Monday, June 22, 2009

That's Where They Went

A couple of months ago I bought a popcicle mold... you know... in theory... it would save money.

The girls thought they were fascinating and couldn't keep their hands off them. Within hours the popsicle sticks were missing... making the set USELESS and a complete waste of money.

I have looked everywhere for those suckers. They are bright colors and about 6 inches long... I couldn't believe that they just disappeared of the face of the Earth, but apparently they had. How could we not find them?!

Their vanishing has been a thorn in my side for weeks.

Today I was cleaning the kitchen and the kids wanted to help. Since their combined help is not, in fact, helpful I told them to wipe off the table. When they were done with that I told them to go under the table and wipe down the pedestal (excessive, yes, but it kept them busy).

It's a good thing I did.


Supermom said...

It's always the last place you look.

julie said...

That is so funny!

AT22 said...

Really redefines the phrase "check every nook and cranny."

Smitty said...

We collect up our junk mail. We toss it in a bag. Once a week, Mrs. Smitty takes said bag to her office to recycle it. For four weeks now, as she has dumped the paper into the bin at work, she has had to fish out measuring cups, a meat tenderizer (gee the bag feels heavy this week), chop sticks and a meat thermometer. Every time she says "hey! THAT'S where that went!"

From that point forward, the *first* place we look is the recycling bag.

P.O.M. said...

Too bad the missing binkies weren't under there too!

Mrs Furious said...

I know! That would have been fantastic!!

for real. I didn't even remember that there was a ledge under there.

I feel for you and Mrs Smitty. At least I only have one hooligan to contend with.

inkelywinkely said...

You just made a million places in my home come to mind that I would have never thought to look for missing items.LOL.

Thanks. :)

Kira's journal said...

If the kids hide the sticks again, you can also use spoons to be the sticks. That's what we do since we only have three of the four. It's a little cold at first when you're eating, but you could always wrap a bit of cloth around the spoon handle.

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