Friday, October 23, 2009

Bitch Fest Friday

Hey this seems to be working for everyone so I'm going to keep it going.

Have at it.


Amy said...

Hmmmm...let's see. Oh yes, my husband turns into a big fat asshole when he's overtired.

Kelly said...

1)Your Lego ad keeps popping out over your blog.
Now, I have not been able to sleep for a week due to pain in my hips and legs. I told my OB, and he says, "Don't you hate that?". Um... yes. Yes I do!!! I am a complete zombie and I have about 11 weeks til I can have my c section. I know I'm not the only one to go through this, but I feel like I just might die!
Oh, and my hubby went on the porch to take 3 different calls last night, and our house wasn't noisy. He then asked me at 8:30pm if it would cause an argument if he went to his brother's house. I said yes because I dont believe that's where you're going. He ended up not going because I made such a fuss, but I definitely found that very odd!!
PS Very sorry about Mr Furious's job situation. Hope you get good news soon!

Supermom said...

KELLY!!!! Ummm, do we need to whip some husband ass?!?!?

I'm sorry about the hip/leg pain. I totally had that with all the kids. Heat helped me out.

Mrs F ~ I am just going to bitch about Kelly's husband!!!!

wootini said...

So... is it pathetic that as I lay awake unable to sleep last night, I planned out what I would write on "Bitch Fest Friday"?!

Daughter is a nighttime cougher. Due to seasonal allergies* that last about 2-3 months out of every year, nighttimes during those periods are often hellish for all of us. It's often worst around midnight-1am, so of course after I've been asleep for an hour or two, she starts up and calls for mom. Last night DH was kind enough to go, but then he fell asleep with her and started snoring, so I had to get up anyway to get him to move back to our bed, so he wouldn't wake her back up with that. Of course I was awakened by the whole event, and had slept just enough prior to it that I couldn't get back to sleep. Finally did, only to be awakened again by the dog throwing up. Fun times.

I swear I have PSTD moments during the summer when I have flashbacks to October. I want to move to Hawaii, where it is always 72 degrees and no mold from falling leaves.

And just generally lately, despite being incredibly lucky that we both still have our jobs, feeling that the American middle class family is being picked to death. Always feeling like it's never enough, like we can never quite keep up despite driving ancient cars, keeping our mortgage low with a small house, etc. Enjoy your bonuses, Wall Street!

*Despite a change in allergy meds, dust covers on all bedding, special air filter for her room, no stuffed animals in bed... this weekend I am paying $400 I don't really have to have the ducts cleaned, hoping it will help. But what kills me is that 90% of the year she is fine! DH thinks it's her room environment but then how come she can sleep there most of the year completely without incident??? Dr's say that she will just have to outgrow it. Bad answer... what I want to hear is a prescription for that (apparently alcohol laden) cough syrup I remember from my youth!

Kelly, love the sympathy from your OB... sounds familiar! Hope you get some sleep soon.

Thanks Mrs. F, I needed that.


wootini said...

Mrs. F, yikes... I just went back and watched your video. I'm so sorry about Mr. F's situation and work increase. I am so there with you on the crazy hours. I hope you have some good news soon.


P/F said...

I have swine flu, but it's day 3 which means that I can uncurl from the fetal position and pay some attention to the 4-y-o who gave it to me.

Also, husband sucks at thinking that maybe sick wife would possibly like to have been offered a cup of tea or sip of water when she felt like every bone from her skull to her heels were painfully fused together. Whatever.

Elizabeth said...

It's mega crunch time at work.

In two weeks we go into tech for the rep shows.

This means two shows at once. (have I explained this already? I don't remember.)

They chose to do part I and part II of Nicholas Nickleby by Dickens, which was supposed to mean less work.

It hasn't really.

This weekend is the Playmaker's Ball. The major fundraiser that supposedly a) pays for two staff members or b) pays for a certain percentage of each of our salaries no matter how you look at it.

I've been out sick since Tuesday afternoon.

