Monday, December 15, 2008

Sugar Cookie Icing Tutorial

I couldn't think out a better way to show this. I think when I make them this weekend I can get Mr F to photograph each step while I do it. It was pretty hard to do it and video it at the same time. Even harder with Kid bashing into the table.

I will answer your questions if this doesn't help you out enough.

Basically make royal icing in whatever manner you'd like.
Make a thicker icing for piping an outline of your cookie shape. This will serve as a dam for your thinner "flooding" icing. Outline cookies inside of the outer edge. Let icing dry a bit. Make a looser icing. If you stick a knife in and make a dollop it should drop back down to a smooth surface (you kind of need to watch the videos to picture what I'm talking about) in 3 seconds. That is thin enough to flood while not being so thin that it is a glaze. You can either use a piping bag (and I suggest a #3 tip for the outline and a 3 or 4 for flooding) and fill your cookie in. Or you can dollop the thinner icing in the middle of the cookie and push it to the edges with the tip of a butter knife (or similar). Let your cookies dry completely before packaging!!!


Colleen said...

So excited to watch this. Been struggling with the royal icing consistancy. Today my piping glazed right off the side of the cookie. Good news...still tasted fantastic, and I was required to eat them all seeing as they wouldn'be be "good enough" to give away. Ramble Shamble away. =)

Mrs Furious said...

Getting the outline consistency is the hardest part to figure out. It just takes practice. And you'll see... but the key is to do it inside a bit from the edge.
Good luck!!

wootini said...

Wow, thank you Mrs. F! It is like you read my mind. I will try it this weekend.

Mrs Furious said...

"It is like you read my mind. "
I try ;)

Kiki said...

You mean frosting doesn't just come out of a cannister??? So that I can snack on it???

I love this video, I swear Food Network needs to find you. And soon! I wish I could be baking like this.

How was Kid's program???

julie said...

I can't wait to watch this tomorrow...on my fucking coffee break at volunteering at my kids' school. I now have to be there to help at morning drop off. I am a softie like that...they had no one to help and hey there are only 600 children in the school so it was the least that little old me could do (you all know I am being totally sarcastic.) Yes, I volunteer a lot at my school to help out since so many people are lame and do not, but I can be cranky about it.

Anyway, you know I love it when you get all rambly shambly:)

Tiffany said...

What recipe do you use for your icing?

Loved the videos.

Torey said...

Ok. Sorry I'm so late in saying thanks for the box of goodies! It's been a huge hit around here!!

I can attest to the fact that Mrs. F's sugar cookies and frosting are far superior to any cookie I've ever eaten. And that includes anything chocolate, which I love. They were the most amazing thing I've ever eaten. They're gone now, and I'm sad! I'm hoping with the recipes here I can maybe come close to replicating them. Did I mention they were AWESOME????

Gup thought the highlight of the box was the packing popcorn, we scarfed that in record time. By the time N got home from work, there was little to no popcorn left in the box. . .we didn't want it to get stale! Hopefully it was supposed to get eaten!

We LOVED LOVED LOVED the box. Everything in it was fantastic, and your ideas were inspiring. I loved the little handmade tags on everything, they were adorable! Thanks so much!!!

Suzy said...

Agh! I'm having a hard time getting the videos to play, but this is exactly what I needed...a live tutorial on how to properly ice a cookie. I'm having a group from my daughter's school over on Friday to make cookies for their end-of-school Holiday party and was planning on icing and decorating gingerbread cookies. So thanks for answering my dilemma!! I'll let you know how it goes. 8 little 6 year olds with piping bags in my kitchen...should be a riot!!

Mrs Furious said...

They are working for me... I don't know what's wrong.
Good luck!!!

Oh I'm so glad you all enjoyed it!
And cograts on the girl!!!!

I use the Martha Stewart recipe. When doing it for my family I just use egg whites. When giving them away I reconstitute powdered egg whites... but the icing is a bit harder that way.

Stacy said...

Do you have any packing tips? I have been unable to find an edible royal icing recipe that makes it through the shipping process. In another post, it looked like you have 2 (?) cookies per bag sandwiched by parchment paper (?).

Mrs Furious said...

It looks like they all shipped fine.
I used the Martha Stewart recipe for icing. I actually stacked 4 in each bag with a piece of parchment between them. I made my cookies pretty thick (1/4") and let the icing dry completely (obviously). I had them surrounded with popcorn in the box. Oh also I switched to all one shape of cookie so that the bottom ones and top one would line up together and not not a shape with little bits that might break off. The tree was pretty stubby.

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