Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Crazy

I've got tons of stuff on my plate. My trip just got bumped up a day. I have some serious feelings about the mom & baby that are supposed to come today (more on that a little later).

I called the boarder for Mr F and the vet. Canine is all set for his stay.

I need to hunt down the Honda Finance info because NC accidentally sent our new car title to Honda even though our car has been paid off for 4 years. So... that's a nightmare... that must be rectified before I go.

Looking for missing library books.


I still have time...

to discuss

I know you watched last night.

You know I did too.

I thought it was sad.

I don't really care if we all saw it coming. Or if it "serves them right". It's still sad to see a family dissolve. It still will have a huge impact on their kids.

And when she said that she'd never had to have time she couldn't be with her kids before that really hit me. And I did feel for her in that moment. As I would for anyone in that situation.


G in Berlin said...

I watched American news today and saw that on GMA. I've never seen J&K+8, but I think it's awful. Poor kids.That's why folks should be sure their marriage is stable (like really), before having multiples on purpose.(I assume that they did it on purpose.)

julie said...

I taped it, but haven't watched it yet.

I agree with you. Regardless of what anyone may think about Jon and Kate and the decisions they made, it is so sad to me that they are splitting up.

What a mess.

Julie said...

I am sad for them, but at the same time I do think this is best for their family. I don't think J&K's relationship could be salvaged and that is no way for the kids to have to live either. I hope in the end this makes them all happier.

Andrea said...

I saw some of it and its sad I feel so sad for the kids J&K have both changed so much.

Mrs Furious said...

They used infertility treatments and did know that multiples was a risk but it isn't what they wanted.

I thought that they were just going to announce a separation I was a bit surprised that they've already filed for divorce... although... surprised is a strong word.

I thought that was what was interesting about the interviews it seems like both of them agree that this was bound to happen under any circumstance.

Now I was all set to be appalled that they would continue shooting during such a difficult time for the kids/them. But then I thought that for those kids the crew is part of their life and daily experience. If they lost them at the same time it might be another huge loss for them to bear and adjust to.

P.O.M. said...

Can't wait to hear more on the mom and baby!

Proud to say that I have never watched that show. She just bugs.

BsOnlyToots said...

I watched it!!! And the whole bib thing totally irked me!!!! LOL I told hubby why in hell would she put bibs on them?? And little bibs too they werent even the bigger "toddler sized" ones!! Wierd! But yes I too felt bad for her, I even got tears in my eyes. It seemed like it really opened her eyes, but Jon seems to be like eh, whatever I'm happy! POOR POOR kids! OH and I sooo want one of those crooked houses!!! LOL

sylvia said...

mrs f-
maybe this woman who you're going to babysit for is just overwhelmed...the baby was just born a few weeks ago right? it takes a while to get into a groove with the 1st one, especially...

Heather said...

I thought this was interesting: http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/zontv/2009/06/jon_kate_separate_divorce_offi.html

gooddog said...

they wear bibs?? for real??

Mrs Furious said...

Yes bibs. It's ridiculous.

Well the baby is 9 weeks old now. They just came and I do feel better. She has decided that I can drop him off at school when I pick up Ruby instead of her coming here when she was done with her day. So that kind of resolves any issue that might have come up. Yay!

inkelywinkely said...

I didn't see, and have no idea what they said. I am just sick and tired of aling watching a family dissolve entertainment. It is too much for me.

It is none of our business, screw contracts, screw everything. They need to get off the air, and do what they are going to do and leave the world out of it. It will NEVER work itself out, there is not even a chance, when it is on television. Jon stated many times that he didn't like that. So bringing it to us through tv is just proving that they don't even WANT to work it out...and that is too much for me.

Mr Furious said...

Good point about the crazy television thing being "normal" for the kids.

From what you told me the kids stay put and jon and Kate alternate staying with them. IF that's the case, the crew almost becomes the constant for them...

Perhaps a phase-out of the show would be best, rather than yanking that out from under the kids as well.

That said, televising what transpires seems totally inappropriate. TLC should stop airing the show, but let the crew stick around for a while, "filming" the kids. Once the kids adjust a while to the divorce, slowly get the crew out.

And replace them with an army of therapists.

gooddog said...

"and replace them with an army of therapists"

Good one Mr. F.

So true. And not just because I am one. ;)

inkelywinkely said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kiki said...

I just figure, I don't live their life and when I watch the show I am glad. It just made me treasure Ken so much more....I don't want to take him for granted. Ever.

...and I"m just going to say it....Jon said "he was excited", to experience this chapter in his life....I think they are both too sad for words.

Deb said...

I could only take the show in small doses, because Kate really irked me. I get that Jon was kind of a useless putz, but she was still a total rag to him (and she probably reminded me too much of control freaky self). But I felt for her watching that episode. I could have smacked her husband if he said, "I'm only 32!" one more time. So what? You're 32. You have 8 kids. Pull. It. Together.

Can you tell I'm catching up? Sorry for so many comments.

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