Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here We Go Again

I'm actually feeling surprisingly sad this morning. Maybe it's because I'm not going to drop her off and settle her into her room this year (5%). Maybe it's because I just like being around her (60%). Or maybe it's because having her around makes Baby about 1000 times easier to deal with (35%).

I decided to let Baby sleep as long as possible... because... she is going to commit hari kari when she wakes up and realizes Kid is gone... ALL DAY. The longer I can put that off the better. I see a lot of gummy bears in her near future.

Yesterday Kid was getting a bit anxious about the big day. In an effort to focus on the positive we threw an impromptu "Happy First Grade!" celebration last night. That did help tremendously with Kid's "night before" jitters.... or at least staved them off until the quiet dark of her bedroom. She was still sleeping bundled up like a little baby when I went in this morning. Oh it killed me to have to wake her up!

It also killed me to have to pack lunch again. God, I hate packing a lunch. It takes for freaking ever and is the most tedious process on the planet. Hate it hate it hate it.

Last year Mr F decided in a fit of panic to cut open Kid's backpack when the zipper got stuck. Way to go hot head. So I had to dig around the basement and find her old preschool one and dust it off this morning. As punishment I made him wear it.

Actually they're riding the tandem operation this morning and it's all we can ask that she HOLD ON while riding along the busy road... we don't need to worry about her toppling over under the weight of the bag.


katieo said...

Oh I SOOOOOO hear you.
What the crap am I going to do with Thomas with Sam AND Luke gone tomorrow? I'll FedEx him to Baby.

julie said...

When it was just Murphy and me, I always thought we would do all sorts of cool and inventive things now that there was just one at home all day.

We watched a whole lot of TV.

Good luck!!

Mrs Furious said...

pictures finally up!

please do.

Yeah I told myself she'd wake up and I'd surprise her with something great... but the truth is that I always have crap we need to do and I hate making Kid go on errands after a long day at school. She's already watching Max & Ruby ;)

P.O.M. said...

Love the Hello Kitty backpack. That shiz never goes out of style, does it?

I made your pork tenderloin last night and it was such a hit!!! I'm totally scared to cook meat (don't ask me why) but I followed your instuctions with the temp and it was perfect - juicy and tender!

Marie said...

Tomorrows our big day--my oldests first day of kindergarten! The snack is packed (carrots and raisins-her choice!-with juicebox), the barbie backpack and barbie lunchbox are ready to go (why barbie? i have no clue..i think she thinks its hanna montana!). She's great...i'm a mess. What if she doesn't make friends? what if someone picks on her? MY BABY!!!!!!!! AGH!!!

I need to go drink now.

Mrs Furious said...

Awesome, I'm glad it worked out!

Yeah everything that was in style for us is in style now. Smart marketing ;)

Mrs Furious said...

It's never too soon to start drinking... you can be that mom ;)

Let us know how it goes tomorrow!

Marie said...

"It's never too soon to start drinking... you can be that mom ;)"

Hey--we all need goals.. LOL

lucinda said...

I'm going to look for a Namaste backpack to send her for first grade. Maybe I'll weave one myself...out of hemp... but with a secret leather lining

HaleyBird said...

I love the big celebration for the first day of school -- I think if my mom had baked me a cake to commemorate the occassion I would have looked forward to it all summer. :) What a good mama you are!

Heather said...

Totally love the celebration idea! I was so excited when I thought maybe you were watching Ruby (you know, the show on Style). Then I realized Max & Ruby is something else. Damn.

I too made pork last night and thought of you. Now remember Heather, as Mrs. F says, just because it's a little pink is not a bad thing. It's ok.

Mrs Furious said...

With all the Rubys around here it gets a bit confusing ;)
I love Ruby (on Style)! My mom has issues with her immaturity but I kind of find it endearing. Breasticles is hilarious.

thanks... but I'm not that great... it was a mix with a can 'o icing.

do it... and in between the leather and the hemp we could stash tons of candy bars. I almost put chocolate milk in her thermos today just to spite them.

Heather said...

Agreed -- I love hacky-wacky!

Gypsy Family said...

Geez, I'm getting choked up! December's not too far, right? Myra's been doing a half-day day camp which has resulted in Katy becoming completely obsessed with Sesame Street...

kenady said...

Hope Kid has a great first day!! And I hope Baby gets over Kid's absence quickly:)

Mrs Furious said...

I was thinking of you yesterday! Kid's backpack was all torn to shreds and her old one is falling apart as well... and I was thinking of your post about M's. I can't believe that a backpack can't even make more than a year with nothing in it but construction paper and a lunch bag! Must get a better one.
And Kid loved school.

She LOVED it. I felt sorry for myself. I wanted to cry.

Missives From Suburbia said...

Oh, GOD... six hours of Max and Ruby? Where's the knife? I hope it goes easier than you expect.

(I am really not looking forward to packing lunches when J hits kindergarten.)

Kiki said...

First Day Of School again!!! Yay, I love that feeling of a new year in the middle of the year.....time to reinvent who I wanted to be and what kind of student I wanted to clothes, new backpack and my favorite....NEW SHOES!!! Oh, wait and school supplies, I love that too!!! Kid looks ready to go and I'm sure the celebration was just the thing to ease her into it, you are such an awesome mommy!!!

I can't wait to hear the updates about how school goes!!

Ruby (Style Network) was in my store the other week...I missed it, but my staff was all a flutter!!

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