Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One Of Those Days

You know the ones.... at 5 PM if someone had knocked on my door and said "You can choose life or death." I would've said "Death please."

Yes one of those days.

It wasn't that anything particularly bad or stressful happened, it was just exhausting. Kid has been sick ever since her sleepover. She has a very bad hacking cough and a slight fever and a sore throat. Awesome. Please don't give it to me. I had her stay home today... which was very difficult to do since I really hate that she has missed so much school lately due to the damn lice. On top of that Baby took one of her freakish late afternoon/early evening naps and was then up until MIDNIGHT on Sunday night. Added bonus I had to wake up early (even though my kids would be sleeping in) to watch the baby. So I went into it tired.

Then the baby is teething and was crabby and needing to be worn in the sling for LONG periods... which was killing my already fragile back. And the kids were bored of being quarantined AWAY from the baby. It was just awkward and a little stressful trying to keep him away from Kid while still meeting everyone's needs.

Kid was happy to just watch TV for a lot of the day until she was obviously starting to feel a bit better because then she started asking to do complicated art projects and whining to me about everything I was doing wrong. It was an awesome colliding of forces that had me trying to bounce the baby to sleep, while being told what I had promised but not done by Kid, while Baby informed me that she's been sitting around with a giant dump in her pants. If I hadn't been babysitting this is the moment I would have lost my shit. But, and this is the positive/negative of the sitting arrangement, I have to hold it together no matter the circumstance.

The baby went home at 5:30 and I just wanted to crumple to the ground. Everyone was crabby and hitting the wall and starving because I didn't really serve real meals today. Everyone was also still in their pajamas. And I just did not want to make dinner... but... I could see Baby getting all sleepy eyed and I was going to be damned if she screwed me over with a late nap again. I put a pot of water on and I called Mr F. I know he's on deadline and I was actually hoping he would say that he was going to be late so I could just go ahead and make dinner for the kids early. I really just wanted this day to be over. Plus eating now would keep Baby awake.

Well Mr F shocked me and said he'd be leaving soon and would be home BY SIX. Interesting since he is NEVER home by 6. So I put dinner off a little longer. I kept messing with Baby to keep her awake instead of lying on the couch and letting Ina take all my worries away. Then I started dinner.

Six o'clock... No Mr F. Six fifteen... No Mr F. At this point dinner is ready and I'm not waiting. The kids and I eat. As soon as I'm done... at 6:30... the time he normally comes home... he strolls in the door. He might as well have committed a war crime against me I was so pissed. And you know why. I could have eaten with the kids an hour earlier! I could have been one hour closer to finally getting a moment to myself! I didn't care what freaking time he came home... I just cared that he didn't have the courtesy to show me some respect and call. P.S. MR F.... DO NOT FUCKING LIE TO ME.

Now I knew I was entering rage territory and that I really needed to go workout before I stabbed someone (Mr F)... but... since Kid was feeling better and is returning to school... that means I needed to do a thorough lice check.

People, people! I am OVER the lice checks. I'm done. I just can't do it anymore. Instead of working out I spent over an hour going through her hair one row of hair (literally one hair deep) at a time. Mr F hooked up his special painters clip light so I could have a powerful spot light. Have you ever tried to brush your kids hair and had them kind of throw a mini tantrum because you pulled A hair?

Okay. Combing for lice is like living through that for an eternity. It is abusive to both of us.

Because her hair is literally (yes factually) the exact same color as the nits they are nearly impossible to see. Any shifting of light and you could lose one. Kid needs to hold her head perfectly still... um... and this is an understatement... that is extremely difficult for her. Which makes me sometimes grab her head and force it into position and think as I do it... "one more move and I'll snap your neck!" Seriously it's horrific. It is torture. After committing an hour to this process if she starts fidgeting and I lose a row the whole thing was a waste of time. If she goes to school and has even ONE nit she'll be sent back home. It is enough to bring me near tears at this point. Every time I go through I catch at least one. Even when I think I have them all. I've spent two hours with my back in the horribly painful half hunch necessary to see her hair line (which after two weeks has resulted in severe constant back pain) I'll find another one tomorrow. Or the teacher will. If there is a Hell in Hell you will have to pick nits off a seven year old. Have fun with that.

After all that I made everyone cookies.

Guess which two are mine?


julie said...

wow, your day totally blew today. I would be so frustrated and pissed off about the whole lice thing.

Oh, I know that feeling of 'war crimes' having been committed. Hey, you can only hold it together so long. I hope you get some sleep tonight and that tomorrow will be a better day.

For the record, my kids should always be so lucky to be raised with company here (be it a child being babysat, a plumber, a visitor). I am the BEST parent when I can hold my shit together because I have to.

Mr Furious said...

Reading a post like that is such a unique combination of: sympathy, empathy, guilt, and fear for my life, yet is laced with continual moments of laughter...

It just proves how lucky I am to be married to you. And, to (hopefully) not have had my cookies laced with poison.

Sorry I wronged you.

passiontype said...

Just a lurker chiming in...You should give yourself the 10 bucks. Hope your day is better tomorrow.

BTW. Whatever happened to the "missing" friend...
and Baby's paranormal visions?

Feener said...

ugh that is a bad one....

if hubby did that to me, i would have been livid, i can't control myself in those type of sits, look at the positive - you didn't kill him.

Mrs Furious said...

real quick... I need to go to bed...