Don't know if it's the Swine Flu, or some other flu, because I'm not going to the DR unless I'm dying.

But I had a fever of 101.5. I run cold. so that's like 102 for the rest of you. Just under calling the dr level for me I guess. Major major joint aches.

I looked them up. Turns out, I now know what arthritis will be feeling like eventually. And possibly where it will hit hardest. Joy.

Started feeling much better last evening. Then mysteriously couldn't get to sleep.

Went to BED at 2:30. Might have gotten to SLEEP around 4. Oh HI insomnia what a FANTASTIC TIME for YOU To show up. *is filled with seething hatred for insomnia which does NOT help with the sleeping*

Was gonna go into work this afternoon, see what was up, test my not-sick legs. Boss Lady (who is often insane) practically yelled at me to stay home, saying she didn't want to see me until I was 100%

I KNOW she's gonna hold this against me. Even if she doesn't mean to. She'll be all like "well you missed the ball- I know it wasn't your fault but still..." until the END OF TIME.

Also since my lungs are crap (asthma and all that) I won't be 100% for WEEKS. Any time any sickness looks at me sideways it goes right into my lungs and I cough for a while.

At least these days I have a Dr to go to. And an inhaler.

Not that I can *really* afford either.

edited to add: Sorry for the dissertation!

Torey said...

Sorry to everyone! Mrs. F, THAT SUCKS! I'm really sorry,

Let's see:
We're all sick. We have stuffy noses, runny noses, coughs. . .all sorts of random crap. Ugh.

it's cold and rainy here, and i have 2 carseat checks coming up.

including 1 tomorrow for which i must finish and hand in a shit ton of paper work. . .that i still have most of to do.

it's really busy around here and i can't get my shit together.

that's all for now!

Mrs Furious said...

I will get back to you all in a minute. But FIRST... I have to tell you that this is THE BIG DAY. So send out your positive vibes and magical powers.

Nutmeg said...

BIG DAY Exciting! Vibes are sent.

I have: Fatigue, pain, crazy math intensive exam monday, revisions to do on a paper... and this is a call weekend for the husband, so 15 hour days for him out of the house saturday and sunday leaves me in abject terror about how I'll get done what needs doing (never mind that the house is a wreck). I am honestly on the verge of a panic attack. And to put it all in perspective I've been too busy to shower for the last three days. Today will probably be the last time I shower until monday night!... Of course none of this is stopping me from reading the blog (SO HARD to work on a computer all day and avoid it!)


Nutmeg said...
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Nutmeg said...

Weird, totally only clicked once.

wootini said...

Just crossed my fingers and threw salt over my shoulder, as well as thinking major positive thoughts for you guys, Mrs. F!

To everyone who is ill, I hope you feel better soon!

"Also since my lungs are crap (asthma and all that) I won't be 100% for WEEKS. Any time any sickness looks at me sideways it goes right into my lungs and I cough for a while."

That is my daughter to a T. Any illness and she's guaranteed to be coughing (at night especially). I wonder if she could have asthma??


Elizabeth said...


I had mild-ish pneumonia as a kid. Later the doctors said it was impossible to tell if that caused my asthma or was caused by it, but that it was most likely related.

I'd have her checked out next time she's in for a physical anyway.

Rah said...
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Rah said...

sending up prayers, positive vibes, and i'll try out the magical powers:) D finds out about a possible new full time job today, so i am sharing in your anxiety!!!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you and your family Mrs. F !!

Bean Collins said...

I'm new to bitchfest Friday, but I feel like I have something to say this week.


Littlest pug is resisting potty training, and as a result I am picking up dog poo off of my floor ALL OF THE TIME. But my favorite about this whole potty training
fiasco? Finding damp pee spots on blankets/laundry/rugs...basically anything that that is soft and absorbent and on the floor (or the couch!).

