Saturday, October 24, 2009

Remember All The Difficulty I Had With This?

I never did end up showing you my finished Fall mantel display. I ended up getting more flowers and things looked a lot better. (I know this is RIVETING... it's all I've got time for today... so cut me some slack).
Well I have now encorporated some Halloween decorations (which we have lots of since Kid's b'day is Halloween). Those are framed photos from Kid's babyhood (don't tell Baby.. she thinks they are of her).
Anyway, our house is looking pretty awesome right now. We haven't bought any new decorations since we moved here. We've got some things that we all really love and this year Baby has been busy making her own Halloween crafts. We've got enough to bring a little touch of Halloween to most of our rooms. I just love the way a few decorations can turn the energy of the house up a notch. Everything just seems more funky and festive and cozy. Bring Christmas on. Bring it.

Now I just have to sew up a Native American costume for Kid... complete with beadwork... that will be fun.


Elizabeth said...

It's very cute, I love it.
Very well balanced.

Mrs Furious said...

Ah thanks. I can't really capture it's true *fullness* since my pics are either TOO dark or overexposed. Just imagine it's even better in person ;)

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