Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby Dracula

It might be one week early but with those fangs Baby can pull together a perfect costume at moments notice. A little trickle of fake blood... and ... she's good to go.

I can't make it a full day without looking at her affectionately and saying "Hey little vampire!".

I wonder what will be more expensive shaving down those canines or reigning in Kid's emerging beaver teeth?

Something tells me the beaver.

Don't worry Kid can't read.


Elizabeth said...

that is so fing adorable!

Made me laugh, and I'm sick with Death.

Mrs Furious said...

Sick with Death is not good.

Hope you are on the mend quickly!

Robin said...

So cute!! And I can tell you from experience. The beaver will be more expensive. ;)

julie said...

Baby Dracula looks so cute I just want to eat her up:)

Mrs Furious said...

yeah at her dentist appt a couple weeks ago they were like "she needs to see the orthodontist we referred you to six months ago immediately" We just can't afford it right now. I know they'll widen her jaw and maybe even give her that early set of braces. Her teeth are not coming in well. She is going to need some work. She's got my small jaw and Mr F's buck teeth. Not a great combination of genetics. They seem to feel that if you work on it now you can avoid later work... but... seriously how do we fit that in? If we get a better situation (pray for me!) we'll take her in and see what they say.

katieo said...


And Mrs. F. so cute to see you looking so happy/excited... even if it's just for a picture!

Anonymous said...

Your baby is so precious!

Nutmeg said...

Mrs F, I had INSANO orthodontia as a kid, palate widening, tooth pulling, early braces, headgear, rubberbands extra stuff after braces came off to try to correct my mangled bite.

My teeth look gorgeous to the outside observer, but they were expensive to get there (and don't think my mom didn't remind me every time I used my teeth to open a package). Also, I doubt my jaw will ever be pain free because of the accommodations I made in my bite as I grew up. I was in second grade when I started having teeth pulled and palate widening etc and I was in 5th grade when I got braces.

I don't have any advice except to say that earlier might be better if only to spare her pain, but I had kind of worst case scenario mouth. But if you can't do it, you can't do it, and even a worse case scenario mouth can end up looking Perfect. I think my mom was on a payment plan with the orthodontist. There was a contract that was signed that said basically "We'll do xyz to fix her mouth, it will cost $XXX no matter how many times you have to come back because Meg eats a now and later and pulls out her wires."

I hope the situations changes drastically for you guys!

Andrea said...

I love it!

Marie said... cute! Both of my older 2 have braces in their a "and we'll talk about what else" for my middle one. The baby has her first cleaning next time we go so I am sure she'll be needing them fun!!

Me, Only Better said...

I am not sure how much orthodontists cost in the US, but here in Canada you are looking at $7500 per kid.

We just found out that middle boy needs braces - now. Oldest girl has already had them, and youngest will start in a year or two.

This is $22,500 in teeth costs. Yikes. Very, very espensive. Fortunately our ortho does a payment plan over 24 months otherwise it would be out of the question.

I don't rub my kids face in it, but when they ask why we don't do expensive holidays like some families (mexico, disneyland etc), I tell them that they are wearing their holiday on their teeth! My daughter's were disneyland, Quinn's will be paris I think!

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