Monday, August 24, 2009

It Is With A Queasy Stomach That I Announce....

The return of...

This Week The Plan

People. People! I'm not looking forward to this.


Monday - Parent Orientation night... kids eat at Mr F's office

Tuesday - Shrimp Scampi w/ noodles & sauteed broccoli

Wednesday - Roast Chicken, crispy potatoes & Sherry and Garlic Sauteed squash & carrots

Thursday - Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon w/ seasoned rice & green beans

Friday - Pizza night w/ sliced tomatoes

Saturday - Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas

Sunday - Tomato & Meatball Soup w/ salad

Kid's School Lunches:

Wednesday - hard boiled egg, watermelon, yogurt, turkey sandwich, milk

Thursday - hard boiled egg, strawberries, yogurt, pb&j, milk

Friday - hard boiled egg, tomatoes, yogurt, tuna sandwich, milk

Errands & Chores:

Monday - laundry, vacuum, parent orientation

Tuesday - grocery shopping, put away clean clothes

Wednesday - 1st day of school, make returns (Lowe's, Michael's, etc)

Thursday - pick up girls' room

Friday -

Saturday -

Sunday -

Diet & Exercise:
I'll be addressing this in detail tomorrow.
I'm going to continue food journaling. Eating under 1400 a day. And working out 40-60 min a day. I'll be doing the 30 day shred 3x this week.


P.O.M. said...

Yikes, that does seem a bit overwhelming.

Just take it day by day, I guess.

Marie said...

Ugh. School starts here on Thursday for my oldest, and on the Wednesday after Labor day for my middle. While I look forward to having a set routine again, at the same time I dread it. Today is the first day of dance class and already I am counting down how many more times I have to sit in the small room with the, um, "less than pleasant" other moms.

The stress of getting going again has had me eating 24/7...I just feel so overwhelmed w/ what I need to get done and get going again. (plus dh's away due to a recent family death...)

And snack..its 2 1/2 hours of kindergarden and she needs to bring a snack...REALLY?!?!? What is "snack"?? Grrr....

And 1400 calories????? I thought you were always more of an 1800 calories kinda gal...kudos to you for going so hardcore!

Mrs Furious said...

Well I'm not losing. I lost 2 pounds the first week and since then even though I am exercising every day and food journalling I haven't been able to lose anything more. So I cut it. Still not losing anything.

ugh my week just got even crazier. Now I have to clean my whole house before TOMORROW when a new potential babysitting client is showing up.

Torey said...

good luck!

can we get the scampi recipe? tell me it's easy. . .

Mrs Furious said...

Oh it's not much of a recipe... total fake simplified version... Butter & olive oil (not a ton but enough to bubble up and make a bit of sauce to coat everything) with some minced garlic.

Deb said...

ROCK ON. I miss your weekly plans, especially the menus, because they always give me ideas (I am so freakin' tired of meal planning). Nice to see Kid's meal plan, too, because at some point, I'm going to have to start packing lunch for my bigun.

Shred with me, baby.

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