I spent most of Tuesday at the chiropractor trying to fix the massive pain in my upper back (chronic, but usually manageable). As a result of that delay, I couldn't work at all (I'm a jeweler/goldsmith) and orders have backed up and now I'm behind. Plus I accidentally ordered supplies and had them shipped by USPS (!!!!) instead of fedex. Now I face the double bad prospect of weeks of waiting plus the chance that they will just leave a package with thousands if
dollars in materials sitting on front step (in a not great neighborhood).

Other than that, golden.

Mrs Furious said...

Looks like you are in for a LONG couple of months ;)

I know I HATE that stupid ad. I can't ever get to my comments without it getting in my way!
Sorry your hubby's being a douche. Let's pretend he was on the phone trying to cook up a good surprise gift for you. I also had sciatica with my pregnancies and it BLOWS.

Baby is in the marshmallows! I'll be back! I guess she's hungry ;)

Mrs. Smitty said...

Good luck on your Big Day. I'm sending whatever good vibes I have.

And is it wrong that when this happened to me wednesday that I was hoping you'd have bitch fest friday just so I'd have sympathetic eyes to share it with??

Wednesday a friend of mine emails me to say her son wants to come play with Smitty Jr. How about Friday night? I tell her I'm not sure and will have to check the calendar when I get home from work.

Turns out we have something Friday night, it won't work. Before I email her back Thursday I was randomly reading people's status updates on Facebook. I came across her husband's which said "Day 5 H1N1 flu (son) is still sick..."

WTF? You invited your swine flu invested family to my house with 3 kids under 5?

I emailed her back and left out the fact that I read her hubby's update and just said we had something planned, how about 10 days from now? She can't and wonders about a weeknight next week. NO mention of the fact that her son has a highly contagious flu bug. NONE.

I haven't answered her, I'm pissed and amazed at the lack of info. My kids aren't vaccinated and while Smitty Jr. has a monster immune system, the Things' aren't as strong. And if one of them gets sick, the other one does too (generally as the first one gets better so we just keep passing the damn bugs around)

Maybe it's me, but even if my kids even have the sniffles I let the other parent know to give them the option to back out. Ugh.

Mrs Furious said...

Mrs Smitty,
I'm with you. I used to get hardcore pissed when our friends would schedule a playdate only to arrive and find their kid SERIOUSLY ill... these particular friends did this repeatedly even after I specifically said that we could not get together if one child was even a *little* sick. I think it is the rudest possible imposition.

Sorry about the bad sleep last night.
As for the seasonal allergies... interesting. Has she had actual allergy testing? I'm wondering if she is allergic to a specific mold or pollen .

Mrs Furious said...

jesus... I really hope we somehow manage to avoid the Swine Flu!
Hope you are better soon.

it sounds like you DO have the Swine Flu. I'm sorry you are so sick and that you boss is an asshole.

Gosh you guys have been sick for weeks!
sounds like a lot on your plate with two sick little kids!

I am so glad I'm done with my schooling! Gah! Sounds like a nightmare. Not showering for 3 days is good descriptive detail... totally get how crazy you must be!

Bean Collins,
Now is being a jeweler what caused your upper back pain? Because I could totally see that happening.
Ugh to the dog pee... that is one thing I don't miss!

Good luck to your husband.

Daisy Girl,

P.O.M. said...

**GOod Vibes being sent**

Hungover at work.
Have to drive in shit-ass traffic tonight to sisters. A 40 min drive will take over 2 hours.

Need a new car in BAD way - my doors don't lock, water drips on your feet from the AC, windows are always fogged up and pieces falling off.

Boys are still stupid and I am still single and my eggs are still getting older.

I want to crawl into bed and stay there a week.

Mrs Furious said...

Do you have a Jetta?
I had one... a 95... we donated it about 3 years ago... by then the locks had actually fallen out of the doors!

P.O.M. said...

HA... yes I have a 1996 Jetta. I bought it in 1996 and am STILL driving it. I feel like a teenager in that dang car. Something falls off almost every day.

Mrs Furious said...

yeah we had that until we had Baby and then I thought it wasn't a safe enough car anymore. But it did last a long time.

dasnowz said...

