Friday, February 8, 2008

P.S. Whole Foods Cashier...I Hate You

I mean it. I hate you. I HATE YOUR GUTS.
Thanks for pissing me off, I haven't been this pissed off in months. No seriously. You have wronged me. I will NEVER use your lane again. You are a stupid idiot. You are an incompetent moron. And I hate you.
It's not like I'm hard to checkout. I mean I anally organize all my purchases by category and weight. I have my own damn bags and even attempt to bag everything myself. You didn't actually have to do anything. So when you chose to start shoving all my fucking food in the two remaining bags in a flurry of inconsideration I was a bit taken aback. It's not like I am going to say anything to your face but maybe you could slow down and actually look at the shit you are putting in the bag. I've never been a professional bagger but I think it is just common sense not to make the bags so fucking heavy that they require two hands to lift. I don't know about you but I have to actually lift them out of the cart and into my car, then out of my car up 5 steps and carry them a total of 50 feet or so. You might have noticed I also have a baby... she won't be helping me do this so thanks for keeping that in mind. And just because I have my own bags doesn't mean you can't give me one of yours if, say, I have too much stuff to fit in the ones I brought... I don't know just an idea. Not only were these the HEAVIEST bags I have ever had packed (and I've had quite a few inappropriately heavy bags in my day) but they were packed in the most inconsiderate and haphazard fashion. In fact they were so jam packed that they were bulging from the sides. So much so that I actually couldn't get them to fit next to each other in my cart! Which was oddly fortunate because I had to (Yes right there at the end of the checkout lane where you and many other *helpful* employees could see me) unpack all the bags and re-bag everything. Which is when I discovered the full scope of your idiocy. You are a complete an utter imbecile. And I hate you. I hate you because you shoved soft sided (and pricey) produce UNDER heavy canned goods. I hate you because you put my gallon of milk on TOP of my bananas. I hate you because you actually split open a $3 pear when you shoved it down next to my organic oreos! I HATE YOU. I never want to see you again. You should be fired.


Smoochiefrog said...

Wow. Sorry she was a dink.

Mrs. Furious said...

I am so mad about this that I want to boycott them. If I didn't rely on them so heavily I would.

Mr Furious said...

Whole Foods Cashier...I Hate You

...for making me painfully aware of the vast chasm between my fury and my non-confrontational nature.


Seriously, people. Mrs F ranted for an hour on the topic. I think she should have complained. Easy for me to say, and possible (likely) that I would not have either...

When it comes right down to it, the Furiouses are all bark, no bite.

Mrs. Furious said...

Mr F,

Hey! I came very close to complaining... I did exchange the pear which was an implied complaint. If pressed I was prepared to say it happened in the bagging process... of course I wasn't asked.
And in the past I might have just hobbled to the car my re-bagging was a sign of my contempt.

Give me some credit... you wouldn't have done anything either ;)

Heather said...

Is there a name on your receipt? Call or email Whole Foods and tell them. I do this ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Worst case scenario = you felt like you did something. Best case = coupons. Dude, do it!

Mrs. Furious said...

I was thinking that her name would be on it... and coupons... Yes I will definitely do that. Our Whole Foods thinks they are too good for themselves so I'm not sure I'll get any... but worth a try.

Mrs. Furious said...

EMILY! Her name is Emily.
And she is dead to me.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see Emily, I promise to avoid her, and then laugh my ass off.

Can I do anything to help you guys?

Mrs. Furious said...

Yes! Follow Emily home from work tailgating her the entire way in a really aggressive and scary fashion!
I'm still not over it!

emmyjw said...

I am so the same way-I will not say anything to their face, but man watch out when I get home!!!!Seriously,I think you should write a letter,we had a really awful,inconsiderate thing happen at the dentist and I finally did at my hubby's urging write a letter.It did make me feel better and I did get a much deserved apology.Sorry you had to deal with that stupidity after the week you had...she should be flogged with organic produce ;)

Julie said...

Whole Foods Emily = loser

Kick some whole foods butt. I hate her, too:)

Mrs. Furious said...

"she should be flogged with organic produce" LOL!

If I didn't pay so stinkin' much for my food it wouldn't have pissed me off nearly as much.... but come on it was practically disrespectful the way she trashed my food!

thank you for the solidarity

Chris Howard said...

