Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dressed For Success

This is Baby's preferred summertime look.
Yes she's wearing a combination of PJs, sweatshirt, and fleece hat.
I am aware that some people would not allow this. I mean it was a near 90 degree day. And she did look.... um.... special. But I have always gotten some kind of pleasure, pride even (not for myself but for my kids), out of allowing them to wear their clothes their way.

Plus, I find it results in a lot more laughs and a lot less fights.


julie said...

I love that the tag is still on the hat.

Murphy has been known to go out with a shirt on backwards--purposefully. I remember I used to try to dissuade him, but then was like 'who cares?'

He went to the library last week wearing his big pajama t-shirt and shorts(which naturally no one could see so he just looked like a weirdo wearing a big t-shirt.) He wanted to make sure that he could quickly get back into his preferred outfit when we got home.

You know I would not have even noticed anything amiss with Baby's fashionable outfit!

Penelope Anne said...

I think kids SHOULD be allowed to express their personal style! It gives them self confidence and its fun! Anyone who doesnt think so...well...PIFF!!! LOL!

Marie said...

love it! i will go along w/ almost anything they pick out for hanging out/errand days. (dress up costumes are a favorite) i do insist on some type of normalcy for school and visiting relatives...

then again my baby's favorite outfit is buck naked..hey-it saves money on diapers (a little pee never hurt the grass..) AND saves me some laundry. I'm sure the neighbors think im a wackadoo though (yeah-there goes crazy with the naked 2yr old...)

Supermom said...

I hear you and understand.

Lil O picks out her own stuff along with H and B. HA HA!!!

H gives me the most grief truth be known. HA HA!!

lucinda said...

I agree, kids anything goes. Husbands however should never pick out their own outfits. I'd prefer a pink fleece hat to the 20 year old wolf t-shirt.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh Mom that made me spit out my water!

She does look kind of skater punk... so in some circles it works ;)

Penelope Anne,
" It gives them self confidence and its fun! "
I totally agree. Plus it's one less thing I have to manage.

One nice thing about Kid's hippie school is that it is well within the norm to look a little disheveled. Kid is very into picking out her outfits for school... sometimes weird combos... but hey if she has clothes on it's a success.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I know she does. I'll be very interested in what my girls dress like when they hit their teens.

sara said...

Baby is such a BADASS! It's awesome.


Golden To Silver Val said...

She dances to the beat of a different drummer....and that can be very very good. My daughter used to dress in layers at baby's age. It was nothing for her to have 3 coats on over the top of a couple dresses with pj's still on underneath it all! I never made her change either until she got old enough for school. I figured by then I'd better make her dress "normally" before I received a visit from the authorities. LOLOLOLOL

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