Thursday, June 25, 2009

And We're Off!

one bike
2 kid's deck chairs
a cooler
sewing machine
small bin or of sewing stuff
bin of toiletries & diapers & medicines
bin of clothes
bin of art supplies & learning stuff
duffle bag of clothes
hotel overnight bag
road atlas
snacks (including beef jerky!)
bag of library books
huge bag of swimming floatation devises
sun tent
beach umbrella
sticky mat
free weights
baby gate
bed rail
baby monitors
potty chair
toilet paper
paper towels
2 blankets
2 pillows
bin of toys to LEAVE
wagon of blocks to LEAVE

I think our neighbors think we are moving.

The good news is if something goes down and we need to go on the lam we're all set.

Seriously. I could start over with everything I have in there.


Karen said...

Be careful Mrs. F. Take many deep breaths. I do not envy your drive.

Smitty said...

Good luck.

I was discussing your posts last night (about prepping for this trip) with Mrs. Smitty. I wondered if Mrs. Smitty got equally frantic (I know that's not the right word, but it's all my brain can think of right now...) about the trips we take.

She said, nearly verbatim as it still echoes in my head:

"You husbands have *no idea* about the things a mom thinks about before a trip. I lose sleep with all the things I am thinking about before a trip, I just hide it from you so you don't make stupid comments to me about 'getting worked-up' over a trip. I do get worked up. What if Smitty Jr. has an accident and pees on his booster? How will I clean it?? What if Thing 1 or Thing 2 barfs over the seat or blows-out a diaper and we're miles from a rest area?? If *I*, not *YOU*, forget something, then we have to hassle with WHO goes to the store once we hit our destination, and we have to spend money on something we technically already OWN. Shut up and go to sleep."

So, uh, newfound respect and all that... ;)

Supermom said...


Call or email me!!!

<3 Michelle

P.O.M. said...

No wonder you were stressing. That is A LOT of stuff.

Have a great trip ~ can't wait to hear about it.

Me, Only Better said...

I hope you have a safe journey and a fabulous summer holiday!

Andrea said...

have fun have fun have fun!

julie said...

Sending good karma your way!!

Mr Furious said...

LOL, Smitty...

Baby pulled a four-alarm blowout in the car on the wy back from Charleston last year. I was driving and was like, "what's that smell?"

We pulled off at the next exit and poop was EVERYWHERE.

After about a 15-minute, 200-wipe car cleaning by me, and gas station sink bath for Baby by Mrs F, we got back on the highway and were promptly ensnared in a huge construction traffic jam.

Man, we are lucky we got off when we did.

Staci said...


I hope you have a fun month full of adventure & laughs!

Can't wait to read about them all.

Be safe!

Claire said...

Ok, you people in the U.S sure know how to travel! I didn't see a listing of the computer....but a sewing machine??!! You took a sewing machine with you?? Do people really do that over there?

here in the U.K...if you can't carry it, its not worth taking.

Just sayin'...

Have fun, and travel safely! :)

inkelywinkely said...

holy cannoli, batman.

Mr Furious said...

Mrs F was seriously on the fence about taking the sewing machine, and I pushed her to do it.

"Just leave it in the car and if you never use it, you never use it. But if you end having two hours a day when the kids are playing with so-and-so, and you wish you could sew, go out and get it."

inkelywinkely said...

Good idea, Mr. F.

inkelywinkely said...

What does everyone think about MJ dying today?

gooddog said...

Thinking of you Mrs. F! Be safe and laugh lots!

Me, Myself and I said...

Mrs. F- Happy Trails and all that. Have a safe trip.

And about MJ....I really enjoyed his music...but I don't like him at all. Little boys of the world can sleep peacefully tonight.

Farrah should not have to share her dying day with him. RIP Farrah!

Mr Furious said...

What does everyone think about MJ dying today?

[shrugs] Not much one way or the other.

Deb said...

Hm. Wouldn't life be easier if that's all we owned? Maybe Mr. F should skip the painting and just ditch every other belonging you have while you're gone. Think of the income from that garage sale! (Dibs on the light fixtures!)

Deb said...

(By the way, I do see the irony in my dreaming of a simpler existence, owning only the things that can fit in my car and then immediately placing dibs on more home decor items. I'm a dichotomy.)

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