Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy Bee

I've been a little crazy trying to tie up all my loose ends for this batch of gift boxes.

It's actually quite hard to find a photo with the girls heads close enough together to fit in these ornament frames... even harder to find one where they are both smiling.

I've also got Kid's first holiday performance tonight (she's an her request. She has informed me that there are three angles. Guess which one she is? Yes the one that stands over Jesus, Mary, and Joseph... how fitting). Then tomorrow I will hopefully have all these boxes shipped out! I ran out of popcorn so that's holding me up. Then I start brining the turkey for Mr F's office party. Yes it's a potluck. So far I haven't attended an event in Asheville that hasn't been (someone tell me what's up with that?).

Off to go stress inordinately about which shipping arrangement is cheaper....


Smoochiefrog said...

Sweetie, welcome to the South. ANYTIME there is a get together, it's going to be a potluck. I promise!

Elizabeth said...

Or is it perhaps a "covered dish" party?

I just learned about that. It seems to be synonamous with Potluck... oh regional dialects, how fun!

Renee said...

A company Christmas party that is potluck?!?! I've never heard of such and I've lived in the south my entire life....going to a friend's house for a potluck-sure, but sorry, I kind of think if the company is going to spring for a party they should also spring for the food.

Anonymous said...

Normally the company party is quite swank I assure you, but times are tough and the office employees (not management) made the decision to be frugal this year. I thought that was a pretty cool decision personally. Luckily I donated the turkey and Mrs. F is kind enough to prepare it. Thanks Mrs. F!!!

Mrs Furious said...

LOL... that's the story of my life... miss out on the swank show up for the potluck ;)

hicktowndiva said...

Mrs. F, I do not know about the freakin' potlucks AT ALL. It is my pet peeve of where I live (TN). People here are potluck-aholics. It is incredibly annoying to always have to prepare a dish. If there is any other kind of party, I have not been invited to it locally.
Axe to grind re: potlucks

Preppy Mama said...

Don't know anything about potlucks but those ornament frames look adorable!!!

Mrs Furious said...

"Axe to grind re: potlucks"
LOL!!! That is hilarious.

I, too, find them incredibly annoying. It's hard enough to get out the door... I don't need the pressure.

And agreed Smoochie... I went to parties and get togethers all the dang time in MI and I cannot remember any of them being a potluck. It's just a different code.

So does covered dish mean it must be a casserole?

It would be nice to have a catered affair.

Preppy Mama,
The kids paint them. Then I brushed on craft glue and sprinkled with glitter. Then when that was dry I sprayed them with a clear gloss enamel spray. (toxic!)

sorry Elizabeth that I hadn't figured all that out before your ornaments went out!!

wootini said...

Yep, potlucks are definitely a southern thing. Sometime, please tell me how you get the icing to look so perfect on the cookies - they (and everything else) look so beautiful!

Mrs Furious said...

I made videos last night... I'll put them up right now!

Chrissy said...

I hate potlucks and usually never participate but this past Friday our "holiday" get together went from drinks/appetizers at a local watering hole, to a wine tasting event at the bosses house to a friggin' Friday @ Noon potluck. WTF??

Now, I do work for one of the rather larger banks (think "something of America"...) and we just got the latest news that 35,000 people would be layed off in the next 3 years so...beggars can't be choosers at times such as these!

The thought of preparing food and carting it from a my house to the car to a parking deck to the lobby and up to our floor once I hit the building. No thanks! I forked over $$$ and had the admin go buy soda for everyone.

The only thing I ate was the store bought carrot cake that someone brought and a diet coke (supplied by moi!)

I think potlucks are pretty universal. It's really more of a regional thing with what is brought to the potluck. We had homemade pimento cheese sandwiches and Paula Deen's hashbrown casserole. And even though I love me some pimento cheese I could not bring myself to partake since I didn't know the "kitchen" background!

Good luck with the turkey and transporting it to the party!

Mrs Furious said...

noon + potluck + in your office = not cool

That sucks. Seriously. I'd rather have just been charged a cover charge if I was in that position.

"something of America"... funny ;)

Renee said...

cos164-very true, with the economy the way it is, having a swanky office Christmas party probably wouldn't be fitting and that is cool that the employees (not management) made the decision....and at least it is not like Chrissy's on Friday at noon!!!

I guess I'm realizing that I was a little spoiled when I worked for a bank in Charlotte (not something of America :))and I'm bitter that I don't have a corporate party to go to-potluck or not (since hubby is self employed)

julie said...

They don't even do Holiday parties at my husband's company anymore and he works for a HUGE computer company (IBM.) I guess I'd rather that than lay off people.

julie said...

Oh yeah, I totally ignore my kids when getting stuff ready for the holidays.

Robin said...

Office potluck? That is strange.

Love the picture ornaments, too cute. And LOL at the scale!

Missives From Suburbia said...

The Twin Cities are known for potlucks, too. In fact, St. Paul is often called the "hot dish" city, and I thought that meant something else entirely when I first moved here.

Alice said...

I am going to our Office potluck party, but they provide Wine!and Prizes!

Alice said...

Concerning body types; My measurements are similar to yours just add 2 inches every where.See where your genes/jeans are in 20 more years.

Mrs Furious said...

2" in 20 years....I'll take it!

and wine and prizes would improve things considerably ;)

Elizabeth said...

Nope, covered dish doesn't have to be a cassarole, I actually asked once "So, does it have to actually be a dish with a cover" they laughed. Nicely.

Yeah, sometimes I think it'd be nice to have the Heaton genes, but this way I get to be taller!

Oh the Opera office parties. The prizes and wine... sigh, that was a fun year working there.

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