I never figured out what happened with my friend! It still eats at me. I just can't find anything out. I did everything I could think to do. I have to assume she left her husband and changed all her info.
re: the windows... she still feels the same way. If I leave the shades down it's okay... if I open them she immediately gets mad. But she isn't as freaked out about it as she was when we first came home.

Mrs Furious said...

"my kids should always be so lucky to be raised with company here"

I am my best possible version of myself when I'm sitting. Sometimes I don't want to do it... but then I acknowledge that my kids are actually benefitting. So sad that my own children to motivate me like someone else's does ;)

He is lucky he has knee caps right now ;) Even this morning I told him he need to watch himself.

Kelly said...

You definitely deserved a cookie or 10 after that day!!!

inkelywinkely said...

Girl, your day was horrible..I am in complete understanding about those days. I told you about all the crap that combined yesterday to make my life hell...

Well, add onto that..LOL..I had to clean and dust my entire house, including huge loads of laundry, dusting, my toilet running over with shit in it, and wanting to hunt down and kill what ever genius decided that it was a smart design choice to put carpet in bathrooms...the fear of walking into said bathroom because I thought I would come out with a turd between my toes like a cigar...still having to take a shower and do dinner..I passed out early and made hubby fend for himself. He even talked on the phone for my friend that is moving in for me. LOL

Then, right before bed, I decide to read the newspaper on the internet...bad choice of action. My little cousin who JUST turned 22, and has always had self esteem issues and is really impressionable is in jail awaiting trial for being involved in a drive by shooting..one person was shot in the head and one in the back...two counts of first degree attempted murder..I have no idea if you know what the justice system is like in the deep south, but Louisiana isn't the best place for people accused of committing those types of crimes.

It isn't that I think he couldn't be involved in something like this, it is quite the contrary...I just don't think that he would have been the one to LITERALLY hurt someone. I do, however, feel that it would be easy for someone under the guise of friendship to talk him into driving or helping destroy evidence or something..everyone knows how he has been abandoned by family since a very young age, as he has some serious issues..I just feel so lost.

And, the thing is, PHYSICALLY, my life is perfect..there are no issues with the relationship with my hubby and I, money is tight but not nonexistent, my house is clean, and I get to spent valuable time with my best friend, catching up the last 5 years..

I just feel like worlds are colliding all around me and I am in a bubble. I want to feel the pain of it all or not know about it completely..instead, it is like I have to sit and watch people's lives fall apart, have stresses give me a head's up that they will be coming soon, though they won't say when, and hold it all together because it really isn't a problem YET, or in the very least, MY problem..

It's like, I can't feel anything *but* stress right now..and it is weird. Does that make sense?

On top of all of that, I have gained back all my weight lost. Good for me. LOL

I feel so badly that you are having a hard time...I understand completely about the lice and how hard it is..And, I know all about waking up to babysit tired, and ME staying in my pjs all day. It is horrible and testing and at the same time, a blessing, as it DOES restrain you.

I am sorry, Mr F, but if it were me after her day, I would have strangled you. LOL...

I hope you feel better today, girl, and holler at me on gmail if you need to vent. You know I am here :)

katieo said...

Sorry about your day.

and dude. Kid's school is like a constant advertisement for homeschooling. (TUITION! DUMB TEACHERS! LICE!) Maybe it'll make you're decision easier for next here (...if you have to make that decision ;)

p.s. Loved Mr. F's comment.

Marie said...

Which makes me sometimes grab her head and force it into position and think as I do it... "one more move and I'll snap your neck!"

All I can say is WORD. Been there, thought that, knew it was time to take a break. Unfortunately, the only break is usually the bathroom..and one can only pee for so long before the munchkins find you! Hope today is better!

Preppy Mama said...

OMG! That is truly a day from hell.
I would have had a hissy fit on my husband. He usually does something like that to me. Bless your heart to make cookies after all that!

Mrs Furious said...

"Maybe it'll make you're decision easier for next year "
Seriously. That is the silver lining. Which is a good thing.... I would have 2nd guessed myself if this had been a good year. We can't afford it and now, after all this, neither one of us has any guilt about taking her out. At this point you couldn't pay us to send her ;)

Preppy mama,
Oh I'm not that generous... Pillsbury break apart to the rescue!

A little food reward can go a long way. ;)

Thank you. I know moms w/o girls with long hair won't be able to empathize with the pain and anguish inflicted on THE BRUSHER. It's straight up torture. I couldn't even sleep last night so worried they'd check her in the AM and find a nit and send her home. I have PTSD from it!!!

Your life is like a crazy Lifetime movie! ;)

"It's like, I can't feel anything *but* stress right now..and it is weird. Does that make sense?"
Yep that makes sense. It's all you can do just to get through this next month or two I'm thinking. Sometimes all you can do it just show up for what is about to be piled at your feet. Your friend is very lucky to have you.

Deb said...

The cookie photo absolutely cracked me up, and I think it was that maniacal "I know exactly how you feel and I want to scream on your behalf, so I'll laugh instead" kind of laughter.

I want to kick my husband's ass when he pulls stuff like that. One of these days I should blog about the time he lied and told me he stopped to get gas and that's why he was late, because what he was really doing was so insanely stupid that it didn't even require a lie.

Me, Only Better said...

I hope today was a remarkably better day for you (with no nits!)!

wootini said...

What a crap-tastic day, Mrs. F. :(

But loving Mr. F's comment about fearing for his life.


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