Monday, October 19, 2009

Your Life Sucks Here's Ten Bucks Giveaway

Heads up... I'm closing the giveaway at 10 PM. I'll announce the winner (if I haven't collapsed in a heap of exhaustion) at 10:30

Yes it is that time again.

Time when I give one of you ten dollars in an effort to make your life just a bit brighter.

Here is how it is going to work today:

Leave a comment.

Make sure you DO NOT apologize or minimize your feelings! For real... you will get disqualified if you put any conditions on your situation/feelings. So DO NOT say stuff like "things could be worse" or "I know this isn't cancer" or "In the grand scheme of things this is nothing", etc.

If you are sitting there thinking that your problems aren't really that bad and you shouldn't enter this contest... well... you are exactly the person who should enter.

Learning to ask for help, receive help, and owning our own feelings are all important lessons. (Always the free therapy around here)

All I need to know is that life has been a struggle lately and that getting $10 would make you happy.

Anything else you include is up to you.


Smoochiefrog said...

We're in the midst of Beauty and the Beast performance hell. Thank God it'll all be over by Sunday! :)

Julie said...

Friday was my birthday and my son got H1N1! I spent all day at the dr and then was quarantined all weekend! My husband had forgotten it was my birthday until I mentioned it Thursday night! Yesterday was our 12 year anniversary and both of us forgot!! Money is always tight and sometimes I just want to run away!!!!

inkelywinkely said...

Okay, know the situation..I bitch about it constantly. LOL...well, you also know my friend is moving in. Well, now, her son has staph, and I am susceptible to all that mess. Oh yeah, and she has a dog, and she needs winter clothes for her kids, and her truck note and insurance is due...and she smokes.

And, guess what? She has no income.

And, my roof needs to be fixed before rainy season (winter) as the shingles are all nasty bad and there is a bad spot where it has been leaking inside the roof for the last 4 years apparently and we never knew.

Oh, the joy, eh?

Mrs Furious said...

Oh! That's a horrible couple of days.

Hang in there!

Yowza. You're about to enter a whole heap of mess.

Reesa said...

My great grandma died. I live 1600 miles away and can't go to the funeral. The worst part is, she is one more person in my life who i never knew very well, should have been important to me and now she is gone. I mourn the missed opportunities and relationship more than I mourn her actual passing. My father is ignoring me except for emails through my step mother. I am going back home to visit in two weeks and like the *good daughter* I am, a visit with him is in order (set up of course through emails with the step mother.) I am dreading it. As in, "honey, maybe we should cancel the whole 12 day trip even though the dad portion of it is less than 48 hours." It's that bad. Oh and it's because of him that I didn't know my great grandma very well. Awesome.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh Reesa I'm sorry. I really can relate to the relationship you have with your father (insert SEVERAL people in my life). It is rough.

Sunshine said...

My son has H1N1 as well. AGHHHHHHH!

dasnowz said...

My daughter got tackled at school and broke a bone in her wrist. My husband lost his job and can't find another one. I went back to school on the premise he had a job so now I can't go get one because I am going to school full time. Our adult daughter left her husband and moved back with us. Now her and my 2 yo grandson live with us. My house is technically a 2 bedroom. We finished a storage room and that is where my son sleeps. We have 7 people living here. They are sleeping on the couch.

Today its cold and rainy and dark out. I want to go back to bed until spring.

Shirls said...

First day back after being off for a week, need I saw more?

Karen said...

I hate Monday. I dont want to work, my kids dont want to go to school. My husband and I are more like buddies that lovers. Is the magic gone? Boo whoo.

Pretty petty right?

julie said...

I got nothing.

And I'm not in denial. You know I'd vent if I had something. Not that my life is perfect, but holy crap, some of the things that people are dealing with are horrible.

I think you are awesome to be doing this.

P/F said...

I don't want the ten bucks because even though things suck, we're still pretty happy and strong around here.

Kelsi said...

Firstly, its the middle of the month and I have 30 dollars to my name. I recently broke up with my boyfriend and came to the realization that I have no friends. I got into a fight with my sister, who also happens to be my roommate, on Saturday and am now in the process of trying to find a new place to live. All I own is in my car. I am exhausted, my wisdom teeth are killing me, and my throat hurts.

Rah said...

hmm, where to start, where to start

i am home from work sick-again...vomiting all night. have already used up all my days for the year since i was out with H1N1 2 weeks ago. we haven't even finished the first quarter of school and all my days are gone!?! i highly doubt i won't miss another day the entire school year, so i will have to have an unpaid day if i need to be out.

