Monday, February 4, 2008

This Week The Plan

If you all have been following along you know that I am trying to plan my menus a little more wisely. I typically make my menu trying to use up whatever fresh produce or meat I have leftover from the week before... but I just go out and buy everything on my list. So if say I'm serving rice pilaf I just grab a box (or 3 if they are on sale!) regardless of whether or not I have 5 on the shelf at home. Now our pantry and freezer space are so filled that they are literally overflowing... which just adds to the kitchen and house chaos in general. And although stock piling food isn't exactly wasteful.... it is a waste of money. So this week I've planned our menu around what I already have on hand. I will need to get a few dairy items and some produce for Baby but really this should be a SMALL grocery bill... if not our smallest bill EVER.


Monday - Homemade Pizza (you better believe we have enough toppings stock piled for a pretty gourmet experience tonight!)

Tuesday - Potato and Leek Soup (if you haven't had this yet... try it)

Wednesday - Spaghetti & Meatballs w/carrots (I know, I know, but it is what I've got!)

Thursday - Kid's surgery (dinner is being dropped off)

Friday - Huevos Rancheros w/ spanish rice & black beans

Saturday - Angie's Chinese New Year Party

Sunday - Shrimp & Veggie Stir Fry

Last week I decided to take the entire week off. This might have been one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I really think I needed the actual physical rest. I was able to use my evenings for relaxing and it did a world of good for my mental state. This week I'm going to get back on board but with Kid's surgery on Thursday I'm not planning on being able to exercise after the middle of the week.
I did 75 minutes of cardio last night.

Monday - 45 min HIIT and 30 min pilates

Tuesday - 70 min cardio

Wednesday - 60 min pilates

That's it for this week I think with the surgery and all I have enough on my plate to worry about.


Feener said...

i hope the surgery goes well.
i am making turkey bolognese tonight, it is one of my favorites now.

i wanted to ask you about fat %. i have been doing WW and lost 7 to 10 pounds..ROCK ON ! i am 5'5" and now weigh 115 - this is great i know, however i still have a belly that looks 3 months prego ?? how ?? b/c of fat. i know i know cardio for my fat % to go down right ? it is at about 27 to 28% right now.

Kiki said...

I will be thinking of you guys this week...I know that everything will be fine!!! Ken and I are home tonight and tomorrow so I am thinking I might be able to make some kind of diner plans for us!!! Keep us updated (when you can) on Kid's progress!!!

Splaneyo said...

Let me know if you need any help Thursday.

Mrs. Furious said...

wow you are pretty thin. My body fat is down to about 21%. I suspect your weight won't go down much more and your weight might ultimately rise since you will need to gain more muscle mass. As muscle weighs more than fat. It may also be possible that your stomach muscles separated when you were pregs making it appear to pouch out more. Mine did not after Kid but did after Baby and my stomach is definitely "softer" even at this weight and body fat%.
What did you weigh pre-kids? Less than 115? I suspect you have a higher fat % since you've lost muscle mass and probably need to add weight training in to a higher level to build that back up.
I focused on cardio since I was losing fat but I had kept up my strength training throughout my pregnancy so I hadn't really lost muscle mass.

Mrs. Furious said...

Thanks for all the well wishes guys.

I'll let you know. My mom is coming to help (not always actually helpful) and a friend is dropping of dinner. If things are a disaster I'll call you.

Feener said...

mrs. F -
yes i am thin, always have been. super thin, it was a never ending comment...skinny bones, etc. I was able to eat ANYTHING i wanted, mcdonalds, choclate, cookies...HATE ME I KNOW.

i probably weighed less than 100 till about 30ish, i never weighed myself back then b/c i didn't need to. i was skinny, ate what i wanted, kindof worked out. i believe right about 30 is when i started going soft. was still skinny but i could see i was filling out. never cared as I was maybe 105/110. then i had kids.....i gained about 50 pounds with my first. i use to get full from one slice of pizza, while pregnant i was eating whole pies. what a change it was. i am going to be 40, which has a ton to do with it. body doesn't go back after birth at such an older age. after both pregnancies i was eating horrible (just like i use to - but didn't weigh what i use to). i started to see the scale go up and knew i HAD to start eating better and exercise.
i am a runner, so i do cardio, but i have started doing free weights twice a week.

sorry so long !!!
for those of you who have no sympathy for a skinny bitch. I NEVER felt good about my body b/c i was flat chested, trust me high school guys want BOOBS not skinny scrawny flat chested girls. it took me a while to feel like i was lucky.

Mrs. Furious said...

well that is actually helpful info.
I was wondering because if you hadn't weighed less than 115 then certainly you were looking at a fat vs muscle issue. But since you did weigh less you could lose that stomach fat and change you body fat % mostly through fat loss with the cardio after all. I dropped 10% with a 15 pound weight loss. But with age we do have to add in the strength training. You just will lose muscle mass as you age no matter what unless you do.
You really are skinny skinny. Nothing wrong with that.

Torey said...

You have a lot on your plate. Seriously, let me know if you need dinner any other night in the next couple of weeks. You may end up eating something from your blog, but at least you'll know you like it!!!

Are you coming to baby class on Wed? Mr. F wasn't sure.

Julie said...

i hope the surgery goes smoothly and with the results you want. Good, positive thoughts are flowing your way.

Kid, you are one brave chicky.

Mrs. Furious said...

"You may end up eating something from your blog, but at least you'll know you like it!!!"
LOL! Thank you. I'll let you know. I'm hoping everything goes smoothly and by next week we're doing okay. I tried my best to block out the recovery from last time so I'm sure I'm forgetting something...

Baby class... I'm not sure. Possibly but it would be Mr F not me. One of us has to go to the Kindergarten Roundup and that is kind of an important thing and I don't usually send Mr F for those missions ;)

Thank you. I hope this one works!

Cara said...

holy moly you are up to 75 minutes now! Wowow! I finally got to 60 minutes. haha. but I guess it is not a competition. haha :-) if it was I could never catch up anyway.

I will be thinking of your family this week. i am sure the surgery will go fine, but best wishes will be sent out :-)

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