When it comes right down to it, the Furiouses are all bark, no bite.

Michelline would have had the manager over there in a heartbeat. She's not the type to suffer in silence. Not sure how I would have handled it. I'm very non-confrontational, but I'm not a martyr either.

Anyway, I think you should go through Emily's line again, and watch her bagging technique. If she starts squashing pears and produce again, call the manager and have him take a look at the bags. She's a menace!

katieo said...

"Hey! I came very close to complaining..."

LOL, I'm with heather,I think you should call. You're doing the store manager a favor, right? Stop the insanity!

Mrs. Furious said...

Chris & Katieo

I know it is hard to tell from reading someone's rant but REALLY it was awful. And I never complain (obviously to a fault). I remember once not that long ago a cashier did an egg check and one was broken and I said "oh that's okay I'll still take 'em"... seriously. And she was like "oh I can go get you another one" and I said "no that's okay".... I never want to inconvenience anyone. The fact that I exchanged the pear was a major step for me. I actually debated it for awhile telling myself I could still eat it. I don't know if I could go to costumer service, or call them, but I can write a letter and I will... tomorrow. Because I do not exaggerate I really did have to repack all my bags with my stuff all over the floor and not one person said anything to me!

Kiki said...

Uh Oh!! I say don't piss off (and I don't talk like that usually)a lady who has a blog called Furious...she is a bad ass!! Turn that anger into a letter Mrs.F!

I can't stand thoughtlessness!!! It takes no more time to be careful and considerate...I'm sorry you had such an irritating trip to the store. Its like the last thing you need!

Amy said...

Definitely call, but be aware of what you expect to get out of that call. If you don't get what you may make you more PO'd.

I am all about complaining in certain situations. Like in restaurants...TONITE! Ordered new baked chicken on the menu. When I came it was bloody cold inside. Sent it back, waitress apologized profusely. Manager came over, apologized profusely. Chicken came back, better, but still ice cold in the center. I delt with it, ate around the icey coldness. Hubby actually had a waiter feel my ice cold piece. Manager came over again, told him I was fine with keeping it (which I was). He expressed that this was a new dish and evidently some things still needed to be worked out with it. Offered free dessert. Then the head cook came out, with 2 fresh pcs. of the baked chicken for me to take home.

We've always liked this restaurant, and they are all about pleasing the customer.

Sounds as if Emily could use some bag and CS training.

Anonymous said...

Found your blog while looking up a recipe.

Been checking on Kid since reading about surgery this week. Glad the ordeal is over and all went well.

This, BTW, is from a Fellow Michigander (or Michiganian or WTF-ever from near where the knuckle above your ring would best be viewed on your left mittened hand).

Loved the Rant - exactly how I see myself reacting. Walk away in a high state of pisstivity. Come home and fume at my husband, the dogs, the cat - whoever looks like they are paying attention.

I'd like to imagine that if it were I who might engage the hated Emily again, I'd enter her checkout... glare at her, and when she finally made eye contact with me, I'd like to think I'd be confrontational enuf to simply say loudly, "I'm watching you. Yes. I'm watching you. And if you bag my stuff like you did the last time I was here, I'll have the manager here in a nano to check out your total imcompetence."

shelley said...

I can so relate to your rant! Whether you call or write, you need to do something. I really hate stupid, inconsiderate people. If you aren't going to do your job right, then go away. I had to send away a serviceman who came to my house last week and refused to do any of the work the customer service rep promised me on the phone. I actually told him (as I slammed the door on him) he needed to get in a different line of work because he sucked at his job.

I think you showed a lot of restraint, because I probably would have thrown the pear at her. But at least write to the management.

Mr Furious said...

a cashier did an egg check and one was broken and I said "oh that's okay I'll still take 'em"... seriously.

WHAAAT?!?!?! I was not aware of this one. That's ridiculous. From now on, pretend these people are ME and you'll get over your inhibitions in a hurry.

Mr Furious said...


So, does that put you near Traverse City?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mr. F

45 miles south of TC and 45 miles east of the shoreline.

Cadillac ... and as I use in all my business marketing ... in the beautiful inland lakes region of Northern Michigan. Not sure why I chose to be so cryptic in my comments post. Maybe I was concerned the Evil Emily would come looking for a new job as a checker at the Super Walmart or Meijers up here.