D's hours were cut back from 38 per week to 10 per week. the retail store he works for cut all employees other than managers and are hiring more part time. no one is working over 20 hours per week. seriously, we can not survive this way!! so, we are late on lots of bills, including the taxes we have to pay since D worked for himself last year. last thursday our water was turned off because it was paid late. do you know they turn off the water if you are ONE DAY LATE?? had no idea-came home from work and water was off. had to borrow money from D's stepdad to pay off the bill and pay the fee to have the water turned back on sat. had no water for 2 days. D and I had a huge fight sat night about the job-i am frustrated and so is he-he is in school for physical therapy but still has 1 1/2 years-we did decide that we should be patient and wait for responses to the many jobs he has applied for instead of just going with whatever comes first. but, that is hard when you have needs NOW!!

mostly we are just tired-tired of the "bad luck" or whatever you want to call it, constantly looking for jobs for D with no luck, and having to endure the embarassment of all of this-of being adults and having no money-having to borrow from people, which we only do in extreme circumstances, and having things "taken" or cut off. i work all the time-at the school and cleaning houses. it is so discouraging when you work constantly and still don't have enough money to take care of what HAS to be taken care of. ofcourse this all happened right when we were trying to buy a house and get pregnant-those things are obviously put on hold as we would never be approved for a loan with D only working what he is working. the pregnancy won't be "planned" if it happens at this point as i feel it would be unfair to have a child during this chaos.

whewwwwww, it just feels so good to vent-when you work with 8 year olds ALL day-not even an assistant to talk too-venting to an adult (even if it is through typing) feels amazing!! thanks for reading and listening:)

Dinah Soar said...

It's a given that life is a struggle. And a good thing too. Minus the struggle we may stagnate, never grow. When we're tossed a curve ball we can rise up, meet the challenge--even embrace it-- and grow in the process. Our struggles are the refiner's fire and without it we'd never be polished and lovely. We can meet the challenges of life, soldier on, and come out on the other side stronger, more fit and even happy.

I totally believe that God never allows things to come into our lives without his express will having allowed them, and then it it only to our benefit in the long run--{we see in part now, it's like the back part of the quilt..on the other side it is beauty in the making}-- and according to HIS purposes for our life, AND..he is always there beside us, ready to extend grace that we might be able to endure the refining process. Take heart. We're all in the same boat, and while our storm is worse now than others', theres' will come too and ours will pass. We'll have some clear sailing and days full of light and hope. But they are not forever, at least not in this life.

P.S. My daughter kept gettng head lice in elementary school too. I was mortified because I am a very particular clean person, especially in my house. Like you I was so thorough in treating everything. After the third time we got rid of them. Have you checked the car seats, where her head touches when she's seated? Funny thing is no one else in the family got them.

Dinah Soar said...

If I left you a list of my lifelong struggles you may not believe I didn't include any in my previous comment. Besides, I am blessed and I don't need the $10--give it to someone who does. I think it's great that you are sharing out of your financial 'poverty''s easy to give when one has excess, harder when one doesn't..the size of the gift isn't the meausure, but the motivation and the heart of the giver. You may be short financially now, but you are rich in so many other ways. Sometimes the worst that happens to us turns out to be the best.

Preppy Mama said...

I love this!! Ok, my kids and I are just getting over our colds and sinus infections. I have been home bound for four days with a crazy 4 year old and a cranky 4 month old. Neither of them have been sleeping...At all!!
Yesterday my husband starts with the "I have the chills" talk. (kill me now!) Today he stayed home (seriously kill me please). He tells the kids he can't hold them or get too close because he is "sick". I seriously want to kill him myself. Why are men such babies???

Mrs Furious said...

Preppy Mama,
That made me laugh! What is it with them?!! Seriously. I love when Mr F starts in on his throat hurting. I'm always just wanting to yell "suck it up!". Do I articulate EVERY minor symptom I have like I'm dying?
I hear you sister!!

Oh I am so sorry! It sounds like you guys are in a pretty rough place right now. I hope things turn around and your husband gets a better job. Soon!

Mrs Furious said...

I'm sorry. Hugs.

OhioMom said...

I went on a business trip and came back this weekend to find my basement flooded. Yes, it was finished. Carpet and furniture a total loss. Six year old daughter diagnosed with H1N1 this morning. Sigh.

dasnowz said...

My day only got better. While sitting in class I got a text to call my seasonal summer job boss. I was informed today the company is not coming back to my state so therefore I really have no job. I work for a fireworks company and manage my whole state. There is not a lot of demand for my line of work. :-/

inkelywinkely said...

Okay, you want more?

I just READ IN THE PAPER that my little cousin who just turned 22 is in jail for two counts of attempted first degree murder with some weirdo.

He is so sweet and innocent and impressionable with low self he got himself in this mess I will never understand.

My stress level just went way up. In case you didn't know, Louisiana isn't the most lenient with punishments for these types of crimes.

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