Let's see... what is new this week...
I have a math test on Monday. I did not do well on my Anthro test. Still no job or prospects ... My adult daughter moved home with my grandson. He is 2. He goes to daycare. He is eternally sick. SO now the whole house is. My youngest daughter goes to a seriously messed up school and I have no option to move her until next year. I had to meet with the vice principal this week about a teacher and she apologized for the mistake they made. So not happy. Child is struggling. I am once again considering home school but I go to college full time right now. I need a clone.

Good luck on the change front. Hopefully things work out for you soon.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm sorry your having so much stress these days! Clones would be good.

Me, Only Better said...

Mrs F,

I hope that things work out just the way you dream - can't wait to hear!

Thank you! My itunes card arrived today! Yay! How exciting and what a treat! You totally made my month!


inkelywinkely said...

It's not working out. That's all I am saying today. I have *that* much on my mind.


Mrs Furious said...

Oh no. Your friend I presume. I'm sorry.

Me,Only Better,
I'm glad you got it! Thanks for the wishes... we'll now be waiting another couple of weeks (it never ends!)... but he did his best so that's all we can do for now.

moley said...

It's a bit late I know, but the symptoms started yesterday so I hope it counts.

I went for an eye test today, was told I probably had a detached retina and was immediately referred to the eye hospital.

They have conformed the diagnosis and told me to come back to the clinic on Monday when they will book me in for an op. which has a 90% success rate. So I've got a 10% chance of losing the sight in my right eye.

Feeling really scared right now and am just thankful that being in the UK, I won't have to pay for the op, which we couldn't afford.

Mrs Furious said...

Good luck on Monday! Kid has had a couple eye surgeries... so... I do know about the nerves. I'm sure you'll do fine. You should prepare your kids that your eye will look REALLY bad. We weren't prepared and told it would be "red"... it can be a bit surprising to see a post op eye. It heals quickly though.

moley said...

Thanks Mrs F.

Of course, you're an old hand at this. I never thought about how bad it was gong to look afterwards. I'll do some googling I think.

I'm currently debating whether to have a local or general anaesthetic. Mr Mole is horrified at the thought of a local.

The worse thing is he is working 200 miles away next week so I've had to ask my mum to take time off and come down to stay :-(

Mrs Furious said...

I found it helpful when a friend told me to remember that the statistics are an average... an average that include lesser skilled doctors and hospitals... it is not the statistical average from your particular hospital or surgeon.

julie said...

If only it was Bitch Fest Saturday.

I had such a horrible morning with Murphy. And lots and lots of proud parenting moments. I yelled like a lunatic, he yelled back (actually he was yelling first).
And then I went into the kitchen and cleaned and cleaned (like weird the outside of the cabinets) and didn't talk to anyone like a repressed Irish Catholic. It was best for everyone.

Murphy is just so frustrating and challenging to raise. I have actually told Tom to call his mother so she can come and get him and she can raise him. Of course, I didn't mean it, but I do wish I lived close to an amazingly supportive family who would 'take the kids for a night' and stuff like that. None of that is reality...not even close. Well, maybe if we lived right next door.

I think Murphy and I need couples' counseling.

I am watching right now giggling as he plays Monopoly with Tom and Jack. God I love him.

PS For the record, he got video games taken away...otherwise I am sure he would not be playing a board game.

Sorry for the long post.

Mrs Furious said...

lol about the couples therapist. I hear you. Kid and I are going through a ROUGH patch. She had to write me two apology notes within an hour of each other.
And at dinner tonight, if I had been packing heat, I would have taken out my entire family. DEAD. Mr f got home... and you know how it is... I had pulled it together the whole time he was gone and then as soon as he got home I kind of had to hate him for it. Even in the moment I knew that there wasn't really anything he had done... but... I had that strong "you are my enemy!" feeling.
I'm hoping I'm getting my period...

julie said...

Mrs F, I could have written what you just wrote. lol on the packing heat part!

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