Here's a shout-out to the skiers ...skiing out at Caberfae Peaks is GREAT this year! In fact, the best in years!


Mrs. Furious said...

Hey Sally,
thanks for commenting... I see Mr F couldn't resist getting back to you ;)
We go through Cadillac every time we go Up North. We stay in Empire. But I ALWAYS stop and use the bathroom at the boat launch and the BK right across from there makes the BEST Whopper's anywhere in the US!
I hope that recipe worked out for you!

Mrs. Furious said...

Mr F,
the egg thing has happened more than once. I don't know... I figure someone has to end up with it or they'll throw them all out.

Frozen chicken I could probably complain about.

Although on our 1st date we were served the wrong food and neither of us complained in fact when the waitress asked how everything was we said "great".

"I can't stand thoughtlessness!!!"
word. It is my number one pet peeve. I try so hard to ALWAYS be considerate and when someone is so thoroughly thoughtless it really pisses me off... especially when they are a service person!

Mrs. Furious said...

thanks so much for commenting :)

You have got serious balls ;) I would never be able to tell someone to leave. I'm the loser that has to buy everything, and donate to every freaking charity, that comes to our door! I have it so bad that I had to stop answering the phone (we get unending charity solicitations) and screen all my calls because I CAN"T say no. I need to work on this in therapy....

Torey said...

Oh. . .I think I've fallen victim to Emily before. I actually ended up with a broken glass jar of baby food. . . in my reusable bag. They ended up replacing my whole order, including my bag. I was PISSED!!! And I said something.

I've had great customer service at Whole Foods. I've returned things, etc and always had someone be very helpful. Absolutely write a letter. They need to know that the service you received was unacceptable.

Who would've thought Mrs. F didn't have balls? Next time, just be Mrs. Furious, the total badass and get what you want!!

Mrs. Furious said...

I know shocking right? I hate confrontation. When I had to yell at the Dr that took a lot for me to do... I have to feel that I am really being attacked personally for me to do anything.
I have returned stuff to Whole Foods before and they are always easy to deal with... but complaining... ugh... that is harder. I'm going to do it though.

Heather said...

What's the update? Is Emily out of work yet? Did you get coupons? I'm lobbying hard for Pete to get a PT job at Whole Foods so we can get a discount; I'll make sure that if he does, he pays attention to the bagging part of training. ;)

Mrs. Furious said...

ok I haven't written it yet. Tomorrow I swear!

funny... I wanted Mr F to get a job there when we had our little $ issues...

Nikki said...

Sorry you had such a bad time! Next time you get a broken egg and the cashier offers to change it for you, you should let them - don't think of it as inconveniencing them, they have to sit on checkouts for ages and would probably be glad of the chance to stretch their legs!

I much prefer to write complaint letters than speak to anyone on the spot, it's much less confrontational. I also send letters or emails if I get really nice service though - that way you feel like the ones who don't treat you well get made to mend their ways and the good ones get rewarded!

Mrs. Furious said...

thanks for commenting!

I am going to write the letter today... I am!

I actually have written and called to report good service... and thinking about it as a balance does help me think that I've put enough good out there and I can put out a complaint too. Thanks.

Brod Seale said...

Hi !

I have read your blog while surfing the net where i have also read the site bout consumer complaints. I think you'll find it resourceful and interesting.

Anon said...

Here's some food for thought- maybe the cashier did that to spite you.

You don't seem like a very reasonable person, and to be SO bitter and SO hateful towards a stranger that did nothing that bad to you speaks VOLUMES about you as a human being.

Do you really have no other problems?
I understand that it's annoying as I like to have things bagged in a certain way too, but seriously man, THIS is causing you to spew all of this hatred on your blog?

Where are people's priorities anymore?

I'm seriously embarrassed for you. If you only knew what cashiers at these stores had to go through on a regular basis, you would feel ashamed. You don't know this person. For all you know she could be trying to pay her way through graduate school so that she doesn't have to deal with jerks like you anymore.

If you have the luxury of being able to shop at Whole Foods and then blog about your experiences... you definitely don't have the world's greatest problems.

Take a chill pill. If this is how you are all the time, I'm glad she crushed your food.

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