Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

This morning Mr F woke up in Baby's toddler bed (not having noticed the red purse lodged at his feet) propped himself up and enjoyed his breakfast in bed.

I didn't know then that this was his 2nd waking. I was busy wrestling Baby at 5 AM as she threw an hour long tantrum. He took that opportunity to leave the house (I don't blame him) and drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway for some early morning pictures. He's been intending to do that for some time but when his alarm goes off he always just goes back to bed. I guess Baby knew that and her gift to him was screaming at the top of her lungs "I NOT GO TO BED!" just to give him the nudge he needed to get out and see all he could see.

It turns out he forgot to check his gas first. He realized a little ways out that he was going to run out... so he turned around and coasted back down. That's when he saw a black bear at the side of the road. Not to get to spiritual on you.... but... Mr F has a thing for bears. A big thing. He's never actually seen one in the "wild". It was only because he was coasting down that he saw it. Since his engine was off the bear didn't hear him coming and he was able to get a few pictures of it. He has been elated all day.

He came home, climbed into the only empty bed, and took a short snooze before Kid got up to start the festivities. Dude, she is really into this stuff. She woke up first and started preparing his tray. "Is he even awake?" I whispered sleepily. "I think so... he stopped snoring." She replied. I would have fought her on this but I've learned over the past few holidays that she isn't going to back down. When she's up it is game time. She's bringing you your breakfast whether you want it or not.

A few hours later she accosted me in my bedroom, expressing her concerns about the progress of this holy day...

"Hey mom what else are we doing for Father's Day?" Kid charges in my room to say.

"Well, you gave him your gift and his breakfast..." I reply.

"That's it?!" Kid asks kind of indignant.

"Well... I bought him those clothes and I was planning on making some special food today." I stammer.

"I was thinking more of like a party with a cake." Kid explains enthusiastically.

"Oh... well... we're not going to have a party." I say somewhat apologetically.

"Father's Day isn't like Mother's Day?" Kid asks.

"Yeah. Moms have the to carry the babies in their tummies so it's a bigger deal." I say.

Amazingly that explanation worked... for now.

Plus I don't remember getting a cake and a party for Mother's Day....


Deb said...

"Plus I don't remember getting a cake and a party for Mother's Day...."

Neither do I.

Mr Furious said...

Mr F looks like he's in hospice...

gooddog said...
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gooddog said...

Definitely just posted "Happy Birthday Mr F". I am a space cadet. Take 2: Happy Father's Day Mr. F! Congrats on the bear thing.

julie said...

Mr F looks like he's in hospice... lol...I thought at first you were in the hospital or something.

Waking up in the toddler bed. That cracked me up. What a true Daddy.

I try to keep things low key around here, too, for Mother's and Father's Day. We keep it pretty much to the morning with a little breakfast and small kid-made gifts. Whatever Tom last needed/wanted that happened to bought right around Father's Day turns into his "gift". It was always such a ridiculous big deal in my house as a kid. And not really in a good way because nothing was ever good enough for my mom. My dad did not care about his "day"...he'd always just say make him a homemade card. My mom still seems to hold a grudge against us kids if we don't properly "honor" her.

Anyway that's my long rant about my dysfunctional upbringing:)

Oh yeah, Happy Father's Day, Mr F!!

inkelywinkely said...

Your hubby is pampered. LOL.

All B got was his meal and I made a cheesecake. Oh, and a homemade card.

He ain't getting anything else.

I want holidays to go away. :D

Supermom said...

He's such a pretty princess!

Happy Father's Day Mr F!

katieo said...

Am I the only one who wants to see pictures of the bear??

Preppy Mama said...

Mr. F looks precious in that bed!
Never a dull moment in your home!

lucinda said...

I agree with the hospice thought. I saw the picture nd thought "Why is he in the hospital?!!!"

Mrs Furious said...

I'll put it up... he's a photography nerd and always takes forever correcting all his pictures so it wasn't ready when I wrote this.

Haley said...

Oooo...did the bear have a pic-a-nic basket?

Happy D(ad)- Day!

Mrs Furious said...

Okay he put them up on his blog... you can see them HERE.

Mr F's decision to take us back up there on a picnic (in the rain and in the mountain frigid wind) for KFC has had some negative digestive repercussions... I'm trying to recover.
Oh God it was one LONG day... often times with ZERO visibility... the kids were terrified. Good times.

inkelywinkely said...


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