call adults Mr. or Miss FirstName.

Mrs Furious said...

Typically I don't mind being called Rachel... and in Ann Arbor that was the norm among the families we interacted with. But there is something about the way this girl says it that actually sounds like I'm her servant not a parent... it just pisses me off. Wouldn't it be great if I got kids to call me Mrs Furious... ha! That would be awesome.
At Ruby's school they call teachers by their first names so I'd say around here first names is where it is at particularly since most people I've met have kept their maiden last names and it would be super confusing to keep a whole family straight.
There is something about it though (first name) that doesn't sit totally right with me but either does Mrs. Blahdittyda for that matter. I really like the whole Aunt and Uncle business other cultures use for adults... it gives a little respect to being an adult but is still approachable.
When I was growing up I mostly called adults by their first names... but honestly I'd do everything in my power to never have to address them directly so it didn't come up much.
How's that for a LONG in depth answer!? ;)

angie said...

I was going to ask the same question as Amy since I know most people don't call you Mrs F Ai Ye like Nate called you. I still struggle with that. I like the Ai Ye the Chinese use...but then since most people aren't chinese I have to explain it and that is uncomfortable. So we use Ai Ye for close friends and Mr/Miss for acquaintances and casual friends (i.e., Mr Todd, Mr Robert, and Miss Meghan). I like that his "real/family aunts" are called aunt and his "love aunts" are Ai Ye's. :-)

Claire said...

I taught at a nursery school on LI and the director wanted the children to call us by our first names and I wouldn't allow it - I wasn't going to have a 2 yr old calling me by my first name - they called us Miss "first name" - its friendly but still sets us apart. And there have been plenty of friends of my daughters that I haven't liked - and wait til they start dating boys - aughhhhh!!! - that you can't stand.

Kiki said...

Since my mom(Claire) commented I have to retort to her mom liked ALMOST everyone we brought home(guys and girls), she had a pretty open door policy and rathered that all my friends and myself were hanging out at our house than somewhere else. My parents were so popular with my friends that off and on they moved in with us and called my parents "Mom A and Dad A", they'd be at the dinner table before me sometimes!

That said there are some children that just are obnoxious, they are usually with some disengaged/permissive parent in my store and I usually blame poor parenting when I observe a kid like that.

I LOVE that I have a close friend who has her kids call me "Auntie Kiki", it is so precious and means a lot to me that she feels that sense of family with me!!!

Mrs Furious said...

I like the Ai Ye.

"and wait til they start dating boys - aughhhhh!!! - that you can't stand."

lalala... (plugging ears)... I can't hear you. ;)

Maybe your mom was very good at hiding her feelings?
And I'm with your mom on preferring kids hang out here. No matter how much I don't like them (now or in the future) I'd rather not like them and know what is going on. Also in particular with this neighbor... she is a direct reflection of her mother... I don't want Kid around their house. Fortunately Kid doesn't want to be there either. I tend to follow that... if she is at all hesitant to go back to someone's house than something is up... if she loves going back to someone's house than I can feel pretty comfortable with how things are being handled by the parents.

Out of Hand said...

Not too many people brag about being from here...and I love that I can say both kids were born in Brooklyn. I love that.My year older than daughter neighbor does not always bring out the best in me either. My mom trys to tell me that I am a good influence in her life but I am not so sure...

Deb said...

I just saw the link to this, and I am cracking up. I feel like this might be the only place in the world where I can say this without being castigated, but I have always said that if toddlers and children weren't underage, we would have no problem calling them assholes. Whining? Demanding? Irrational requests and responses to problems? Rude? That's what you'd call an adult with those issues.

Mrs Furious said...

Out of Hand,
That is the sad thing... If I could suck it up she might benefit from being around a normal family with actual rules and whatnot... but I just am not that mature ;)

LOL true true. Mr F and I often say to each other that they girls are being bitches. Because... they are!

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